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Wolf hunting


Coyote Hunting with Thermal - 13 Coyotes Down with the ATN ThOR Thermal Scope

Coyote hunting in South Dakota with O'Neill Ops. Not only are the guys from O'Neil Ops expert predator hunters who have pioneered and mastered the art of coyote hunting suppressed, but they are also 4th-generation farmers and ranchers who have a duty to protect the cattle that they raise for our food. For them, predator hunting is not merely a sport, but a way of life.

James O'Neil has been hunting and shooting since he was 4 years-old. He started out helping skin coyotes with his father when pelts brought a 100 dollars a piece, and eventually learned how to call coyotes with his father and grandfather during coyote calling competitions.

After years of honing his skills at predator calling and hunting during the day, O'Neil helped pave the way for hunters in South Dakota to be able to use thermal and night vision optics to effectively hunt predators at night.

O'Neil played an important role in helping to convince the South Dakota legislature to allow private land owners to use of night vision and thermal scopes in conjunction with calibers under .225 inches in diameter.

The change in the size of rifle rounds allowed for use with NV and thermal imaging is significant because one of the most popular varmint hunting rifle rounds uses a .223 caliber bullet. The .223 caliber bullet is also the most widely used caliber in AR-15 style modern sporting rifles.

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Ultimate Night Vision is an industry leader in night vision, thermal imaging and digital NV devices. Night vision is not just a profession for us, it is our passion. Here in Texas, we are fortunate enough to be able to use NV and thermal scopes for hog hunting, coyote hunting, and hunting other predators and varmints at night. The firsthand knowledge gained through hunting with NVD's on a regular basis allows us to provide accurate and relevant information to our customers.

We carry a wide variety of optics from all major manufacturers including Trijicon, Pulsar, Flir, Armasight, L3, Harris and more. We strive to provide unbiased information to aid customers in the decision-making process. We also have a nationwide rental program which gives customers the unique opportunity to test and compare various devices under real-world conditions before committing to a large purchase.

Our channel features product reviews, instructional videos, comparisons, and plenty of actual hunting footage.

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Wolf hunt

Wolf hunt in British Columbia as well as a trap line adventure.

2016 Idaho Panhandle Wolf Hunting Brandon Pitcher (The effects of Wolves)

Come along as we explore the truth of whats happening to our wildlife on a daily basis. This may be an eye opener for some.
Pitch Peak Productons: Filmed and Edited by Brandon Pitcher

Ontario Wolf Hunt (Round Two)

This was my second trip to White River Ontario on a wolf hunt. I had been there a couple weeks earlier, in temps as low as -40 degrees fahrenheit, but the action was very slow. This time the weather has warmed slightly and the animals are more active. I passed up a small wolf early in the hunt with my Darton Crossbow ( and have now picked up a rifle, but that's no guarantee of success. Of all my hunt, this was one of the most memorable.

2018 Idaho Wolf and Predator Hunt on Snowmobiles

How to hunt wolves? 509Backcountry heads back to Idaho in search of wolves and to do some predator control. Wolf hunting and mountain lion hunting are on the menu. Hopefully this might inspire you to give it a try this winter.


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Wolf hunt shot and killed all on video - Stuckntherut

Find us on Facebook Stuck N The Rut. We have been dealing with a serious wolf problem in this area. It is quite devastating to see the moose, elk, and deer population decrease so dramatically in the past two years from these predators. Plus, 63% of the wolves in the lower 48 have the Hydatid Disease. This disease is very contagious, and has been effecting our wildlife and livestock in a big way. Predator management is needed. I was trying to help my little sister get a deer so she can have food for college. It was discouraging to see her work so hard for a deer and still ended the season with her deer tag in her pocket. It's time for some predator management Hunting wolves is needed. We packed our friends wolf call while deer hunting, in case we ended up in an area where the wolves were howling. Sure enough, we shot a wolf all on video. Long rang system, that is why I was able to make the 400 yard shot. Almost had two, but the black wolf didn't give the bullet a chance. This epic video shows it all. Enjoy!!! If you are a wolf lover, don't watch. Isn't it obvious that this video isn't for you? Wolf hunting

Wide North Outfitters Presents: Wolf Hunting in Alberta Canada

Wide North Outfitters, offers guided wolf hunts in Alberta Canada. Watch as this hunter takes down a timber wolf while hunting with Wide North Outfitters

Hunting Gray Wolves with Bow

The World Hunting Group is dedicated to assisting hunters with their Relentless Pursuits of wildlife. Join us to explore some of the countries most fascinating destinations. Host, Tim Wells and Company, deliver vivid slow-motion kills and down the arrow look at trophy class game.

2 Wolves VS Bow / SELF DEFENSE Wolf Hunt - StuckNtheRut

I was hunting elk. As I was cow calling, a wolf was coming at me, by the time I pulled back my bow, he was 8 yards, and I put the arrow in his chest. He sprinted away from me after the shot and tipped over. The rest of the pack came out of the brush and analyzed the dead wolf, and as that was happening, I shot another wolf in the neck and it dropped in it's tracks. What I don't say in the video is that I actually stuck a third wolf, but I couldn't find it. We have had a serious wolf problem in this area. Management is needed. I spent 18 days elk hunting in this area, it is sad to see how little elk is left. Thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe!!!

Long Distance shots on an Idaho Wolf

Here is part two of the howling wolf clip we posted in 2013. A friend of ours was the guy behind the rifle shooting at 800 yards. So many people wanted to see what happened after the howling clip, so I got permission from the shooter to post the footage. Luckily for the wolf, the shooters calculations were off, and he walked away unharmed and a little smarter. What an amazing experience that day was.

2013 wolf hunters hall of fame

WARNING!!! If you don't like seeing dead animals close this video now. These are a few of the true conservationists who take the time to manage predators

Grizzly Bear - Black Bear - Wolves - Moose - Wolverine - Marten - Lynx - Deer - Elk

Highlights from 5 years of train camera footage along the Kispiox River, BC.

wolf hunting in algeria

Faster sloughi

Wolf Archery Hunt

Gus Congemi goes to Alberta, Canada on a Black Bear hunt. A couple of days into the week, after already getting one bear with the bow, Gus takes an amazing shot at a wolf, again with archery equipment. He finishes the week with another Black Bear encounter.

Predator Hunting: SUPPRESSED® "HAMMER JOB"

Working together as a team is a huge advantage of our work. Having the ability of a team with individuals that have multiple skill sets, is a force multiplier.
Join us as team member Keith Risse, dishes out another Hammer Job, killing his seasonal double on film, making this our 9th filmed double of the season.

Predator Hunting: SUPPRESSED® is a registered service mark of O'Neill Ops, all rights reserved.

2016 Northern Idaho Elk Hunting and Wolf Hunting PITCH PEAK Brandon Pitcher

Come follow along as Brandon shares his rifle Elk season in the panhandle of Idaho. Cameron Cox eats raw liver.
Filmed and Edited by Brandon Pitcher

Wolf hunting in Kazakhstan - Загонная охота на волка в Казахстане

Wild Boar hunting Wolf Dog


Hunting for wolf in Kirghizstan during a Tian Shan Ibex expedition. Professionnal hunter and videographer : Nicolas Lennaertz.

Chasse de l'Ibex des Tian Shan au Kirghizstan . Chasses guidées et filmées par Nicolas Lennaertz.

wolf attacks hunters

Hunters attacked while moose hunting caught on tape



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