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World's Most Epic Snowball Fight | Season Pass

In Japan they take their snowballs very, very seriously. Yukigassen an insane snowball fight tournament with the annual championships help in Japan:

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Yukigassen SM 2010: Finland, Helsinki, Aurora

Helsingin Auroran kenttä lauantai 06.03.2010 Yukigassen (lumipallosota) ensimmäisen pelin ensimmäinen erä.

Helsinki, Aurora field, First game, first round. Saturday 03/06/2010.


Du Yukigassen à l'année à la Polyvalente de Thetford mines.

Indoor Yukigassen Set

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Fast-paced, action-packed twist on Capture the Flag indoors or out!

Based on the game Yukigassen (Japanese for snow battle), Yuki-Ball™ provides nonstop action any time of the year. Players on offense work to capture the flag or eliminate opponents with white foam snowballs, while defenders protect their flag and replenish snowballs for their teammates. All players use the Yuki-Ball™ Barriers as protection as they maneuver around the play area. The first team to capture the opponent's flag or to completely eliminate the other team wins! Both sets include 90 coated-foam balls, 7 barriers (six 36W x 36H / 91 cm x 91 cm and one 72W x 36H / 1.85 m x 91 cm), 2 flags, 2 vinyl cones, 14 pinnies (Red/Blue in Indoor Set, Green/Orange in Outdoor Set), 2 buckets, and activity instructions. Indoor Set includes 3 rolls of floor tape. Outdoor Set's barriers quickly stake into the ground for stability and balls are firmer so they travel farther. Pinnies also available separately so multiple teams can be ready to enter the game and play in seconds.

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Yukigassen Vardø

Yukigassen Vardø = nice



What is Yukigassen?


Yukigassen op het Groot Nederlands Studentenkampioenschap

Yukigassen 2016

Tohomon Rykimä Team oli mukana Kemijärvellä järjestettävässä lumipallosodan em-kisoissa.



2018 Business Traininig of Yukigassen 雪合戦 VID2854 Chiba for Olympics in winter オリンピック採用に向けて


詳しくは ぶーにゃんコミュニケーション株式会社
電話03-6326-5106 E-mail:

HP : (B to B)


yukigassen CM


ゼミ合宿で雪合戦 チームビルディング ローアングルで(yukigassen movie 2017)

東洋大学国際観光学部国際観光学科 冬のゼミ合宿でのアトラクションとして、ビーチ雪合戦を実施いたしました。
最初は模擬球を使ってビーチ雪合戦 2分間で何人当てられるか、ミニゲームを実施

Swedish Yukigassen!

Snowball fighting at it's best! the Swedish Championships in Yukigassen are held on Feb 25 in Luleå.

Yukigassen 2015

Lyhyt kooste itse tapahtumasta.

Kemijärvi Yukigassen 2011 Final

Kemijärvi Yukigassen European Championship 2011 Gold Medal Match KP-55 - Ikihirsi Team.
Kemijärvi Yukigassenin Euroopanmestaruus kilpailujen 2011 loppuottelu KP-55 - Ikihirsi Team

SM i Yukigassen 2010 / Swedish Yukigassen Championship 2010

Video från Svenska mästerskapet i Yukigassen, snöbollskrig, som hölls i Luleå den 20-21 februari 2010.

Video from the Swedish Championship in Yukigassen, snow ball fighting, held in Luleå on the 20-21 February 2010.

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Canadian Rockies Snow Battle (Yukigassen) 2013

A quick preview of Jasper's newest sport: Yukigassen. This year's snow battle took place in Jasper, Alberta on November 23rd. Yukigassen is a snowball fight, mixed with dodgeball and capture the flag...and it's awesome!

Japanresan VM Yukigassen part 1

Sveriges Yukigassenförbund har gett sig av för att se hur VM fungerar i Japan

SM i Yukigassen 2011 / Swedish Yukigassen Championship 2011

Video från Svenska mästerskapet i Yukigassen, snöbollskrig, som hölls i Luleå den 5-6 mars 2011.

Video from the Swedish Championship in Yukigassen, snow ball fighting, held in Luleå on the 5-6 Mars 2011.

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