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Wood splitting


World Tree Felling Championship Final

sydney royal easter show 2013

2012 US Championships - Springboard Chop Lumberjack Competition

Check out never-before-scene footage of the springboard chop from the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS 2012 US Championship hosted by the Lumberjack Feud. The springboard chop competition showcases the nation's best competitors as they attempt to qualify for the world championships.
Learn more about the Springboard Chop lumberjack competition:
Learn more about the TIMBERSPORTS US Champaionships:

Bottle Jack Woodsplitter

Homemade wood splitter I made to split the soft wood trees I cut down on my property, could have rented or borrowed a splitter but I enjoy making my own stuff if possible ,its not the fastest but gets the job done,have 30 dollars invested in this other than my Brothers bottle jack ,since making this video I made holes for pins larger to make them easier to put in and also made wedge on blade larger, if the rain stops in a day or so I will replace this video with the updated splitter.

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Rookie World Championship 2017

A trial of strength among the best young athletes from eight nations, these rookies face off at the 2017 Rookie World Championship in Hamburg, Germany.

Splitting Wood Without Bending Over

An example of efficient wood splitting. It's the bending over to pickup the rounds which is the most work and least therapeutic/ergonomic in terms of movement. Filmed by Costa Boutsikaris.

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Splitting Wood, Cooking Bacon by Campfire, Body Comp Update & Making Utensils w/ A Tomahawk

1:08 Splitting Wood Begins
4:24 Body Comp & Farmer’s Tan updates
5:22 Fire Layout Begins
6:00 It’s Lit.
8:05 DO YOU SEE THE FLY? (It’s in the middle of the screen)
8:32 Utensil Carving With a Tomahawk
10:41 Bacon
11:15 Spatula Complete
11:51 Eggs
12:30 Eat.

Welcome to my Monday Morning where I will be splitting and stacking some Firewood. Then I will be taking a break where I make a fire to cook some bacon & eggs using a spatula I made with a tomahawk out of a scrap piece of Oak.

I have no idea what I am doing with Bushcraft or survival! I am just trying to learn these skills and I’m sharing my experience in a different way.

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Much respect to all of you for watching these and supporting the channel! I hope this was helpful!

why was floyd mayweather chopping wood for pacquiao fight - esnews boxing

In this video we take a look at the story behind the story. EsNews is a sports channel talking to stars, celebs, trainers, fans and reporters.

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Awesome Wood Splitting!

This is a video of me splitting wood in our back yard for the winter. I am using a 9 pound maul with a Plexiglas handle. Hope you enjoy!

1st time try VIPUKIRVES wood splitting

I splitting a walnut log by VIPUKIRVES which I imported newly.
However it was the very first time, I could use easily.

The American wood-splitting movies are the amount of resources and force, but the tool of the European is full of wisdom and ingenious.

This axe which made in finland is incredible.

Fast wood splitting with Fiskars axe

Wood splitting with Fiskars axe

Fiskars 8 lb Splitting Maul Review

I review the Fiskars ISO Core 8 pound splitting maul with a 36 inch handle, which goes for around $50 on Amazon or a little more at your local Lowes. This thing is a beast and I love it for splitting big and small logs, but it is heavy and will give you a workout. Flex, swing, split, repeat!

Fiskars super splitting axe X27, splitting firewood.

First time using the Fiskars super splitting axe, all I can say is amazing.

Wood Splitting - Huqsvarna Hatchet & Various

Sorry about the sniffling. Had one of those annoying cold. :3

Wood Splitting with V8 Truck

Traditional Bow Building - Part I - Harvesting The Bow Wood- Ancestral Knowledge

This video depicts how we prefer to harvest and season our bow woods. Hickory is the featured wood in this video. See the felling, splitting, and seasoning of a 10-11 inch diameter Hickory tree.

Splitting Wood with Maul

This is a video of me splitting wood in our back yard for the winter. I am using a 9 pound maul with a Plexiglas handle. Hope you enjoy!

Splitting firewood using a backhoe tire

victorinox survival -how to batoning(split wood)with a folding pocket knife(vid.74)

Πως να κανετε μπατονινγκ(σχισιμο ξυλων) μ'ενα πτυσσομενο μαχαιρι.ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΙ ΥΠΟΤΙΤΛΟΙ GREEK SUBTITLES. how to use a folding pocket knife to batoning.better way for batoning is to use wood splits,i use batoning only in emergency to split wet wood to take the dry ''heart''to start a fire..

Wood Splitting

I tried using an electric wood splitting machine


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