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Women's lacrosse


NCAA Women's Lacrosse Championship Final 2016 North Carolina vs Maryland

NCAA Division I Women's Lacrosse Championship / Final
North Carolina Tar Heels Women's Lacrosse v Maryland Terrapins Women's Lacrosse

US Women's National Team vs. JMU


Boston College vs Maryland Women's Lacrosse 2017 National Championship Highlights

2017 NCAA Women's Lacrosse Championship
Boston College Eagles vs #1 Maryland Terrapins

Maryland vs Penn State Lacrosse 2018 Big Ten Women’s Lacrosse Championship


2018 Girls' Under Armour All America Lacrosse Game

A Day in the Life of USC Lacrosse

Check out what it's like to have a day with the USC Womens Lacrosse team. Shoutout to Sarah Larkin though honestly.

Florida vs North Carolina Women's Lacrosse 2018 Full Highlights


TLN followed The Women's Professional Lacrosse League through their inaugural Pro Day.


WPLL Website:


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Maryland vs Syracuse Women's Lacrosse 2018 Full Highlights

Stanford Women's Lacrosse: Day in the Life of a Cardinal Laxer

What is it like to play Lacrosse at Stanford University? Check out what the team has to say.

Penn State Women's Lacrosse - A Day In The Life: Part I

Take an inside look at the team's locker room.

CASCADE LX Women's Lacrosse Helmet REVIEW!

This helmet meets the new ASTM Standards for goggles and headgear! They are not required to wear, but I highly recommend you talk to a coach about getting some helmets for your team! Learn more at:



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2017 Women's Lacrosse Pump Up

2017 NCAA Women's Lacrosse Pump Up video.
Song: Don't Let Me Down (Illenium Remix)

2018 Stony Brook Women's Lacrosse Midnight Practice

The 2018 Stony Brook Seawolves took the field at midnight for their first practice of the season, with the goal to be the first team on the field, and the last team off of the field.

Stick Tricks | Women's Lacrosse

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Watch more How to Play Women's Lacrosse videos:

Katie: Hi i'm Katie [inaudible 00:10] with Columbia University Lacrosse and this is Kaitlyn Jackson with Game Day Lacrosse. And we're here to talk about some stick tricks. So stick tricks aren't necessarily something that you would use in a game but they really are important to help you learn how to handle the ball and control ball in your stick. They can be a great tool that you use with your players, in order to um, help them get better with their stick handling skills. So the first one we're gonna talk about is the motorcycle. And the reason we call it the motorcycle is cause with our bottom hand we're kinda gonna pretend that we're revving our, our engine on our motorcycle. So as Jacks does this she's gonna rev her, rev the bottom of her stick.

And toss it over the, over her head. At the same time her top hand is gonna let go of her stick. The stick is gonna roll over the back of her hand. And then she's gonna catch it in front of her. Good. So that would be the motorcycle. The next one we're gonna do is the sidewalll catch. So Jackson's gonna throw the ball up and then she's gonna catch the ball on the bottom of her sidewall. So this trick alone can take a long time to master but it's pretty fun to be able to master this one. Then what she's gonna do is she's gonna push her stick head up. The ball's gonna roll down her shaft and she's gonna catch it with her thumb. Pretty impressive. Toss it back up. Catch it. There. Roll down the side of her stick.

Catch it with her thumb. So another one that you can do to work on your hand eye coordination is she's gonna toss the ball up. As the ball's in the air she's gonna flip her stick over, hit the stick with the bottom, the butt of her stick. And then catch the ball again. So this works on quick hands, and hand eye coordination. Another one similiar to this is if she goes one handed. She's gonna toss the ball up in front of her. Bump the ball up straight in the air and catch it again. So again these are just a few stick tricks that your, your players can implement. Or you could implement into your game, will ultimately help you with ball handling and enhance your stick work.

What Equipment You Need to Start Women's Lacrosse! | LaxGirlsWorld

Hi everyone!

If you have no idea what equipment to buy for lacrosse, you're in the right spot! Hope you enjoy. Comment below if you want a video showing you good sticks for beginners!

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History of Navy Women's Lacrosse

Learn the history behind Navy women's lacrosse transforming from a strong club team to a dominant force in the patriot league.

Johns Hopkins 2018 Women's Lacrosse Year in Review

U.S. Women's National Team vs. UNC [Full Broadcast]

The first-ever Team USA Fall Classic this weekend features the top four teams from the last World Cup – the United States, Canada, Australia and England – as well as the reigning NCAA champion North Carolina.

US Lacrosse is the national governing body of lacrosse and home of Team USA.


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Navy vs North Carolina Women's Lacrosse Highlights 2017 National Championship / Quarterfinal

Navy vs #2 North Carolina Women's Lacrosse
2017 NCAA Women's Lacrosse National Championship / Quarterfinal
May 20, 2017 at Chapel Hill, N.C.



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