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2019 Pro Wakesurf Tour Stop #1 - Winning Run

Sean Silveira took first place at the opening stop of the 2019 Pro Wakesurf Tour.

2018 Pro Wakesurf Tour Stop #1 - Winning Run

Noah Flegel got off to a solid start in defense of his Supra Boats Pro Wakesurf Tour title by taking the win in Chandler, Arizona.

Big Wake Yacht Surfing - 2016 Boarders Big Boat Wakesurfing Invitational

Yacht surfing with some of the best wakesurfers in the world on the Brazos River in Waco, TX behind a 53' SeaRay! This is one of the largest wakesurf wakes to surf. The wakesurf wave provides a ton of push. Don't try this if you aren't a confident wakesurfer.

Song: Ballin' by Logic ft. Castro

Surfers: John Akerman, Todd Johnson, Raleigh Hager, Drew Drennan, Jade Whirley, Danny Braught, Tyler Marshall, Cody Forgy, Sean Reavis.

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Cardboard WakeSurfer - Noah Flegel Wakesurfing

One of the coolest projects we’ve ever been a part of started with the team at Signal Snowboards and their packaging partners at Ernest Packaging. The goal is prove how far paper can go and their team is definitely pushing the limits. To date they have made cardboard core surfboards, skateboards and even guitars. When they reached out to us about making a Wakesurfer from cardboard we were in - Hook, Line and Sinker. Watching the process from start to finish is amazing, they used the Hyperlite Time Machine Wakesurfer, created a core made from paper, glassed it and then shredded with team rider Noah Flegel.

The see-through look of the cardboard Time Machine makes you want to own one, in fact we’ve been hounding Ernest Packaging to make us another with the understanding they get to keep the original from this project. It just looks so legit with the sunlight shining through. Noah tried to grab the one off Time Machine to no avail as he wanted it as well. In the video he mentions how similar it feels to normal the Time Machine which is crazy.

They tested the shred stick surfer in Parker, AZ with some friends at Rockstar Energy supplying the Nautique Boats G23 wave maker. What an amazing morning session to cap off a super cool project. So impressive the precision displayed by Ernest in the core production and piecing together the intricate cross sections made 100% of cardboard. Chelu Surfboards had the honor of glassing the deck and prepping it for Noah to test out. We hope you enjoy this edit and huge thanks to Marc Wierenga from Signal Snowboards, the entire team at Ernest Packaging, Chelu Surfboards, the Rockstar Enrgey crew and Noah Flegel for making this all come together.

Power of Paper

How to Wakesurf 101 - Get the Kid's Wakesurfing

ragboy from takes the time to show you the techniques he has learned over the last 2 years of teaching many kids under 16 how to wakesurf. How to get up, driving tips, how to tell if regular or goofy, and much more.

Austin Keen Best videos of 2018

Austin Keen 's favorite Skimboarding wakesurfing clips from 2018 and some from 2017

Since I wasn't able to make a best of video in 2017, I decided to make it all in one for 2018. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite clips of the past couple years.

In case you guys are just tuning into my platforms, my name is Austin Keen. I was born in Savannah GA, and knew I wanted to follow my passion of riding waves and pursue my dreams of making a living through enjoying life and inspiring others. I drove my old 1975 BMW out to California when I was 17, and cross country another two times after that in the same car. After many years of dedication to my sport, I won the world championship tour in 2013, and then went on to win the world championship contest in 2016. Now, with the power of social media and YouTube, I am still on the grind and dedicated to creating cool content and sharing my love for skimboarding, travel, and riding waves of all sorts weather it be behind the boat, or in the ocean. Thanks for tuning in!

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Song: Got The Love
Artist: Big Gigantic

WAKESURFING TIPS | How to Stay in the Wake

This week I'll talk about five tips that you can use to help you stay in the wake while wakesurfing. Each tip will work for certain people and certain situations, so try them all out to see what works for you.

1. Gas and Brake 0:55
2. Eyes on the Corner of the Boat 2:22
3. Superman 3:03
4. Drop Knee 3:42
5. Pumping 4:26

Bonus Driver Tip 5:14

For this video we are behind our 2018 Axis T22 with full ballast, including Plug and Play, Surf Right on Surf Gate for all of the riders. I ride with the wedge in position 2, my dad was riding with wedge position 4, and my little niece Holland was riding in lift mode.

What tricks do you use? Leave them in the comments below!

Girl Wakesurfing: Daylon and The Back to Blue Crew

Check out Daylons First time ever wakesurfing!!!
Just another fun day with the Back to Blue Crew. Chad Sharpe invited us out for a great action packed day of wakesurfing and wakeboarding behind his Malibu Boats M235.

Wakesurf Edit 2018 - Candlewood Lake | Weston Koritko

Weston Koritko is back with his 2018 video part shot on Candlewood Lake.


Ashley Kidd teaches you how to do an Ollie wake surfing.
Board: Connelly
Boat: Centurion
Video by: Double Z Productions

Austin Keen 2019 Highlights - Skimboarding Wakesurfing Travel

2019 was a hell of year of skimboarding , Wakesurfing, Foil surfing , and Traveling all over the world to beautiful places and I was stoked to have Jake Lamons be there to capture nearly all of it!

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Professional Skimboarder / World Champion Skimboarder Austin Keen , Takes you along his daily adventures skimboarding , surfing , wakesurfing , skateboarding and everything else action sports, travel, and adventure. Want to know How to Skimboard ? The best most informative How To Skimboarding videos on how to skimboard with world champion skimboarder Austin Keen have been the most loved how to skimboard videos every made. Also coming soon: How to Wakesurf with the most watched in wakesurfing, Austin Keen.


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Big Gigantic - All Of Me

Flamingosis - Summer Breeze Reprise

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Wake Surfing Tricks | Ashley Kidd

Wake Surfing on Lake Austin

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BEST Wake Surfer In the WORLD | Austin Keen

This No Days Off episode is sponsored by Oikos Triple Zero. See what it takes to be the BEST wake surfer in the WORLD with Austin Keen!

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What Boat Has the Best Wakesurf Wave in the World? Wakesurfing - Wakeboarding - Centurion - Supreme

See our blog post on this topic here:

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Austin Keen Wakesurfs Carlsbad Lagoon

Check out our latest Vlog from behind the scenes of our recent Clarion Marine shoot with Pro Wakesurfer Austin Keen at Carlsbad Lagoon.

Watch Austin prep for our shoot with watersports photographer Bryan Soderlind, ride doubles with Missy Olivares, throw monster tricks behind an Axis A22 Wakeboat, and enjoy the Carlsbad Lagoon with Missy and Olivia Paladin.

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Music by Funk Shui Planet

How to Wakesurf - Beginner Wakesurfing Tips

While it may seem intimidating at first, getting up on a wakesurfer is easy with the right technique, just relax and let the boat do the work! In this video, we'll teach you tips for getting up out of the water, and everything you need to know to get started wakesurfing. From what you need to go wakesurfing, to how to drop the rope, we'll have you tripping waves behind the boat in no time.

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Best 15 Beginner Wakesurfing Tricks to Learn

CWB Tsunami Wakesurf Board:

For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout
If you are looking for some Beginner Wake Surfing Tricks then here are some nice Tricks you can learn, the beginning tricks are easier then the last tricks.

Wakesurf Tutorial #1 - Getting Started

Wakesurfing is the fastest growing discipline in towable watersports and there’s good reason why; it's a ton of fun, really easy going and relatively quick to pick up (especially if you can already wakeboard). With the addition of three incredible Nautique GS20 wave making machines at three of our resorts, we thought it would make sense to run through the basics to help you with your wakesurfing whether on holiday with us or riding at your local park. There are some really key tips that will make your wakesurfing progression far quicker and easier and that’s what we’ve included for you in this series of Neilson Wakesurf tutorials.

This first video will help you get up and cruising on a wakesurfer for the first time, building the skills and confidence needed to let go of that rope and ride the endless wave!

Remember: Only ever wakesurf behind a true ‘inboard engine’ boat, not an outboard or inboard/outboard. Always wear a CE/USCG approved buoyancy aid & only use a wakesurf specific line with a small handle

Neilson Holidays - Wake, Ski & Surf with Matt Crowhurst
Brought to you by British Water Ski and Wakeboard and Scotland Nautique
Filming & Editing: Mantis Pro Media

Austin Keen High Speed Jet Ski Tow-ins Wakesurfing on skimboard !

We tried wakesurfing tow-ins stunt with the winch and it worked! Unfortunately the chain ended up breaking so we did high speed wakesurf tow-ins with the jet ski as a plan B!

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Music: Flamingosis


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Ashley Kidd goes for a wakesurfing set out on Lake Austin with JB ONeill.





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