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Wood splitting


STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Rookie World Championship 2017

A trial of strength among the best young athletes from eight nations, these rookies face off at the 2017 Rookie World Championship in Hamburg, Germany.

World wood splitting contest (well at least central oregon) Guess who wins?

Wood splitting contest in the backwoods of Oregon. David - the big guy against the little guy.

Fiskars super splitting axe X27, splitting firewood.

First time using the Fiskars super splitting axe, all I can say is amazing.

Splitting firewood with a tire to prevent wood from falling

Saves you time and energy. You no longer have to bend over and pick up your wood. Mount two 2x4s along the side of your chopping block. Attach tire to 2x4s. If you drill holes in tire and leave screw heads sticking up about 1/2 inch you can then easily remove tire to still use the same chopping block for larger pieces. Then replace tire for smaller pieces of wood like the one in video.

CountyLine 25-Ton Log Splitter - Tractor Supply

CountyLine 25-Ton Log Splitter - From Tractor Supply. First look and a few splits.

Thanks for watching.

Let's Go Surfing by Joakim Karud
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Splitting Firewood

Here is a small video of splitting some Fir using a splitting maul and a wedge.

Wood splitting timelapse

Two hours of wood splitting condensed down to 3 minutes

Wood Splitting - Huqsvarna Hatchet & Various

Sorry about the sniffling. Had one of those annoying cold. :3

Making Fun of Winter Wood Splitting!!!!!!!!

Showing how easy it is to split wood when it is -30 C

Holzspalten | Wood Splitting

Decided to take a active rest day to split some wooden trunks. It was a lot of fun ;)

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Splitting wood the old way

With wedges and splitting maul, a rather knotty piece of Hemlock succumbs to the woodsman's will.

Wood splitting with the Kobra

A short video demonstrating the sturdiness of the Kobra.

Splitting Wood Knot

Splitting wood - knot

Boys wedge and sledge wood splitting

1st time try VIPUKIRVES wood splitting

I splitting a walnut log by VIPUKIRVES which I imported newly.
However it was the very first time, I could use easily.

The American wood-splitting movies are the amount of resources and force, but the tool of the European is full of wisdom and ingenious.

This axe which made in finland is incredible.

Northwoods WOD.....Splitting a cord of wood.

A cord of wood split in 30 minutes.

wood splitting

Rail Splitting Competition

71 year old Oliver Friedlein splits an 8 foot rail in just over 2 minutes at the 2009 Decatur Celebration

Visit for more stories and videos!

Wood splitting in rain

Splitting dry chinkapin with a six pound maul

Wood Splitting Contest

Skip to 1:20 for the start of contest.
My father and cousin had a good old fashioned challenge to see who could split wood faster using the technique each prefers. My dad chose the more midwestern style of using a double bitted axe and a flip of the wrist, while my cousin chose the more Oregon style of muscling through the wood with a splitting maul.



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