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Wall Ball Lunges


Blake Griffin Cross-Trains with Handball Legend Timbo Gonzalez | The Crossover: Part 1

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Even Blake Griffin looks for new ways to train and improve his game on the court. As part of a new three-part web series called The Crossover with Blake Griffin,here is the first episode featuring handball champion Timbo Gonzalez. The 1-on-1 regimen focuses on Griffin trying new drills to enhance his hand-eye coordination and agility, skills that are needed on the basketball court. The next two cross-training chapters featuring the Clippers’ forward will be released weekly at all focusing on different aspects of skill development to prepare him for the upcoming season.
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CrossFit Open Wall Ball Tips | CrossFit Invictus

Coach Bryce Smith reviews his top tips for wall ball efficiency.
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Wall Ball Workout | W.O.W | Sarah Grace Fitness

New Week! New Workout!

This week's workout focuses on building and maintaining metabolic strength with two full body movements: Wall Balls and Feet Elevated Ring Rows. Wall Balls are tough and they get on you quickly so 5 rounds is going to be very challenging.

Ring Rows are a great workout to help improve your pull-up strength. If you struggling with your bodyweight pull-ups, these are the way to improve them.

This Wall Ball Ring Row Workout is:

5 Rounds for time:
20 wall balls
10 feet elevated ring rows

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3 Wallball Championships: 2011 - Timbo Vs Samzon

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This is the 3 Wallball Championship held at Las Vegas, Nevada. Enjoy, Like, Comment and Subscribe! :D

Wall Ball Shots - Warm Up Game - Crossfit San Jose

The Setup:
Running clock, you choose the time (5-15 min)
Med Bal 14#/10#
D-Balls are 20# and 16#
24 box in front of tire (20 to the side)
Tire or Upside down box

Full Squat with Ball and then shoot it into the Tire/Box, run to retrieve the ball and once they return to the line next person can go, continuing till time runs out.

If teams are big enough (4-5 max is good) have the first shooter keep track of their rounds. Team with the least number of rounds will do 10 burpees each. This will hopefully create a little sense of urgency to make the shot and also move quickly through the penalty movements.

Nothin but net = player retrieves the ball
Hits Box but goes into tire/box = 1 box Jump and retrieve ball
Completely misses = D Ball Slam 16#, D Ball Slam 20# and retrieve the ball
Hits box in front of target but misses = D Ball Slam 16#, D Ball Slam 20#, 2 Box Jumps and retrieve the ball

Lighter ball obviously for members that lack that strength
Kettlebell SDHPs instead of D Balls, or any movement for that matter

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Wall Ball Quality With Coach Paul

All wall balls are NOT created equally. Crossfit Sovereignty puts their faith in American made products for good reason.

Reviewed here are VTX, RAGE, and Dynamax.

10 Wall Ball Exercises for strong abs! | COREFX

Here are a few great Wall Ball exercises that will have you shredded in no time! Let us know what you think about some of these unique Wall Ball moves.


Hoy les traigo una serie de tips para hacer correctamente el WALL BALL o PELOTA A LA PARED.

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Pablo Pizzurno | High Fitness Trainer Pablo Pizzurno

How to Do a Wallball Shot by Wodstar

This video demonstrates how to do a Wallball Shot. For our full library of movements go to

European Wallball Championships 2010 - Final, Spain v England (HIGHLIGHTS)

England's Daniel Grant & Peter Cohen take on Spain's Pasqual Balageur & Vicent Arnau in the 1-Wall Handball / Wallball European final. Captain Adrian Lee watches nervously from the sidelines.
This match was broadcast live on Spanish TV at 9pm and is the biggest 1-wall match - in terms of ratings and viewing - in history.

Tasia and Rich vs 10:00 of wall ball

Secret To Wallball Shots | WODdoc | P365 | Episode 695

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Top 4 Wall Ball Exercises

The wall ball (also known as a soft medicine ball) can be used in several ways to improve conditioning, explosive power and total body strength. Here are the TOP 4 wall ball exercises in Coach Brian Klepacki's opinion.

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The Wall-Ball Shot

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Wall Ball Efficiency

CrossFit Breaux Bridge

Mayhem Freedom TEAM TRAINING: Wall Ball & Toes To Bar Full Workout

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The Wall Ball

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How to do Wall Balls

Wall Balls

Wall Ball Pro Tournament - Chris & Play (Brooklyn) vs James & Pito (Bronx)

The Johnny Ray Memorial Pro Wall Ball Tournament IV
Brooklyn vs Bronx
Introduction By: Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. & Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams
Hosted By: The USWA Wall Ball
Sponsored By: Coca Cola, MatchPoint, The Sara Chait Foundation, MCU, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams

*for more information on this event and other tournaments by the U.S. Wall Ball Association, please visit



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