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Wood splitting


STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Rookie World Championship 2017

A trial of strength among the best young athletes from eight nations, these rookies face off at the 2017 Rookie World Championship in Hamburg, Germany.

TimberFit Workout - Log Carrying and Wood Splitting

TimberFit Workout – Log Carrying and Wood Splitting. Spring is a busy time of the year and there is much work to be done outdoors. What better way to do it than making work into a workout?

Music: Rockytop by Audionautics licenced under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 Licence

The Bellas challenge Daniel Bryan and John Cena: Total Divas, Aug. 4, 2013

It's guys vs. girls when John Cena and Daniel Bryan face off against The Bella Twins in a wood-chopping showdown.

Lumberjack Championship, St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Part 1

Hosted by Bill Deba. Episode 1 / Section 1 of this competition features the Underhand Chop and the best choppers in the Maritimes. Paul Woodland, Donald Lambert and Mario Bourque are highlighted.

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Wood splitting in rain

Splitting dry chinkapin with a six pound maul

Floyd Mayweather Chopping Wood Rocky Balboa Style

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Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Press Conference - Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Exclusive Interview ►►
Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Press Conference - Manny Pacquiao Exclusive Interview ►►

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is preparing for his upcoming showdown with Manny Pacquiao by chopping wood. Over the last few weeks, the undefeated boxer has been uploading videos to Instagram to show how he's preparing for his May 2nd fight against Pacquiao. None of the training sessions seemed to be anything out of the ordinary until he posted a video of himself chopping wood.
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New SVORD (KGO) Splitting wood

Testing the new KGO with batonning firewood

Wood splitting timelapse

Two hours of wood splitting condensed down to 3 minutes

World Tree Felling Championship Final

sydney royal easter show 2013

Splitting Wood With My New Homelite 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter From Home Depot

This little log splitter works great for little logs! Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for one! Plus I can use it inside where my wood pile is.

Wood cutting & splitting

Nothing like a bunch of crosscut saws, mauls, sledges, and wedges to keep some fitness during the winter. The 115 lb girl is swinging a 10 sledge. The red Monster Maul is 16 lbs.

Wood Splitting - Huqsvarna Hatchet & Various

Sorry about the sniffling. Had one of those annoying cold. :3

Splitting firewood using a backhoe tire

Fast wood splitting with Fiskars axe

Wood splitting with Fiskars axe

Log splitting with axe , wood wedges

Quick short guide to splitting small log with axe,baton, wood wedges

Wood splitting with the Kobra

A short video demonstrating the sturdiness of the Kobra.

World wood splitting contest (well at least central oregon) Guess who wins?

Wood splitting contest in the backwoods of Oregon. David - the big guy against the little guy.

Bottle Jack Woodsplitter

Homemade wood splitter I made to split the soft wood trees I cut down on my property, could have rented or borrowed a splitter but I enjoy making my own stuff if possible ,its not the fastest but gets the job done,have 30 dollars invested in this other than my Brothers bottle jack ,since making this video I made holes for pins larger to make them easier to put in and also made wedge on blade larger, if the rain stops in a day or so I will replace this video with the updated splitter.

2013 U.S. Championship of TIMBERSPORTS Lumberjack Competition

The top ten professional lumberjack athletes in the country converge on Pigeon Forge, Tenn. at the Great Smoky Mountain Lumberjack Feud to chop and saw for the ultimate lumberjack title, STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series U.S. Champion. Watch the full episode of the 2013 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS US Championships.
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Fiskars X27 vs Monster Maul

In this video I compare a Fiskars X27 and Monster Maul. Splitting firewood by hand.



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