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Wolf hunting


Wolf Hunt Kill Shot : Alaska

Watch an exciting brown bear and wolf hunt video from Alaska!

2016 North Idaho Elk Shed Hunting and Wolf Hunting ( EARLY DROPS ) Brandon Pitcher Part 3

Come follow along with Brandon Pitcher and Friends Colton Thatcher and Laine Thompson as they scout for big Bulls and pick up big sheds. March 2016
Pitch Peak Productions

Upper Peninsula Michigan Wolves and Bucks, Opening Day Rifle, 2012

Just a few short clips from my opening day hunt in Houghton County in the Western U.P. Visit for more videos.

More Wolf Hunting with Bob Bearman @ Nipigon River Hunts

More Wolf hunting With Bob Bearman
Visit for more videos and information or to book your hunt.

Idaho Grey Wolf Hunt

Wolf hunting in Idaho. This was the first legal Grey Wolf hunt in Idaho so my buddy and I took the kids up to the hills. Wait till you see the size of the tracks! These wolves are huge. They will eat the hearts out of the elk they catch and then leave the rest for the birds.

NOTE- If you want to leave a mean comment, please watch the entire video first.

Please watch: Abandoned Ghost Town Factory Eastern Oregon

Timber Wolf Release 2017 John Oens

This is a video of John Oens releasing a Wisconsin Timber Wolf under the watchful eye of his 3 children.

INTO THE BUSH...HUNTING the WOLF FISH - Freshwater Fishing, Trinidad

INTO THE BUSH...HUNTING the WOLF FISH - Freshwater Fishing, Trinidad


Couple weeks ago, I once again hooked up with the best inshore fisherman I know, Zizi. This time it was all about exploring a new location to get access to some freshwater fishing spots.

Neither of us had ever been at the location before, so it took us a while to find it...we took quite a few wrong turns...But once we found the right track it was pretty easy.

However, when we did find the water, casting from the bank proved a bit difficult due to a very wide weed line. We struggled to get many bites and only landed a couple decent wolf fish.

Just before we left, I did get a couple awesome hits using the top water frog, but that has to be the hardest way to actually hook the fish, especially wolf fish, their mouths are soo hard.

We do have a plan to return that will give us a much better chance to fish the area properly. So look out for that adventure!

Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching! Fish On!

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T-Mass - ignoring My Heart (NCS Release)

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Cooking Wolf MEAT

Nobody has posted a video about eating wolf meat yet, so I decided to be the first. Make sure to Subscribe for more Stuck N The Rut videos.
#wolfmeat #catchcleancook #wolves

2018 Elk Browns Part 10 Brandon Pitcher ( North Idaho Wolf Hunting )

Come follow along as Brandon Pitcher continues his adventure Wolf hunting and searching for sheds.

Wolf ATTACKS Elk - Stuck N The Rut

Stuck N The Rut Presents never before seen footage on a motion camera that captures a wolf attacking a cow elk. Epic video. These wolves flushed these elk out of the area. Not one cow or bull elk visited this spot after the attack. We need your help. These wolves have caused dramatic decreases in the population of our elk in Idaho, as well as other wildlife species. Hunting these predators are tough, but we can use all the help that we can get. To help, join This group is meant for the predator management control that is needed. Also, you can look up Stuck N The Rut on facebook.

2015 North Idaho Elk Shed Hunt / Wolf Hunting Brandon Pitcher, Pitch Peak Productions, ep. 7

Brandon Pitcher picking up sheds in North Idaho spring of 2015. Wolf hunting and Wolf hunting tips. Special appearances, Duane Cope, Colton Thatcher, and Joni Allred-Pitcher. Part 1 continued with 2015 Utah Elk Shed Hunting Brandon Pitcher, Pitch Peak Productions ep 8.

Live Hunt: How to Trap Wolves in Alaska

The hunting season is over but the trapping season is in full swing by where Live Hunt host Tyler Freel lives. With a pack of wolves roaming around a nearby trail, Tyler shares his trap setting strategies for getting himself a wolf or two.

GoPro: Eagle Hunters in a New World

On the Western plains of Mongolia a nomadic group of Kazakhs continue the ancient practice of hunting with golden eagles. The Burkitshi are a small and dwindling community, eager to pass on their traditions in the face of growing modernization in Mongolia.

Original score by William Ryan Fritch
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Special thanks to Lauren McGough and Jagaa Baatar for leading the team out on the steppes.

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2016 North Idaho Elk Shed Hunting and Wolf Hunting (BIG BROWNS) Brandon Pitcher

Come follow along as Brandon Pitcher spends 8 strait days making the best of what nature has to offer. Spotting Bulls and picking up sheds. The last week of March 2016. Two big Elk sets and a big Muley set. Wolves rain on the parade.

2012 Ontario Wolf Hunts with Nipigon River Bear Hunts

New Wolf hunts with Bob Bearman We still have hunt available for this year!
Visit for more videos and information or to book your hunt.

The Wolf Hunter

On the biggest stage in the biggest stadium, Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander Esch appears on the verge of NFL stardom for America’s team. That’s only fascinating if you know where Vander Esch comes from... and as Jeff Darlington shows us... how this child of the wilderness made a name for himself.

Hunting in Idaho with a bull then wolves. Watch a wolf howling.

While hunting OTC public land here in Idaho we came across this. It was cool to witness but a bummer all in the same. Wolves after elk. Who knows how far these elk will get pushed. The last two minutes of the video is just wolves howling nothing really to see just hear. Enjoy.

Hunting Gray Wolves with Bow

The World Hunting Group is dedicated to assisting hunters with their Relentless Pursuits of wildlife. Join us to explore some of the countries most fascinating destinations. Host, Tim Wells and Company, deliver vivid slow-motion kills and down the arrow look at trophy class game.

The Ancient Practice of Mongolian Eagle Hunting | The Red Bulletin Presents

►Click here for the full story:
Entrepreneur Sam Cossman believes technoology has the potential to help us better undersyand the most extreme places on our planed. But when we sent him to Mongolia to train with an Eagle Master, he found technology no match for ancient knowledge.

During the harsh Mongolian winter — when humans are most challenged in the steppes — Eagle Master Kairatkhan’s golden eagles are the source of sustenance. The arctic foxes and small animals they kill provide meat and the fur that clothes him and his family. And it’s precisely that line between life and death that prompted filmmaker, explorer and start-up veteran Sam Cossman, to fly thousands of miles to spend Christmas in an adobe hut in subzero temperatures. Sit back and dive into the fascinating world of the Mongolian Eagle Hunter, and click the link above to read the full feature on The Red Bulletin!

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Discovering-Escanaba River Trout, Wolf Hunting bill 5834

Fly fishing for trout on the Upper Peninsula's Escanaba River. Interview with Representative Matt Huuki and retired CO Jim Dabb about the proposed bill that would allow wolf hunting in the U.P.



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