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Xing Yi Quan


The history of xing yi quan

This video is about the history, basic principles and legends of xing yi quan and how it has evolved over the years.

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Xing Yi Quan ( Hsing-I, 河北形意拳 ) 5 Elements and Linking form
Five Element Fist, which is the most important exercise in this style, the life-long-time exercise! from montreal, canada

Xing Yi Quan for Beginners

Xing Yi Quan for Beginners. Xing Yi Quan is one of the Internal Arts of Chinese Kung Fu. Xing Yi is spelled many ways: Xing Yi Quan, Xingyi, Hsing I Chuan, Hsing I, Xing Yi, and even Shing E. This is an ancient form of Chinese Gong Fu whose history is ambiguous! Some say Xing Yi was created by an Anonymous Taoist. Others say it was created by Chinese General Yue Fei. Xing Yi is a fun, simple, straight forward, and powerful Internal Chinese Martial Arts Style which develops the practitioners Fa Jing, Explosive Power, and Internal Physical/Mental Health! Enjoy and Practice EVERYDAY!

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Xing Yi Quan Performance

2017 International Wushu Sports Festival in Markham, Ontario Canada

Xing Yi Quan Demonstration

Demonstration of Xing Yi Quan by sifu Zhao Qiu Rong of Jing Wu Kungfu Netherlands, given at the STN Taiji Festival on November 3, 2007 in Amsterdam

Xing Yi Application

Correcting Students' Practice.

Xing Yi Quan Techniques and Applications

Moscow Wu xing Martial Arts School of Alex Banshikov +79161427028 Синъ И цюань в Москве
Боевые искусства и цигун в Москве

Sun Style Xing Yi Quan - Wu Xing Quan (Five elements fist)

Basic versions of the five element fists in Sun Lu Tang style Xing Yi Quan i.e. Pi Quan, Beng Quan, Zuan Quan, Pao Quan, and Heng Quan.


Training one of My Xing Yi Quan student on the Xing Yi Quan five fist solo form. I later set up a sparring match at a karate dojo tournament with a kick boxer for my Student to test out his Xing Yi Quan techniques in a free style fighting situation. XingYiQuan classes contact for further information.
Now available instructional XingYiQuan Five Five video downloadable. Vol 1# Video runtime: 41:43 (Video Format mpg)
#XingYiQuan #blacktaoist

Hsing Yi Chuan 12 animales

Una de las ramas del Xing Yi Quan (Hsing Yi Chuan) es 5 elementos - 12 animales comprendiendo entre otras, estas dos estructuras técnicas. Aquí vemos un ejemplo de las técnicas de los 12 animales: dragón, tigre, iguana, pollo, oso, aguila, elefante, caballo, mono, serpiente, grulla, golondrina.
Practique Kung Fu Tradicional. Asociación Kai Men Kung Fu. Rama Argentina de la Academia Chino Brasilera de Kung Fu, del GM. Chan Kowk Wai. Director Prof. Horacio Di Renzo

Xing Yi Quan: Tiger

Master Han Yanwu demonstrates his lineage's Xing Yi Quan Bear form. Master Han teaches Xing Yi, Bagua and Liu He Tanglang Quan in Beijing. He is a good teacher and accepts foreign students. For info on training contact me at

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Xing YI Quan Pa Shi Gong

Deng Fuxing disciple of Xing Yi Quan in New York,Bronx.Jose Cepeda (Jochy)
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Xing Yi Quan, by Mr. Zhang Bao Sheng,

Mr Zhang Bao Sheng from Beijing is a disciple of my Master (shifu), he is performing xing yi at my bai shi shi ceremony where my master Mr Xiang Zheng accepted me as his first and only foreign student of cheng style baguazhang

Shang Style Xing Yi Quan

Cui Guogui demonstrating most of the system of Shang style (hebei) Xing Yi Quan.
Master Cui was a student of Xin Jianhou which was one of Shang Yun Xiangs students.
Forms demonstrated include...
WuXingQuan (5 element fists)
Wu Xing Lian Huan Quan(5 elements linking form)
Luohan Ba Shi (arhat 8 postures)
JinGang BaShi ( diamond 8 postures)
Chu Dong Ru Dong
Liu He Quan ( 6 harmonies fist)
ShiEr Hong Chui ( 12 great hammers)
ShiErXing ( 12 animals)
Za Shi Chui ( Mixed postures hammer)
And weapons forms

Mixed Bagua, Xingyi, taijiquan, from one of many so-called "Wudang style" schools

This film has been re-edited and the full clip is now on my channel, Some very interesting skills and techniques displayed by this old master, even though the extreme dubiousness of the Chang Seng Feng legend and so-called Wudang lineages stretch all credibility beyond reason, they are still highly marketable commodities in China, by far the biggest number of tourists at Wudang mountain are Chinese neija acolytes looking for their mythical holy grail. However, despite this master's highly contentious lineage claims, he has undoubted high-level martial arts skills, which shows, that in China if you are going to talk the talk (even if your credentials are dodgy), you still have to walk the walk, otherwise you will be just another forgotten never was. He has a deep and thorough understanding of all regional styles of xingyi and bagua, his taiji is hard to distinguish from general taiji skills though it is still at a very high level. Despite the constant criticism I receive of this video, taken in correct context and with a grain of salt, there is much to learn here. As the saying goes those who see know, those who don't. don't understand.

Hsing I /xingyiquan trainng with Master Liang Beijing 1993

Master Liang Kequan teaches Hsing I's Five Splitting Fists to John Bracy's Hsing Chen students in Beijing, China 1993

形意拳 Xing Yi Quan - The Tradition Of Adaptation

Traditional or not traditional is in the internal martial arts scene a highly disputed topic. Have here a take out of our opinion: In the way, we approach to tradition we try not to be stuck in rules and limitations, but to learn how to truly use the tool that is given to us as a tool of self-expression and self-learning. Whishing to make something old of value in new times while learning to adapt. In this, our main focus is not to understand where it is coming from what we do, but we are more interested in what we are doing with it now and how each of us can individually make the most out of it.
Tradition for us is to adapt what we love to make it of value in every situation. In terms of Xing Yi Quan, we are teaching our students in a strict way the language of Xing Yi, in the wish that they will later use this language to express themselves freely. It is in the end not the goal to make everyone a servant to the art, but to make the art a tool for everyone. In this there are no rules, the only rule is growth. The only limitation is adaptation.

Nuno and Benjamin practiced so far 1 year diligent Xing Yi Quan. Even so, we are just at the beginning of our journey, it is great to see here the first results.

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Shifu Bluestein | Xing Yi Quan - Circles and Spirals

CLICK THE SUBTITLES BUTTON FOR EXPLANATIONS | Often it is falsely stated, that Xing Yi Quan is a linear martial art. This may be true for some lineages, but not the gongfu taught by shifu Jonathan Bluestein. In this video, shifu Bluestein demonstrates how various hidden circles and spirals can tremendously improve the effectiveness of the style, and any other martial art for that matter.

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MMA vs Xingyi - Latest Kung Fu vs MMA Match (ft. Eye Pokes)

Yes, these matches just keep happening. In this match that occurred in Shenzhen on the 6th of May, 2019, Kung Fu Master Wu Liang (伍东亮) challenges MMA fighter Zhang Wen Sheng (张文胜). Zhang Wen Sheng (张文胜) fights for the MMA promotion GLORY. After three knockdowns by the MMA fighter, Kung Fu master Liang quits and then proceeds to eye gouge after shaking hands with our MMA athlete. Such a sad day for TMA. Hope more sportsmanlike behavior emerges in future matches like this. Xu kind of set a bad precedent, but this channel believes in constructive challenge matches. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think and what styles you want to see tested.

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Xing Yi Quan - Applications

Applications de Xing Yi Quan avec Maître Kunlin Zhang et Jimmy Grégeard.



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