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Roto Grip Hy-Wire by Tony Reynaud, BuddiesProShop com

Roto Grip Hy-Wire Bowling Ball:

This video features Tony Reynaud bowling with the new Roto Grip Hy-Wire bowling ball on a typical house pattern. This video was filmed at Nutmeg Bowl 802 Villa Ave, Fairfield CT 06825.


Super Bowl 51 Wrap-up on CNNi - Coy Wire & Hines Ward


Shaolin Kungfu - Yin Style Baguazhang

Yin Style Baguazhang Animated Workshops and Distance Learning exclusively at Experience the Imperial Renaissance Fighting Systems anywhere in the world. Digital Workshops and the new Distance Guide Program, provides a concise tour of training methods, routines, and generalized fighting concepts. For more info please email

About: ≡IRFS Martial is a Private, independent organization established under the guidance of Kuan Wang’s Teachers, including He Jinbao, the Lineage Carrier for Yin Style Baguazhang of the Men Baozhen/Xie Peiqi branch. Imperial Renaissance Fighting System is Not affiliated with the public workshop tour organization Yin Style Bagua Hand To Hand Combatives.≡

U16 Liverpool Summer Tournaments Final, Liverpool v Cheshire Wire

The Final of the 2019 U16 Liverpool Summer Tournaments between Liverpool and Cheshire Wire, played on 14 September 2019. Second half of the game only.

Intro to Bagua - Learn to Fight with Baguazhang

31 Lessons containing everything you need to begin your Baguazhang journey.

Lesson 1 -- Multiple Attacker Strategy:

Bagua Strategy - Learn the key strategic principles necessary for using Bagua against multiple attackers.

Single Palm - Learn Bagua's signature posture and how to use it for self defense.

Circle Walking - Learn to use Single Palm Changes & how Bagua circle walking is used for self defense.

Drills, Games & Sparring - Learn how to hone your skills against resisting opponents for maximum effectiveness.

Fighting Arts - Yin Style Bagua - Moving Strikes (Dragon System)

Yin Style Baguazhang is an art of striking while moving. It employs intricate kicking, throwing, and grasping techniques which are set up by strikes executed as the practitioner moves around the opponent in a circular fashion.

Roto Grip Hy-Wire Ball Review par PLL


Roto Grip Hy-Wire Ball Bowling Ball Video

Roto Grip Hy-Wire Bowling Ball

The 62M™ Hybrid Reactive coverstock is one part solid (Blue) and two parts pearl (Yellow & Violet). What exactly does that mean? It means this ball will float through the front of the lane just like a pearlized cover, yet the solid will help provide control at the breakpoint.

Given the most recent success of the Middle Roll 70™ Core in the Haywire™, it was only logical to create yet another compliment to the HP3™ lineup. This dynamic symmetrical core provides plenty of midlane motion while still having enough retention to continue through the pin deck.

This beauty comes out of the box with a 1500-grit factory polished finish. That means it can easily be sanded if an earlier motion is desired. Or if length is what you are looking for, it can just as easily be shined up more. This ball was designed to be the ideal step down from the Haywire and Critical, or it will work great on those medium type oil conditions. It’s okay, you can thank us later!

Bagua Fighting - The Spinning Wire Ball

Very short demo of a self-defense technique using Bagua, illustrating the concept of the spinning wire ball. If you are fighting a Bagua fighter, it is like punching into a spinning wire ball. You get caught up and spun out in unexpected directions, often being broken in the process. Basic concepts for Bagua fighting are in Sifu Ken Gullette's DVD, Basic Building Blocs of Bagua Self-Defense.

Bagua Swimming Body - Cheng Style Baguazhang

Bagua Swimming Body form - - this clip is from a DVD by Sifu Ken Gullette teaching the Cheng style Bagua Swimming Body form. Swimming Body is an advanced routine that is performed in a flowing, connected way. As usual, Ken teaches with an emphasis on internal body mechanics. The DVD includes 90 minutes of demonstrations and detailed instruction, and you can learn as Ken teaches the Swimming Body routine step-by-step to student Colin Frye. Baguazhang is also sometimes spelled Pa Kua Chang but it is the same art. Learn bagua through Ken's DVDs or through his online internal arts resource at

Coy Wire - Size doesn't always matter

Coy Wire was never the biggest guy on the football field.

That's why proper fundamentals and good technique were essential to his success during a nine-year NFL career with the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons.

I could never get away with doing things just so-so or almost all the way, said Wire, a Heads Up Football Ambassador. I had to do everything perfect.

Everyone always looks at me and says, 'You played in the NFL?' And I say, 'Yeah, I know I'm small, but I have a big heart.

Wire controlled what he could, getting an edge wherever possible -- form, film study and high energy.

There are a lot of players like Wire on football fields across the United States who can learn from his example.

- See more at:

BE NBL Division 4 North, Liverpool Stars v Cheshire Wire

National Basketball League Division 4 North game between Liverpool Stars and Cheshire Wire, streamed live on 2 December 2018.

Using Steel Wool to Make Fire

How to make fire with steel wool, with flint and steel, batteries, and a ferro rod.

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Taiji Xingyi Bagua Fighting - Controlling Your Opponent's Center

Taiji Xingyi Bagua Fighting - controlling your opponent's center -- - Ken Gullette demonstrates one of the key concepts of using your opponent's energy against him, the concept of controlling your opponent's Center (sometimes referred to as the Dan T'ien). It is not mystical, it is physical, and it actually means being able to either connect to his center and put him off-balance so you can counter. This video, part of Ken's online membership site, explains and demonstrates the basics. Ken's wife Nancy is videotaping, so stay tuned to the end. :)

NBL U18, Liverpool v Cheshire Wire

National Basketball League U18 Division, Liverpool v Cheshire Wire.
Livestream of the game played on 13 October 2019

Roto Grip Hy-Wire Bowling Ball Reaction Video by Nick Pollak and Andrew Guba

Bowling Ball Video for the Roto Grip Hy-Wire. Thrown by Brooklyn Ball Reviews Staffers Nick Pollak and Andrew Guba. Pick this ball up at your local pro shop today.

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Bagua, Use your body

Here Eli talks about how to make sure all the movements in your Bagua or Tai Chi training come from your centre. Using the whole body in every move we make
for more info

Ken Gullette Flying Sidekick 1974-2017

Ken Gullette with photos and video showing him doing a flying sidekick over 43 years, including new video attempting it to celebrate turning 64. Ken's website is an online school for Chen Tai Chi, Hsing-I Chuan and Baguazhang.

Dissolving Energy in Tai Chi, Xingyi and Bagua

Dissolving Energy in Tai Chi, Xingyi and Bagua -- -- Sifu Ken Gullette in a short clip from a longer video on his website teaching three ways of dissolving energy using the internal body mechanics found in Tai Chi, Xingyi and Baguazhang. These are just a few of the many techniques of adapting to an opponent's energy, neutralizing it, and countering. Try two weeks free on Ken's website and get access to more than 700 streaming video lessons in the internal arts, plus ebooks and other material at

Peter King & Coy Wire on Branch Report's Peter King joined's Coy Wire Sunday afternoon, and the award-winning authority on all things NFL opined on such topics as Dirk Koetter's impact on the offense, Jacquizz Rodgers' emergence and a breakdown of the rest of the NFC South.



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