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Whitewater kayaking


Eric Jackson- In the Know- Whitewater Kayaking- All About Paddles

Ever wonder what the reasons are that you use the length, offset, type of shaft, etc.. that you do for your paddle? Most people have an this video I will dispel the myths (there are a few) and give you enough information to choose correctly, even if it goes against the popular opinion of your local tribe.

For Lovers - Whitewater kayaking North Carolina's beautiful rivers and streams

In this video: Watauga Gorge, Wilson Creek, Nolichucky Gorge, Green Narrows, Rocky Broad, Raven Fork and French Broad. North Carolina is for lovers... of whitewater paddling, if for nothing else.

The Ugandan Star of Whitewater Kayaking

Way of the Wildcard tells the story of unexpected athletes succeeding in the most unlikely circumstances.
► Watch Episode 2 The Barefoot Biker here:
►Take a look into the lives and childhoods of pro athletes on Red Bull TV:

Grown up on the banks of the White Nile, Sadat Kawawa quickly fell in love with Kayaking – a sport rarely pursued by his fellow compatriots. Swapping various services in exchange for Kayaking lessons from tourists, Sadat quickly realises his potential on the water. Going from strength to strength, it isn’t long before Sadat qualifies to test himself against world’s best when they come to compete in his home country of Uganda.

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Boulder Drop Washington Whitewater Kayaking

A fun day filming whitewater kayaking on Washington’s Skykomish River



Blog 03-12-18 Full Story:

Kayaking: Evan Virnoche (@thegnarcisist)

Creator: Tyson Anderson (@tysonganderson)

Music: Butchers by Silent Partner

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Whitewater kayaking in India EP. 1

Meghalaya state - Near the border with Bangladesh, in the north east of India has some beautiful rivers. Clean water , epic waterfalls and friendly people. Meghalaya is your next kayak destination !!!
watch @aniolserrasolses and @danielegger discovering the Rimbay and the Kinshy.

thanks to callum strong and Joe Rea-dickens for finding this gems and sharing them with the world !!

Whitewater kayaking around Tibet ???? ????

It's hard to kayak (and breathe) in Tibet due to the high altitude. Plus getting permission from the Chinese government to do anything is an absolute ball ache. But for some reason a bunch of us kayakers in England and Portugal thought it would be fun to fly over to Tibet and try out the local rivers.

The altitude ranged from 3,600 meters in Lhasa up to 5,200 metres on the higher mountain passes. We kayaked parts of the following rivers: Toulung Chu, Bakha Tsangpo, Reting Tsangpo, Drigung Tsangpo, Yarlung Tsangpo, Dzakar Chu, Phung Chu. As well as visiting Potala Palace in Lhasa and the foothills of Mount Everest.

Thanks to Ram Bhandari and for helping organise our tour.
You can read more about the trip on tom’s blog:

Whitewater Kayaking Minnesota's North Shore

Rivers Run in order:
St.Louis River (Upper)
Beaver River (West Fork)
Beaver River (East Fork)
Temperance River

Gore Canyon Fest 2018, Gore Canyon premiere Colorado's whitewater Kayaking.

Celebrating 50 Years of wild and Scenic rivers. Thanks ACA American Canoe Association for the good work.
The most fun you can have kayaking in CO in late summer and early spring. Amazing boof session. Quality whitewater.

RIVERING: An ode to the whitewater obsession -- Full Movie

Rivering is a feature-length documentary on whitewater paddling. Shot over three years in New Zealand, the film is part thrill, part beginner, part history with a lot of heart and a lot of beautiful scenery.

I Love My Kayak and other paddling songs by Brant Miller

The film is also available on Vimeo, with subtitles in French and German.

100 Seconds Of Extreme Kayaking | Raw 100 with Nouria Newman

Follow Nouria Newman’s incredible whitewater kayaking skills along the Spillimacheen River in British Columbia, Canada. This is our kind of ASMR.

Our latest Raw 100 follows Nouria Newman whitewater kayaking in Canada.

Nouria Newman is known for combining a surprising adeptness when kayaking on white waters with an endless thirst for discovering new horizons. In her latest expedition, she kayaks solo in India for seven days.

►Watch her latest expedition here:
►Read more about Nouria Newman’s India trip:


Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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Check out the Reel World video contest Vol.4 best of.
Thanks to all 55 paddlers who entered the contest.
Dane Jackson, Adrian Mattern, Tom Dolle, Matthias Weger, Caleb Jatko, Simon Hirt, Stanlislas Klinyuk, Bren Orton, Driscoll Larrow, Harvey Harwood, Ignacio Bakovic, Alex Neal, Lucas Hummel, Andi Brunner, Jan Němec, Jack Watt, Bren Stoppe, Jack Orr, Oliver English, Jack Shanlin, Zach Bassett, Nick Beavis, Jimmy Belanger, Mark Kearney, Adrià Ovando Vila, Thadeus Hayes, Patrick Sheehan, James Hardint, John Haines, Axel Hovorka , Arthur Bernot , Kaelin Friedenson, Florencia Aguirre, Landon Miller, Thomas Neime , Robert Eggleston, Huw Butterworth, Domingo Sandoval, Matteo Williams, Hayden Voorhees, Patrick Kyle, Manu Rodriguez, Mark Zielonka, Luke Pomeroy, Jeremy Nash, Matouš Borecký, Morgan Hayes, Vance Harris, Ruben J davidson, Sabrina Barm, Rhys James, Etienne Chappell, Eddy Mead, Youri Pral Madec, Juan Lavin, Nick Pearce, Kai Malcolm.
Legends all!
Reel World Returns October 2020

Whitewater Kayaking Highlights - George Snook

Whitewater Kayaking Highlight Reel from the last 18 months. Big thanks to everyone that made it possible. Stay safe. Hope you enjoy.

Whitewater Kayaking USNWC July 3 2018 NEW

GoPro: Kayaking Iceland with The Serrasolses Brothers in 4K

Aniol and Gerd Serrasolses have been kayaking together for almost their entire lives. Follow them on their adventure through the highs and lows of a life on the river.

Shot 100% on GoPro –

Mounts used in this video –

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Night Flights

El Depravo
Black Sunday


Gray Tolhurst

American Dollar
Age of Wonder

With special thanks to
Viking Rafting
Film In Iceland
Chasing Niagara full story here:

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Inside Line:

Kayaking Australia's Craziest and most Remote Whitewater | Every River, Everywhere, Ep. 6

BUY EPIC GEAR, TESTED BY THE BEST: GoPro, Sony, DJI, ION, Magicam, Optrix, Hitcase and more 

Tasmania is not like the rest of Australia. It's cool, wet climate and stunning mountains means it is home to some incredible rivers. At the right times of the year these rivers fill to the bursting point with some of the best whitewater in the world. If you can figure out how to get to them you are in for the ride of your life. Check out this group of Australian whitewater fanatics as they catch some of Tasmania's most amazing and pristine rivers at their wildest.

Director: Adrian Kiernan
Producer: Adrian Kiernan
Athletes: Adrian Kiernan, Mark Polinski, Dan Hall, Robin Lund, Isac Carter, Brent Vandam, Sam Tregenza, Phil Gibbins, Jemma Rose, Tom Campbell, Cameron Thomson, Linden Brown
Sports: Kayaking

Kayaking Australia's Craziest and most Remote Whitewater | Every River, Everywhere, Ep. 6

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How To Roll a Whitewater Kayak - DETAILED Overview

This episode of Whitewater TV offers a detailed overview of how to roll a whitewater kayak. Sponsored by: Appomattox River Company

GoPro: Kayaking the Stikine with Rafa Ortiz

GoPro Athlete Rafa Ortiz and Isaac Levinson tackle one of the most challenging big water runs on the planet, the Stikine. Join these two in remote British Columbia where they confront harsh wilderness and multiple days of class five whitewater.

Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from ‪

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John Berry Auroras
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Young Fathers Only Child
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The 3 Golden Rules of Whitewater Kayaking

This episode looks at a set of rules that let you paddle the most effectively, efficiently, and powerfully.

GoPro: Bear Creek- Chattanooga Whitewater Kayaking

Nick Troutman and Eric Jackson head to Chattanooga to meet up with some of the local boys for a quick lap down Bear Creek.

2018 Short Film Awards Winners Reel (Whitewater Kayaking)

This video gathers the TOP3 videos - the Winners Reel - of the 2018 Kayak Session Short Film of the year Awards. With an incredible level of quality, it was really hard for the judges and voters alike to decide on who will win. Judges and voters could not separate the top two movies and we ended up with a tie for the first time ever! 37 entries, 10 finalists, the best of whitewater kayaking on film every year. A huge congrats to all entrants, Legends all! NB: 50% is based on a panel of whitewater and filmmaking professionals, 50% based on online votes & views.
Thanks to our partner Sweet Protection, we manage for the third time in a row to go over the million view mark! 2018 is looking even brighter… With film makers from the four corners of the world the Short Film of the Year Awards have now reached the international status, and is seen as the reference for film producers around the world, and TV broadcasters alike.



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