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Yak polo


PoloFest 2018 Festival Highlights

Check out the coolest music festival in Denver, CO including the sport of kings and incredible musical acts such as Phantogram, Quinn XCII, Chule, and much more!

BIZARRE: Gravy Wrestling World Championships

Gravy wrestlers battled it out at the 10th edition of the annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships in Lancashire, England on Monday (29th August).

Obscure fancy dress, 1500 litres of brown liquid and a late summer's day in rural England can mean only one thing.....the Gravy Wrestling World Championships!

The Rose 'n' Bowl pub, in Lancashire, hosted the annual event on Monday. And with fancy dress compulsory, 16 men and six women were bidding to lift a piece of silverware.

Competitors were judged on entertainment value as well as skill, but what are the finer technical and technical aspects required for victory?

SOUNDBITE (English) Zoe Johnston, competitor:

Just go for it. There is no technique, you just go for it.

SOUNDBITE (English) Rachel Pidutti Williams, ladies' world champion 2016:

You need to be able to get down low to really push your opponent over. And you need to be quick - and agile.

Rachel Williams, a 32-year-old Scottish school teacher, won the women's event, whilst 18-year-old student Paddy Sharkey emerged victorious in the men's contest.

Not quite a Gold medal in Rio, but both winners were all smiles on the rather sticky podium.


Paris Dance Delight, Judges performance (popping)

Sennin, leader of the Japanese popping group G.Old, also known as U-Min.
Enjoy !
In Paris Dance Delight 2006, the first French edition of a Japanese contest.

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U12 Water Polo Provincial Championship - Ottawa Titans vs K-W Kracken

Highlights and interviews from the opening game for K-W Kraken at the Ontario championship taking place at Wilfrid Laurier University. This video is brought to you by the K-W Water Polo Club. Check out their website at

2018 Miami Beach Polo World Cup Final - Macallan vs La Martina

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BIZARRE Sport Tbourida - dangerous combination of equestrianism and shooting

It's a brave man indeed who takes up Morocco's national sport of Tbourida. You must put your trust in your horse not to bolt, and hope that none of your team accidentally shoots you. Subscribe for the latest news from sntv:

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The Best Young fighters come out - Cambodia Volleyball Match So Great || 20 July 2019

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Sad Incident | Lahore Polo final Player injured during Match

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London Alumni Polo Club in Mongolia

London Alumni Polo Club visiting the Genghis Khan Polo Club in Mongolia. This most surreal and beautiful club is overlooking the river Orkhon.

Segway Polo WM Hemer 2017, von Andreas Reisböck

Ausrichter der Segway Polo Weltmeisterschaft 2017 waren die Hemer Butterflies. 18 teilnehmende Mannschaften kamen aus Barbados, USA, Schweden, England, Östereich, Schweiz und aus Deutschland. Vom 27. bis zum 30.07. kämpften die Mannschaften in der Hemeraner Overhoff-Arena um die Plätze.
Teilnehmende Mannschaften: American Eagles, Black Roses, Hannover Hotwheels, Barbados Rum Runners, X-Turtles, Balver Mammuts, Hemer Butterflies, Blade Dragons, Team Barbados, Funky Move Turtles, Stockholm Saints, Blade Pirates, Vineyard Devils, Stockholm Vikings, Helvetic Vipers, Cornwall Segwaypolo, Warwick Jaguars, British Wasps

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BIZARRE: Bog Biker's Big Win

Oliver McKenna wins the World Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championships in Wales on Saturday (27th August).

If you're sad about Rio being over, don't worry: the organisers of the World Alternative Games think they've got just the event to fill the gap.

We're at the peat bog in the small village in Wales that hosts the Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championships.

It's possible you haven't come across mountain bike bog snorkelling before, so just in case, here's the lowdown. Competitors ride a mountain bike along the bottom of a two-metre-deep water-filled trench for 45 yards, wearing a snorkel so they can breathe when fully submerged.

Floatation is a common issue when bike bog snorkelling, so the bikes are specially prepared with a lead-filled frame to keep them in the trench, and the riders wear lead weight belts.

Tyres are filled with water beforehand so you can grip on the bottom of the trench, and you'll be glad to learn that these divers are on hand for safety purposes.

Here's this year's world champion Oliver McKenna, a 36-year-old mountain biker from Brighton in the UK.

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Sometime really tuff expeditions, hunting Ibex in Central Asia is the best value for sportsman who like fair chase hunting in remote mountains. All videos taken during the last seasons. It's show there is still some huge ibex in Central Asia. All hunts guided and filmed by Renaud Desgrees du Lou except the first hunt guided by Attemane Slimane.

La chasse de l'Ibex dans les montagnes de l'Asie Centrale est le meilleur rapport qualité-prix pour ceux qui recherchent de véritables expéditions dans les grands espaces montagneux. Toutes ces chasses réalisées au cours des dernières saisons ont été guidées et filmées par Renaud Desgrées du Loû exceptée la première chasse guidée et filmée par Attemane Slimane.

Yak-Trekking im Wallis | Wandern | Vlog No. 39

Diesmal geht es etwas abseits der üblichen alpinistischen Pfade auf einen Trek mit echten Yaks. Ich habe in den Bergen schon recht viel erlebt, aber diese Tiere in einer natürlichen Umgebung zu sehen, mit Ihnen zu wandern und in ihren Rhythmus einzutauchen war etwas sehr besonderes.

Falls Ihr Interesse an so etwas habt, schaut doch mal auf Rosulas Homepage vorbei, da findet Ihr alle Infos zum Trekking und ihren anderen Unternehmungen:

Kein Sponsoring, ich finde einfach toll, was sie da macht... :-)

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Mundial de Polo 2015: Chile vs Pakistán

La Roja del Polo se consagró por segunda vez Campeón del Mundo tras vencer a Estados Unidos en tiempo suplementario por 12-11.
Aquí revisamos el duelo ante Pakistán con triunfo para los chilenos.
El Mundial de Polo contó con la transmisión de Canal CDO y para todo el continente americano en DIRECTV Sports

Tourists and locals gather for polo festival in Pakistan

Tourists and locals gather for the annual Shandur Polo Festival at the top of a mountain in Chitral in Pakistan.

Yak run - Mt. Baengnyeon

Worldcup Park MTB Academy

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Manali Yak Himachal Pradesh India

Manali is a high-altitude Himalayan resort town in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state. It has a reputation as a backpacking center and honeymoon destination. Set on the Beas River, it’s a gateway for skiing in the Solang Valley and trekking in Parvati Valley. It's also a jumping-off point for paragliding, rafting and mountaineering in the Pir Panjal mountains, home to 4,000m-high Rohtang Pass.

Animals in Sports! | Top 5 | Trans World Sport

Featuring: Pigeon Racing, Dog Dancing, Buzkashi, Yak Polo and Buffalo Racing.

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Pakistan's yak polo players hope for government support

Pakistan's yak polo players hope for government support
Pakistan's yak polo players hope for government support

Bizarre Sport of Yak Polo

Yak Polo on Trans World Sport. We travelled to Mongolia to find out more about this bizarre sport.

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