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White water rafting


Whitewater Rafting Carnage on Ocoee River w/ Class IV Recirculating Swims

Carnage Video featuring clips of white water rafting on the Upper Ocoee, Middle Ocoee and Olympic Section. The vast majority of rafts do not fail or encounter any carnage; this video was culled from many hours of video shot between the 2nd and 5th of June, 2016. These rafting crashes are the exception to the rule. Please feel free to SHARE & LIKE the video and subscribe to my channel! More carnage to come...

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Colorado Whitewater Rafting - Noah's Ark Rafting

A bucket list item of mine and something that I needed to do in Colorado was whitewater rafting. On Saturday, May 10th that bucket list item was crossed off. We ran an all day trip on the Arkansas River specifically through Brown's Canyon. We went out of Noah's Ark located just south of Buena Vista and they were great! Their customer service was amazing, they have knowledgeable and interactive guides, we were able to put in the river from their location, they provided a delicious and healthy lunch, and they have all types of fun activities (hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, camping, adventure park) for the family. Check them out at

Kayaker Caught in the Death Grip of a Sieve | Ultimate Rush

A kayaker's life is on the line as a sieve drags him under the rapids and his friends try desperately to save his life.

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Wenatchee River Rafting with Creature Craft - Class 5 & 6 White Water in Tumwater Canyon

Icicle TV met up with the CC crew with the intent to document a run down the Wenatchee River's class VI Tumwater Canyon.

Darren Vancil is not what I expected. Actually, I had no Idea what to expect. Seasoned raft guides I trust all told me the same thing about going rafting with Darren. They were all scared. Darren is the founder and owner, designer and head test pilot of Creature Craft whitewater rafts. His unique designs have brought into question what is possible in a whitewater craft. Icicle TV met up with the CC crew this last week with the intent to document a run down the Wenatchee River's Tumwater Canyon. Darren and his guys did not disappoint, and Icicle TV ended up with 5 minutes of intense footage.

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Kayaking Australia's Craziest and most Remote Whitewater | Every River, Everywhere, Ep. 6

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Tasmania is not like the rest of Australia. It's cool, wet climate and stunning mountains means it is home to some incredible rivers. At the right times of the year these rivers fill to the bursting point with some of the best whitewater in the world. If you can figure out how to get to them you are in for the ride of your life. Check out this group of Australian whitewater fanatics as they catch some of Tasmania's most amazing and pristine rivers at their wildest.

Director: Adrian Kiernan
Producer: Adrian Kiernan
Athletes: Adrian Kiernan, Mark Polinski, Dan Hall, Robin Lund, Isac Carter, Brent Vandam, Sam Tregenza, Phil Gibbins, Jemma Rose, Tom Campbell, Cameron Thomson, Linden Brown
Sports: Kayaking

Kayaking Australia's Craziest and most Remote Whitewater | Every River, Everywhere, Ep. 6

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This is what happens when 8 Engineers go white water rafting in high waters.
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This is the best white water rafting company in Fort Collins:

Whitewater Rafting @ Penobscot River 2018

#GoPro #ThreeRivers #SBS

Whitewater Rafting Trip down Ocoee River in Tennessee

Whitewater Rafting Trip down Ocoee River in Tennessee with Adventures Unlimited.

GoPro: White Water Rafting the Kennebec River

White water rafting on the Kennebec river with our guide will from Three Rivers on a big water day. 8200 CFS and maytag!

Music Credits:
Billy Joel - The Longest Time (Fonzie Remix)
Bassnectar & Jantsen - Lost In The Crowd Ft. Fashawn & Zion l

GoPro: Bear Creek- Chattanooga Whitewater Kayaking

Nick Troutman and Eric Jackson head to Chattanooga to meet up with some of the local boys for a quick lap down Bear Creek.

Lochsa River Madness White Water Rafting May 27, 2018

6 guys with little experience get in a raft and get thrashed by the infamous Lochsa River in Idaho



This is a partial of the whitewater rafting trip in Costa Rica on the great Pacuare River.

Cardiff International White Water - Rafting

A sunny Saturday afternoon getting wet n wild in Cardiff as part of a Stag trip - enjoy the capsizing!

Best Extreme Kayak Movie Compilation!

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Whitewater Rafting Ohiopyle Lower Yough 2016

Team T-Knob Whitewater rafting the lower yough at Ohiopyle Pa July 2016

GoPro: Kayaking the Stikine with Rafa Ortiz

GoPro Athlete Rafa Ortiz and Isaac Levinson tackle one of the most challenging big water runs on the planet, the Stikine. Join these two in remote British Columbia where they confront harsh wilderness and multiple days of class five whitewater.

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Kayaking through the most dangerous waterfalls on Earth

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Meet Mexican extreme kayak athlete Rafael Ortiz. Ortiz is known for his breathtaking expeditions in waterfalls. Tune in to see what he loves about nature and professional kayaking through some of the most dangerous waters in the world.

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White Water Rafting the American River, Middle Fork, Class 4

White Water Rafting the American River, Middle Fork with friends. Rafting with O.A.R.S and a hand full of GoPro's

White Water Rafting in Bend, Oregon | World of Adventure

Check out the awesome sights of Bend, Oregon and join Sun Country on a rafting trip of a lifetime!

Dam Release Rafting With Pocono Whitewater

Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River. It's like an all day Water-park ride without the lines!



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