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Whitewater kayaking


2013 Kayak Session Short Film of the year Awards - Winners Reel

2013 Short Film of the Year Awards - Winners Reel
We're proud to present the winners reel of the short of the year awards, the best of whitewater kayaking on film every year.
For the third time Kayak Session Magazine was organizing the Short Film of the Year Awards presented by Sweet Protection and Powered by EpicTV.
The criteria for selection are cinematography, editing, image quality, storytelling, creativity, and, of course, kayak performance. All films must be under 5 minutes long.With finalists from the four corners of the world - Australia, France, New Zealand, Spain, USA and Canada. The Short Film of the Year Awards have now reached the international status, and is seen as the reference for film producers around the world, and TV broadcasters alike. (45 entries, 14 nations represented, 6 finalists, the best of whitewater kayaking on film every year). Enjoy the show!

NB: 50% is based on a panel of whitewater and filmmaking professionals, 50% based on online votes & views.

GoPro: Bear Creek- Chattanooga Whitewater Kayaking

Nick Troutman and Eric Jackson head to Chattanooga to meet up with some of the local boys for a quick lap down Bear Creek.

The 3 Golden Rules of Whitewater Kayaking

This episode looks at a set of rules that let you paddle the most effectively, efficiently, and powerfully.

Kayaking Australia's Craziest and most Remote Whitewater | Every River, Everywhere, Ep. 6

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Tasmania is not like the rest of Australia. It's cool, wet climate and stunning mountains means it is home to some incredible rivers. At the right times of the year these rivers fill to the bursting point with some of the best whitewater in the world. If you can figure out how to get to them you are in for the ride of your life. Check out this group of Australian whitewater fanatics as they catch some of Tasmania's most amazing and pristine rivers at their wildest.

Director: Adrian Kiernan
Producer: Adrian Kiernan
Athletes: Adrian Kiernan, Mark Polinski, Dan Hall, Robin Lund, Isac Carter, Brent Vandam, Sam Tregenza, Phil Gibbins, Jemma Rose, Tom Campbell, Cameron Thomson, Linden Brown
Sports: Kayaking

Kayaking Australia's Craziest and most Remote Whitewater | Every River, Everywhere, Ep. 6

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Best Extreme Kayak Movie Compilation!

kayaking kayak extreme red bull gopro river fishing water best rafting sports waterfall kayak fishing how to

Kayaking through the most dangerous waterfalls on Earth

For more kayaking visit
Meet Mexican extreme kayak athlete Rafael Ortiz. Ortiz is known for his breathtaking expeditions in waterfalls. Tune in to see what he loves about nature and professional kayaking through some of the most dangerous waters in the world.

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The Way We Live - A Short Film, Whitewater Kayaking in Maine

The Way We Live is a short film that was presented at the Maine Outdoor Film Festival. Featuring whitewater kayaking in Maine, The Way We Live is a compilation of video captured by several different whitewater kayakers across the state. The film was compiled and edited by Taylor Walker solely for the Maine Outdoor Film Festival as a way to shine some light on the whitewater community of Maine. Maine is a special place, full of awesome people and majestic rivers, if you have never traveled to Maine it's worth the journey. We hope you enjoy this film!

Big thanks to those that contributed footage to this project and a special thanks to Miles Puleio, Mitch Noddin, Mike McVey and Pat Mullin for helping with the final edit and putting in some late nights to make it all come together.

A special thanks to Archnemesis for being the only band that didn't demand absurd amounts of money for use of their tracks in this film. Their music is awesome, look them up!

Music by Archnemesis


People's Radio
Diamonds and Glass
Down The Line
One More Try
Harder Days

As always, the biggest thanks of all goes out to the entire Maine whitewater community, YOU GUYS AND GALS ROCK!

My First 4 Months of Whitewater Kayaking

See my next year of boating:

See my boating 1–2 years later:

This is a short video of my first four months of whitewater kayaking in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Featured Rivers include: Stonycreek River, Potomac River and the Shenandoah River. All video was shot with a GoPro Hero 3.

Galway Fest 2018, Ireland Whitewater Kayaking

Galway Fest in Ireland 2018 Recap
Song by Hippie Sabotage: I Robbed A Bank

Kayaker Caught in the Death Grip of a Sieve | Ultimate Rush

A kayaker's life is on the line as a sieve drags him under the rapids and his friends try desperately to save his life.

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Kayak fail compilation - pinned carnage beaters and swimming

Drysuit i wear in cold conditions:

Everybody survived! in this video you find kayak fails. like swimming and being pinned on a rock. whitewater kayaking is a blast but can be hard some times.

this is a kayak fail video, but the situations can happen to any kayaker! always be ready to help somebody in trouble. and know what to do when things don't go as planned

the videos are shot in austria on the river Inn , ötz and lower venter ache.

kayaks used in this video:
dagger nomad
exo xt300
pyranha everest
fluid solo
waka tuna
titan excille
prijon fly
dagger mamba
waka tutea
zet raptor creeking

Class 6 World Record Kayaking

Tristan and Ian McClaran on one of their annual trips to the Sierra Nevadas with a bunch of other world class kayaker dudes. Kayaker John Grace greases Graceland a first decent down a class 6 drop of epic proportions at the top of the creek.

The second eye of Norway-Extrem Whitewater-Kayak Brothers

A sick whitewater trip to Norway in the summer of 2016, with some of the coolest kayaker that I know.

100% Gopro

GoPro: Kayak New Zealand

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from ‪

Join the adventure in beautiful New Zealand as Ben Brown and Rush Sturges attempt to tackle the gnarliest of river flows. Hucking over some of the most dangerous waterfalls in the world, these guys continue to push the limits.

Dexter Britain Time To Run Finale

Two Steps From Hell Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

How to Pick a Kayak Series - Part 1 - Whitewater vs Crossover

In this video the team from Aquabatics Calgary will help you decide if a whitewater or crossover kayak is right for you. Includes pros and cons of each option along with how to weigh up which option is best for you.

Rolling a Kayak with Ken Whiting-White Water

To learn all the different whitewater kayak rolls, visit our WhitewaterPaddlingTV youtube channel at
Produced by The Heliconia Press

RIVERING: An ode to the whitewater obsession -- Full Movie

Rivering is a feature-length documentary on whitewater paddling. Shot over three years in New Zealand, the film is part thrill, part beginner, part history with a lot of heart and a lot of beautiful scenery.

I Love My Kayak and other paddling songs by Brant Miller

The film is also available on Vimeo, with subtitles in French and German.


This video gathers the TOP3 videos - the Winners Reel - of the 2017 Kayak Session Short Film of the year Awards

Thanks to our partner Sweet Protection, we manage for the third time in a row to go over the million view mark! 2018 is looking even brighter…

With film makers from the four corners of the world the Short Film of the Year Awards have now reached the international status, and is seen as the reference for film producers around the world, and TV broadcasters alike.

FRONTIER (Whitewater Kayaking Trailer)


FEATURING: Rafa Ortiz, Rush Sturges, Ben Marr, Steve Fisher, Erik Boomer, Aniol Serrasoles, Todd Wells, Evan Garcia, Anthony Yap, Tyler Bradt, Patrick Camblin, Joel Kowalski, Ben Brown, Shane Raw, Jakub Sedivy, Casper Van Kalmthout

Frontier follows up where Dream Result left off, following a group of kayakers on another adventure around the globe. Featuring footage from Mexico, China, Iceland, Norway, Northwest U.S.A., B.C., Quebec

GoPro: Kayaking the Stikine with Rafa Ortiz

GoPro Athlete Rafa Ortiz and Isaac Levinson tackle one of the most challenging big water runs on the planet, the Stikine. Join these two in remote British Columbia where they confront harsh wilderness and multiple days of class five whitewater.

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