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Wheelstand competition


16th Annual World Power Wheel Stand Competition Byron Dragway Part 1 2011.mpg

16th Annual World Power Wheel Stand Competition Byron Dragway Part 1 2011

16th Annual World Power Wheel Stand Competition Byron Dragway Part 2 2011.mpg

16th Annual World Power Wheel Stand Competition Byron Dragway Part 2 2011

Lucas Oil... On The Edge! Episode 139

Over to Byron, IL for some awesome Wheel Stand Competition, cars compete for the best wheel stand of the day.

How to wheelie a Mountain Bike

Techniques are things we learn to become better mountain bikers, and tricks are things we learn just for fun. The wheelie fits somewhere in the middle, so it's no wonder that everyone wants to learn to do them.

Let's fire up the sensei music and do some learning.

Getting into a wheelie is a matter of accelerating quickly. Naturally, you’ll have a tendency to lean forwards while accelerating, but to wheelie you need to lock your arms and sit up straight.

Get into a low gear, go slow, and then try pedaling in quick bursts. You’ll probably do a little wheelie, but you don’t want to do little wheelies, you want to wheelie through the trails like a G. To do that, you need to reach a balance point over your rear wheel, which may be further back than you feel comfortable with. So, take note of the fact that hitting your rear brake will instantly bring your wheelie to an end. Try experimenting with this to boost your confidence and lose your fear of falling backwards. It also may be a good idea to leave one foot unclipped, or better yet, learn on platform pedals.

So your first task is to reach your balance point, which is really just a matter of practice and repetition. Your second task is to keep from falling over sideways. Just like riding your bike normally, you need to steer to stay up. During a wheelie, steering is done with your handlebars and your knees. Try to get a feel for this very early on, as it’s an essential part of doing a really long wheelie.

So let’s summarize. Start in a low gear that you can spin fast in. Your arms should be locked, and you should be sitting up straight. Accelerate forcefully and your front wheel will come up. Keep accelerating until you reach a balance point, and then sustain your spin. If you feel yourself falling backwards, tap your rear brake. If you feel yourself going forwards, accelerate. To lean or turn, use your handlebars and your knees.

A lot of riders have trouble getting their front wheel up, and some even say their bike is too heavy, but this is almost never the case. Usually, they’re just giving up too early. There are situations however, where your bike is the problem. For instance, single speed bikes may not be easy to wheelie at low speeds, since they’re locked into a higher gear. Even so, you can wheelie on any bike with enough practice.

Once you do learn to wheelie, you’ll be totally hooked. Whether it’s to add style to your riding, blast over roots, or to get your front wheel up before a drop, you’ll be glad you took the time to learn.

Monster Jam Wheel Stand Competition

Monster Jam


10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage?

Insane Drag Racing Wheelstands from various Drag Strips across the US, including Byron Dragway, Huntsville Dragway, Ozark Raceway Park, South Georgia .

All Drivers Were OK! - 10 Nasty crashes from various Drag Strips across the US.

10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage? -----------------------------------------------------------------SUBSCRIBE .

We recently passed 100000 Subscribers and to celebrate, we dove into the UHV Vault and pulled the 10 Most Ridiculous Drag Racing Wheelstands that we .

Lucas Oil...On The Edge! Episode 207

Going out to Bunker Hill, IN for some Wheel Stand Competition the driver with the longest wheel sand wins. Next out to Albuquerque, NM for Quick 8 Quad drag racing.

Byron wheelstand contest

Byron wheelstand contest 2009 By : Jubica Production

Wheelstand Wheelie Sandrail Hill Climb Little Sahara OK Wild Times

Wild Times Wheelstand Wheelie!!!
Railing the side hills Great time with 3.8 engine in Sandrail...

Charger Wheelstand

330ft Charger Wheelstand @ Top Alcohol round, Perth Motorplex Western Australia, January 2010

Murder Nova Wheelstand at the stripe Lights Out 7 Full 1080P

Shawn Ellington ( Murder Nova) at Lights Out 7 from taking the stripe with the back tire!

Huge wheelstand from impala

Impala getting down at great lakes dragaway.

Southland Tyre Centre 2016 Burnout Competition - Riverside Speedway

The Pits Motorsport TV used the 2016 Southland Tyre Centre Burnout Competition to try out some new equipment. Enjoy this no frills footage of the event. Coverage starts from the 2nd burnout onwards due to a technical issue.


Facebook: The Pits Media

Tim Shaver (Wheelstand Contest) [2011 Halloween Classics]

Byron Dragway 2009 Camaro Wheelstand

Byron Dragway , IL10-4-09

PA Gasser Nationals 2014 Wheel Stand Final

PA Gasser Nationals 2014 Wheel Stand Competition Final from Mike Etchberger's 40 Willys dash cam

Byron Dragway 2009 Chevelle Wheelstand

Byron Dragway 10-4-09

#ThrowbackThursday - Wayne Cartledge wheelstand

ANDRA #ThrowbackThursday - As we head to Alice Springs Inland Dragway this weekend for Round 8 of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship, we go back just 12 months to watch Wayne Cartledge pull a huge wheelstand off the start line!

Byron wheelstands 2010

Brian Ambrosini in his orange gremlin finally ends up on his lid.

VW Beetle Drag Car Wheelstand

Twin supercharged VW Beetle does big wheelstand



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