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Vale tudo


The Best Moments of Vale Tudo in the 90’s in Brazil

Sergio Batarelli ‘s promotions of Vale Tudo in Brazil with fighters like Wanderlei Silva, Pelé, Chuck Liddell, Dan Severn, Mike Van Arsdale, Johil de Oliveira, and much more.

Vale Tudo highlight

old school vale tudo no rules fights

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Daniel J. Nielsen, Veigar Margeirsson, Simone Benyacar-Requiem For A Tower Mvt. II,III,IV

World Vale Tudo Championship 1

The World Vale Tudo Championship, or WVC, was a no holds barred-style MMA fighting promotion based in Brazil. The promotion was founded by Brazilian promoter Frederico Lapenda. It debuted at NK Hall Bay auditorium in Japan to a packed house, but future shows would all take place in Brazil.
The WVC helped to launch the careers of MMA stars such as Pedro Rizzo, Mark Kerr, Heath Herring, Igor Vovchanchyn, and many others. Many WVC fighters went on to fight in either the UFC or for the PRIDE promotion in Japan.

World Vale Tudo Championship 3

WVC's third event had another 8 man tournament and featuring some of, if not the most violent finishes in NHB history. This event featured the debut of Mark Kerr, the future UFC and PRIDE phenom. The main event pitted the previous two WVC tournament winners against each other - Pedro Rizzo and Richard Red Heard. The result was an epic battle between the man known as The Rock, who would go on to make waves in the UFC, and the tough as nails, blue collar Red Heard, who upset and surprised many at the first WVC, taking the crown

Wanderlei Silva & Rafael Cordeiro - Vale-Tudo Bare-Knuckle Days

Wanderlei Silva and Rafael Cordeiro remember their days of Vale-Tudo bare knuckle fighting at IVC in Brazil.
Wanderlei Silva e Rafael Cordeiro lembram dos seus dias de vale-tudo sem luvas e sem regras no IVC no Brasil.

Streetfighter vs Vale Tudo Fighter

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Vale Tudo Best Fights

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World Vale Tudo Championship - 5 .avi

vale tudo championchip 5 back to the oldskool mma


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World Vale Tudo Championship - 3

vale tudo fights From the 90,s check the fight Fabio Gurgel vs Mark Kerr 59 min. and other awsome fights

Mag - Vale-tudo (2012)

Videos retirados do youtube.
Música: Mag - Vale-tudo
Créditos: RRNDinho

World Vale Tudo Championship 7

World vale tudo championchip 7 back to the oldskool mma watch the fights of Igor Vovchanchin, Edson Carvalho,Magomed Mizzanag,Maxim Tarasov ,Demonia Negro and more Fighters from te 90,s

Ruas 01 Effective Vale tudo striking techniques

Vale tudo rúas

Meca World Vale Tudo 4 - Dec 16, 2000

Here's a Brazilian no rules fighting event with Brazilian MMA stars like Jose Pele Landi, The Pedro, Shogun Rua and Anderson Silva.

World Vale Tudo Championship - Mark kerr x Gurgel

Mundial de Vale Tudo Championship 3 - 19/01/1997 - brasil -o campeão mundial de jiu jtsu Fábio gurgel enfrentando Mark kerr.

Meca World Vale Tudo 1 - May 27, 2000 Brazil

Here's the first Meca World Vale Tudo from Brazil featuring Murilo Ninja Rua and Anderson Silva very early in their MMA careers.

Anderson Silva vs Jose Barreto Meca World Vale Tudo 2

he is the best!

Mario Sperry Vale Tudo 3 - Striking & Takedowns

Mario Sperry shows how the standing fight game of No Holds Barred has become more advanced in recent years. With the addition of more striking in no rules fights, new techniques and strategies have been developed to deal with these new elements. Mario breaks down the standing game in unbelievable detail with new strategies and game plans that will confuse hard core strikers and make defeating them much easier. Mario will also show some new highly specialized takedowns that fall right into submissions to end the fight quickly. This is another must have Mario Sperry takedown video!

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Old Vale tudo 1991 - Muay Thai vs Capoeira

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