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*1:25 is Paweł Matys, sorry for the misspell!

Renowned Series - Best of Unicycling 2018

The best unicycle tricks and riding you'll see. All the clips are from 2018. Thanks to all the riders and their sponsors.

Editing: Emile Mathieu
Music: Tyler Bates & Joel J. Richard

Extreme Unicycling

Imagine shredding down some of the world’s most dangerous peaks—all on one wheel. Lutz Eichholz is a professional mountain unicyclist taking the unicycle to places it’s never been. His passion for downhill riding has taken him around the world, taking on mountains across five continents. For Eichholz, there’s nothing quite as spectacular as seeing the world from the seat of a unicycle.


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How to ride a unicycle - 10 tips

Growing up, my sister had a unicycle. She didn't know how to ride it and neither did I. As far as we knew, it was completely impossible to ride. Fast forward about 20 years, and i now know how to ride a unicycle. I learned in about an hour. Maybe I’m more coordinated now, or maybe I have an easier time wrapping my head around the concept. Maybe I just have a longer attention span. Whatever the reason, I only learned to ride recently, so the learning process is still fresh in my mind. Here are the ten key things that I learned.

First of all, forget free mounting. That's when you try to start riding without holding on to something. This is for after you learn how to balance on a unicycle, so save it for later. Wasting your time on free mounting before you can ride will only hold you back.

Second, forget about idling. That's when you kinda rock back and forth to stand in place. I still haven't learned how to do this, but I couldn’t imagine it being the first thing I learned. Riding forwards and staying up will be your first goal.

Third, adjust the seat at a medium height, not all the way up like you would on a bike. This will allow you to move around a bit and keep your balance. It’ll also be a little easier on your—parts.

Fourth, keep the tires at a medium pressure. Of course you don't want them super mushy, but you also don't want them rock solid like a road bike. This delays the movements of the unicycle slightly and makes it easier to balance on.

Fifth, find a wide open area with something to hold on to. This hockey rink is where I learned to stay up, as there's plenty of space and a barrier for support. The space must be sufficiently large because you’re going to be going all over the place once you learn to stay up.

Sixth, scoot along a fence or wall, holding on. This helps you get comfortable sitting on the unicycle and pealing. As you scoot along, try to direct yourself away from the wall and attempt to stay up. This is something you’ll need to do repeatedly to finally learn.

Seventh, keep your eyes straight ahead. You'll have a natural tendency to look down, but that'll only make you fall down instantly. Imagine how disorienting it would be to run while looking straight down. Runners look straight ahead and so do unicyclists.

Number 8: Flail your arms around to keep your balance. Someone told me this in the comments of a video and I thought they were kidding. Your arms will be key in keeping your balance when you first start out, and as dumb as it looks, it works. As you get more comfortable you can ride along with your hands at your side, but this might take a little time.

Number 9: Lean forwards. The unicycle should be tilted in the direction you want to ride. By pedaling forwards you keep the unicycle from falling over. This takes some commitment at first, and maybe even some time to wrap your head around, but it’s the key to actually making some distance. If you throw your weight too far forwards you can always just step off on to the ground. It’s when you don’t lean forwards that you end up falling off the back and getting hurt.

Number 10: Hold your back straight. If you’re flopping around everywhere, you’re not going to be able to hold your balance. This is one of the reasons unicycling is such a good core workout. Your torso is your center of gravity, which your arms, legs, and unicycle will move around to stay balanced.

Now that you know these ten tips, you should be up and riding within an hour or two. If you practice for a while and get nowhere, put it down and try again the next day. Riding a unicycle is a matter of learning to stay up through trial and error, and then doing it enough times to burn it into your brain. Just like riding a bike, you’ll never forget how.

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Beginner Unicycling - UNIQUEST - Level 1

#unicycle #howtounicycle #uniquest #chrishuriwai
Welcome to Uniquest! This is the introduction level, if you'e never tried unicycling before, you've found the right video.
This will be the ultimate unicycle tutorial series!
Chris Huriwai will be breaking down the stages of learning to ride and individual unicycle tricks, going as indepth as possible!

Leave your feedback below, share your stories about how you've learnt to ride, share your tips and help support each other.

We're aiming for a new episode every two weeks! So, challenge yourself, with every new video you'll have 2 weeks to prepare for the next one!


Unicycling in public & free mounting - Learning to Unicycle EP4

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Making these unicycle videos was supposed to be simple. Set up a camera, practice for 30 minutes, and post it. But life has a nasty habit of getting in the way. Somehow, it’s been over a week since I posted a video.

At that time, I got the hang of riding around, and was determined to learn to mount the unicycle without support, known as free mounting.

So to get back on track, I set an ambitious but attainable goal for myself this evening: Ride to the park a half mile away, learn to free mount, and then ride home.

It’s raining, but no excuses. So, to the park.

Yeah, riding a unicycle with a selfie stick. For some reason I don’t feel embarrassed; if all of you guys are watching me then what’s another few hundred.

I’ve come a long way from the first time I got up on the unicycle. I don’t use nearly as much energy, and I more or less feel comfortable riding around and turning. Since I can’t free mount though, I need to find a pole or a fence every time I get back on. Which is annoying. So I decided to learn free mounting today no matter what. Track standing can come later.

I was going to practice up there, but this guy seems like he’s down on his luck. The least I could do it not unicycle next to him with a selfie stick while he sleeps.

Like everything, I’m doing this the hard way and figuring it out myself. My strategy is to push down with my dominant foot, hop myself into a stable position, and start pedaling.

For some reason, I get up and then crash instantly. This should just take some repetition. And success!

And to make sure that wasn’t a fluke, I set one more goal: Free mount, ride across this grassy clearing, and ride down this tiny staircase into the mulch.

Yeah, I’m offroading now!

I’d say today was pretty successful so far, so to finish up, I’ll try free mounting with the selfie stick in my hand.

Now to ride home and get something to drink.

Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

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Extreme Unicycling - Happy new year 2019!

Day edit in Vevey with Olivier, Jérôme, Benjamin and Pierre! Thanks a lot Olivier for this amazing video! All the best for 2019 from the MC Team!
Saigon - To Be Told
Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told

Unicycle Top 10's - Easiest Tricks

Basic tricks video with Chris Huriwai talking about his top 10 recommended easy tricks for beginners to learn.

If you have suggestions for content, leave a comment!

Filming: Sam La Hood
Editing: Chris/Sam

12 Years of Mountain Unicycling 2016

12 years in 3 minutes! This video shows some of my best and favourite riding over the last 12 years. There have been some big moments and good rivalries with some of these features. Its been a fun ride so far, and 2016 is shaping up to be exponentially better!!

Song: Mountain by Double Fuzz

Mountain Unicycling in the Swiss Alps

After three days in the Bernese Alps I returned with sore muscles and enough video clips to create this short edit.

Extreme Unicycling in Sofia (Mini Art Fest 2017)

Trial, flat, street and freestyle unicycling in Sofia with Jérôme, Galina and Pierre. Huge thanks to Galina and all the crew, artists and volunteers from the Mini Art Festival. Also special thanks to the restaurant Fairouz to support us with delicious food! We are looking forward to see a lot of local riders next year!
Music: Nekfeu - U.B instrumental

Dan Heaton Unicycling 2

Unicycling footage of Dan Heaton from 2003-2009

Music: Hear The Vibes by Screwaholic

Unicycling is not a crime (official teaser)

Unicycling is not a crime is an extreme unicycling dvd filmed for more than a year in 10 different countries, featuring 36 riders of 12 different nationalities.

françois lizé aka bobousse

adrien delecroix - adrien lichtfouse - aleix lidon baulida - anna jinks - arthur richard - bence pinscez - cedric vincent - chao nobuhiro harada - cleden guichard - eli brill - elias poham - elliott hofman - emele uka - forrest rackard - françois lizé aka bobousse - isaac conyers - jakob eschlbock - jeremy potier - josef sjonneby - krisz kovacs - lorenz poham - ludwig felhofer - mark fabian - martin sjonneby - matti meuser - maxime cabot - maxwell schulze - nicolas potier - nil suria calvo - pau suria calvo - pedro tejada - raphael poham - sam haber - sophia pellmann - tim desmet - will riley

a small dream for a man by aerial play


more informations soon on

Best of Unicycling - zMikeTaylor

Old, unused and new clips in a tidy compilation for viewing pleasure. Selected clips from my Instagram, Facebook and my personal collection. Enjoy!

Track: Anikdote - Turn It Up [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
NCS Spotify:

Sponsored by:
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Personal website:

Enjoy the video! Subscribe for more compilations coming soon!

Unicycling Winter 2017

New video! Trial, Flat and Street In Vevey, Blonay and Dijon. Hope you like it! Big thanks to Mad4one and!
Music: Maya Janes Coles - Watcher


Renowned Series presents the Best of Unicycling 2017!

Thanks to all the riders and their sponsors.

Music is Take you down by Daniel Pemberton from the soundtrack of The Man from U.N.C.L.E..

Editing is by Emile Mathieu as per usual.


Happy times = Unicycle time (Unicycling in Sofia)

Play Urban Sport in Your City
Vol.2 in Sofia, Bulgaria 21. April 2019

Our event offered both competition and fun activities with prizes and awards for the participating audience.
Fun Activities were:
Learn to ride a unicycle and how to assemble a one-wheel bike.
Competitions were:
Speed Trails for both absolutely beginners and also for the advanced riders.
On site we also present a Unicycle Shop with both bikes and club t-shirt.

🎥 A special thanks to Olivier Steiner for filming and editing this video of the event and our time together in Sofia´s Urban zones. Also a big thanks to Galina and Geo for this amazing time in Sofia, we can't wait to come back!

STOMP Muni Fest 2018 :: Mountain Unicycling Oak Mountain State Park

Beginner Unicycling - UNIQUEST - Level 2

#unicycle #howtounicycle #uniquest #chrishuriwai
Welcome to Uniquest!
Level 2, going a little more into detail with the beginner stages of learning to ride.

Chris Huriwai breaks down the stages of learning to ride and individual unicycle tricks, going as indepth as possible!

Freestyle Unicycling - It's showtime - Nina Herzog

German Champion 2018 - Individual Freestyle Expert

Video by Konstantin Höhne
Pictures Belinda Bebst, Michael Fersch

Voodoo Unicycles - The Kris Holm Interview

We grabbed Kris Holm while we were at Unicon 16 and asked him a few questions. Check out what he has to say about what it was like to be involved with Dan Heaton and the early extreme unicycling videos, how unicycles have evolved since he started riding and where he thinks unicycling will be in 10 years time. Enjoy!



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