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Unicycle trials


Mike Padial - Trials Unicycling

Unicycle trials in Nelson,New Zealand.Been riding for almost 2 years.Havent made a proper video in ages so i made this with my new camera

Flatland vs Trial Unicycling

Flatland or Trial unicycling? Put a comment to tell me your choice. Hope you like this small video, filmed during less than two hours.
Thanks a lot to Mad4one for the support!
Capone - Friday
Paul Kalkbrenner - Battery Park

Elias Pöham - Trials - 2015

New unicycle trials video of Elias Pöham!
Sponsored by: Impactunicycles

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Unicycle Trial In Koh Tao (Day Edit).

Unicycle trial day edit in Koh Tao (Thailand), with Célien, Jérôme and Pierre. Music: Cunninlynguists - Drunk Dial


I try new, crazy things on my unicycle, its insane. I really am looking to get sponsered, so tell your friends and subscribe. joey8588 filmed and edited this video so check out his channel!

unicycle trials, ride evolution (Aleix Lidon)

unicycle trials ride since 2005 to 2013

Impact Team 2018

Here is our 2018 team video featuring all our riders from both the Factory Team and the Flo Team. The video was edited by Mimo Seedler and the music is Ruby The Hatchet - Tomorow Never Comes.

IMPACT Factory Team

Márk Fábián
Mike Taylor
Tim Desmet
Mimo Seedler


Adam Gerža
Daniel Ackerman
Erik Winterfeldt
Ivar Christenson
Louis Stevens
Roos Seegers
Simon Berry

Ruby The Hatchet - Tomorow Never Comes

Unicycle Trial session with the MC Team

Amazing trial session with a lot of rider of the team! Hope you like this video! =)
Music: To the Top - Hip Hop instrumental

Club 19 Trials Unicycle vs 20 Freestyle Uni

I've bought this 19 Club Beginner Trials Unicycle - Black from the Black Friday 2018 sales at UDC (
The B-SQUARE 20 Beginners Freestyle Unicycle is one of my first unicycles. I've purchased it in 2017 and have been using it only indoors.
In this video you will see the place where I've tried a unicycle for the first time and where I've learned how to control the unicycle good enough before trying it outdoors after a few days. That happened in August 2017.
This is also one of the places where I use to train when I am at home. That usually happens when the weather is too bad to practice outside.
The exercises that I'm doing in this video are the most important part of my training. These exercises allowed me to learn the basic unicycling skills, to constantly improve my balance and coordination and eventually ride different unicycles under different circumstances.
I'm not very good at unicycle hopping. I'm pretty bad at idling. And I really suck at stillstand. But including these three ones in regular training is the best way to make progress as a unicyclist (at least for me).

ENGLISH (Engleză)

Am cumpărat acest monociclu negru Club de 19 pentru trials dedicat începătorilor din oferta de Black Friday 2018 făcută de UDC (
Monociclul Freestyle de 20 pentru începători B-SQUARE este unul dintre primele mele monocicluri. L-am achiziționat în 2017 și l-am utilizat doar în interior.
În acest videoclip veți vedea locul în care am încercat un monociclu prima oara și unde am învățat cum să controlez monociclul suficient de bine înainte de a-l încerca după câteva zile afară. Aceasta se întâmplase în august 2017.
De asemenea, acesta este unul dintre locurile unde obișnuiesc să mă antrenez când sunt acasă. Acest lucru se întâmplă, de regulă, atunci când vremea este prea urâtă pentru a practica în aer liber.
Exercițiile pe care le fac în acest video reprezintă cea mai importantă parte a antrenamentului meu. Aceste exerciții mi-au permis să deprind skill-urile monociclistice de bază, să îmi îmbunătățesc în mod constant echilibrul și coordonarea motrică și, în cele din urmă, mi-au permis să utilizez monocicluri diferite în circumstanțe diferite.
Nu sunt foarte bun la hopping (sărituri) cu monociclul, stau destul de rău la idling (mișcare pe loc) și teribil de rău la stillstand (echilibrare statică). Dar includerea acestora trei în antrenamentul regulat este cea mai bună cale de a progresa ca monociclist (cel puțin în cazul meu).

Junior Unicycle Trials - Kaikohe 2016

Junior trials competition in Kaikohe, New Zealand.

Music: Razihel & Aero Chord - Titans

1st Harlym Wilson
2nd Treven Wilson
3rd Raymond Wilson

Te Hau Ora O Ngapuhi

Indy Trials Unicycle 19

Indy Trials Muni Unicycle with 19 (67-387) Maxxis Creepy Crawler Tyre versus 20 freestyle unicycle with 20x2.3 tyre.
First ride on the Indy Trials Unicycle.

I've found a cheap 19 trials unicycle (Indy) that is perfectly functional.
I paid for it 340 RON (300 RON for the unicycle and 40 RON as shipping cost) which is 70.75 EUR or 78.84 USD or 61.61 GBP.

It doesn't have all the original components (at least a saddle bolt was replaced) and needed some adjustments (the cranks were loose and the wheel was over-tightened). At first I didn't realize that the crank arms needed to be re-tightened, but after riding the unicycle for a few minutes I knew that something is not right. I hope that all is well now.

I don't know how good this unicycle is compared to dedicated brands, but it seems all right (maybe a little heavier than unicycles that are selled at a double price).

Date: March 4, 2020
Location: Buzau, Romania

Unicycle Top 10's - Easiest Tricks

Basic tricks video with Chris Huriwai talking about his top 10 recommended easy tricks for beginners to learn.

If you have suggestions for content, leave a comment!

Filming: Sam La Hood
Editing: Chris/Sam

Extreme Unicycle Trials (RAW SPORTS PROMOTIONS)

Hi I am an Extreme Trials Unicyclist, please follow my journey with Raw Sports -
Brand - Raw Sports Website - Rider - Callum Colbourne Song - Hit 'Em Artist - Desembra Licensed to - AEI (on behalf of NCS); Featherstone music Youtube by - (publishing), (ASCAP, and 2 music rights societies)

This is Growth Instagram Page -

Raw Sport - instagram page -

Go to Raw Sports YouTube Channel for even more extreme content -


Extreme Unicycle Trials | Radical Bikes

Corbin's Unicycle Trials Course: 30'th birthday

Corbin's Unicycle Trials Course, with corbin riding on his 30th birthday.


Trial's dedicated movie!

Adam Gerza
Aidan Teleki
Erik Winterfeldt
Mark Fabian
Pierre Sturny
Tim Desmet

Mark Fabian

Emile Mathieu

Emile Mathieu

You look great when I'm fucked up by Brian Jonestown Massacre

Impact Unicycles
Mad4One Unicycles


Uni Days 2017 Highlights - Street/Trials Unicycling

New Zealand Unicycle Nationals!

Highlights from the 2017 Uni Days Street and Trials competition at Arahoe School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Sadly no junior footage (besides Johno)

For full competition results:

Xtreme Unicycle - Paul Sergent

Paul Sergent is a french unicycle rider doing championships around the world and shows with ShowWheels.
This video has been filmed in one day in Marseille (south of France)
Riding for the shop he is now ready for the world championship in Montreal in august 2014.

Paul Sergent record:
Won the french championship trial in 2013 & 201, the Freestyle Obstacle Unicycle Race in 2013.

Video Directed & edited by JC Pieri

Unicycle Trials Spring 2013

Was planning on making a really awesome trials video but I lost most of the footage when my laptop broke. Heres what ever was saved from my SD card. hope you enjoy it.

Unicycle Trial in steel factory!


Unicycle trial world champion Andreas Dresi Hemmeter rocks an old steel factory!



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