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Wolf hunting


SHADE of BLACK - Wolf Hunting Montana

Wolves are an amazing animal, and a specialized killer. Watch as Travis crosses paths with one of the most controversial animals of the rockies. Please share if you understand the need for predator management in Montana.

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2018 North Idaho Wolf Hunting Brandon Pitcher

Come follow along as Brandon Pitcher continues his mission hunting Wolves in the Idaho Panhandle and finally makes it happen.

Long Distance shots on an Idaho Wolf

Here is part two of the howling wolf clip we posted in 2013. A friend of ours was the guy behind the rifle shooting at 800 yards. So many people wanted to see what happened after the howling clip, so I got permission from the shooter to post the footage. Luckily for the wolf, the shooters calculations were off, and he walked away unharmed and a little smarter. What an amazing experience that day was.

Foxpro Furtakers - Episode 208 - Alaska

FOXPRO brother’s Mike and Steve Dillon head deep in the Alaskan bush on Outdoor Channel’s first ever wolf hunt. Hunting alongside master guide Coke Wallace, this trio chases one of America’s most dominate predators!

Wolf Hunting Tips - Stuck N The Rut

The basics in finding success in wolf hunting. A lot of people want to help with our current wolf problem, but nobody knows where to start. Hopefully these two tips will be helpful in wolf hunting, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
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Ontario Wolf Hunt (Round Two)

This was my second trip to White River Ontario on a wolf hunt. I had been there a couple weeks earlier, in temps as low as -40 degrees fahrenheit, but the action was very slow. This time the weather has warmed slightly and the animals are more active. I passed up a small wolf early in the hunt with my Darton Crossbow ( and have now picked up a rifle, but that's no guarantee of success. Of all my hunt, this was one of the most memorable.

2016 Idaho Panhandle Wolf Hunting Brandon Pitcher (The effects of Wolves)

Come along as we explore the truth of whats happening to our wildlife on a daily basis. This may be an eye opener for some.
Pitch Peak Productons: Filmed and Edited by Brandon Pitcher

Hunting Serbia - Wolf hunting 2 | Hajka na vuka Bela Palanka | Caccia al lupo 2 | Jagd auf den Wolf

Emisija LOV I RIBOLOV emituje se na RTS 1 svakog ponedeljka u 12:45, sa reprizom na RTS 2 svakog četvrtka u 17:30.
Autori emisije Jovan Simonović i Srđan Despot - Blaf

Ontario Wolf Hunt - Fred Eichler

Fred travels to Ontario to take on an Apex Predator, the wolf.

Fred Eichler has hunted predators on three continents. His unparalleled experience on a variety of predators makes this an exciting show to watch as viewers never know what Fred may be hunting each week. His North American predators harvested on video include red fox, gray fox, swift fox, raccoon, badger, coyote, wolf, bobcat, mountain lion, black bear, brown bear, grizzly bear, polar bear and alligator. Fred’s exotic predator experience includes harvesting lion, leopard and hyena in Africa as well as Australian dingo.


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Interview about First Ever Filmed Wolf Hunt in Lower 48

Whether you believe the wolf is a Saint, or Satan in disguise, tune in to the first ever televised lower 48 wolf hunt episode with On Your Own Adventures exclusively on Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman.

Big game hunter and conservation historian Randy Newberg, along with hunting partner, Matt Clyde, will try to outsmart this most intelligent predator—and explain the reasons why wolf management is necessary—during an 11-day grueling spot and stalk wolf hunt. The series airs August 16 at 9pm ET/PT and concludes on August 23 at 9pm ET/PT. You will be able to chat live with Randy on our Facebook page ( on August 23 at 9pm ET.

For more information on the episodes, please visit:

Additional information on wolf management can be found here:



Idaho Elk Hunt Switched to Wolf Hunt

We were out hunting on the opening day of elk hunting season. When we got to the spot we normally see and hear elk, there was a wolf pack howling in there. They chased all the elk out. Travis made a mad dash to see if he could get a shot. The wolves are highly populated in this area and need managed, so Trav got up on a rock to see a pack beaded in the meadow and made the shot on the Alpha Female. If you would like to see the whole episode, you can watch it on Stuck N The Rut 115.
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come along on some great encounters, with our wonderful Invasive species, that was introduced to our wonderful state. As they are legal to hunt and take with the right tag in pockets, we always find time to find a few to take home with us. We are avid Elk hunters, and we understand the impact, that these wolves have done on our elk herds over the years. Having a managed amount taken out of the packs, will prove to be helpful in the cow and calf elk for our hunting future. We dont hate the wolf. But we sure love hunting and killing them, when we get the chance. Why? because it is legal to do so!

Wolf Season Has Re-opened in This Part of Wyoming

Licensed wolf hunting season opened October 1 in the Cowboy State.
Earlier this year, the Federal appeals court lifted the restrictions, giving the state full management control of the species.
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Hunting for wolf in Kirghizstan during a Tian Shan Ibex expedition. Professionnal hunter and videographer : Nicolas Lennaertz.

Chasse de l'Ibex des Tian Shan au Kirghizstan . Chasses guidées et filmées par Nicolas Lennaertz.

Alaska Brown Bear & Wolf Hunt - Unimak Island

Join Austin Atkinson on a spring Unimak brown bear hunt for exciting wolf kills, brown bear encounters, and great kill shots. More info at

*CAUTION* If you do not like to see wolves/animals die, DO NOT watch this video.

Wide North Outfitters Presents: Wolf Hunting in Alberta Canada

Wide North Outfitters, offers guided wolf hunts in Alberta Canada. Watch as this hunter takes down a timber wolf while hunting with Wide North Outfitters

Wolf Archery Hunt

Gus Congemi goes to Alberta, Canada on a Black Bear hunt. A couple of days into the week, after already getting one bear with the bow, Gus takes an amazing shot at a wolf, again with archery equipment. He finishes the week with another Black Bear encounter.

WOLF ENCOUNTER! Wyoming Wolf Gets Up-Close to Bowhunter

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Hunter Zach Evans is surprised by a Wyoming wolf while bowhunting for elk. The wolf comes within a few yards of Evans! Luckily Evans is ready with bear spray in hand.

Read more about Evans' wolf encounter and his successful Wyoming elk bowhunt in the July/August 2018 issue of EASTMANS' BOWHUNTING JOURNAL.

Bear spray vs. pistol: which is better for a predator encounter? Find out:

Dan Pickar bow hunts elk in grizzly country:

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Wolves Hunt the Elk Hunters

While taking 9 year old Emma Bell on an Oregon mentored youth cow elk hunt, Steve West, host of Steve's Outdoor Adventures and his guest encounter a pack of wolves that not only scare off the elk, but start moving in on the hunters.
This is the most up close and personal wolf footage we have ever seen and definitely the first to come out of Oregon.



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