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Unicycle hockey


Flatland und Einradhockey | Wir machen einen Vlog #33

Die Einradhockey-Abteilung der DJK Eintracht Stadtlohn hat uns eingeladen ihnen ein paar Dinge aus dem Flat/Street/Trial beizubringen. Wir sind gern vorbeigefahren und hatten ne Menge Spaß.
Sogar zum Hockeyspielen haben die uns überreden können. Und wir haben uns sogar mittelmäßig geschlagen (behaupten wir selbst).
Ihr wollt auch mal nen Urban Unicycle Workshop bei euch machen? Meldet euch gern.

The Unicyclehockey Team of DJK Eintracht Stadtlohn has invited us to learn some flat/street/trial riding. We gladly went there and had mad fun. We even did some hockey playing and did pretty good (at least that's what we think).
You want us to come to you and do an urban unicycling workshop too? Write us.

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Unicycle Hockey Shooting Trial | Off Ice Training

7 years old.

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Unicycle hockey practice casual night, chase cam

Some footage from the Lunis practice Tuesday May 1st, 2018, GH_0014_01.mp4

Unicycle Hockey 20160304 Hong Kong

Highlight in separate video:)

TCUC Unicycle Hockey 11

IUC 2019 - Stachelbaeren vs Joker (Unicycle Hockey / Einradhockey)

International Unicycle Hockey Tournament.

With kind approval by the players.

Unicycle Hockey - LUNIs vs Raptors 2011-03-20 1st Half

Unicycle Hockey - LUNIs vs Raptors 2011-03-20 1st Half

Hockey Hawks VS The British - Unicycle Hockey B Finals - ECU 2017

ECU 2017 in Sittard-Geleen is over, unfortunately. We had a lot of fun especially during the finals. We played against The British first and after that against the Crazy Ducks. We lost both of the games but we are still extremely happy about reaching third place and getting the opportunity to play in the finals of the european championship.
Big Thank you to everybody who made this event possible!

The Severn Wheelers unicycle hockey team on ITV news (2009)

The Severn Wheelers Bristol unicycle hockey team get a visit from Richard Payne of ITV news to find about the great sport that is unicycle hockey.

Unicycle Hockey Practice 2010

While visiting London I dropped in to the unicycle hockey practice of the Lunis team and recorded a few minutes of play.

UNICYCLE HOCKEY KID - New Handling & Shooting Drills

7 years old.

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First Unicycle Hockey Training After COVID break

IUC 2019 - Highlights (Unicycle Hockey / Einradhockey)

International Unicycle Hockey Tournament.

Unicycle Hockey

Unicycle hockey game in Telluride, Colorado during Mountain Film Festival. The end of the video shows a goal!

Unicycle Hockey

A group of Unicycle enthusiasts gather every Sunday in Newtown to play Unicycle Hockey.

U Games 2010 - including flaming puck unicycle hockey at 2:18

Personal highlights from the U Games (Unicycle Games, also known as NAUCC) 2010 in Berkeley. Impressive tricks, great scenery, unicycle basketball, and Flaming Puck Unicycle Hockey at 2:18!

Unicycle or Hockey?

Unicycle is no simple task, and playing hockey while unicycle is an impossible one.

When Unicycle meets Hockey, it not only sparks love, but also boosts up the challenging level.

Not much is known about this compelling sport but one thing is for certain, dedicating countless time and energy to practice is only the basis.

Based in Vancouver, there are a group of people who are enthusiastic about Unicycle Hockey called “Vanuni”, and their passion for the sport also represents the interests across the globe along the unicycle community.

(via Tianlun Jiang
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Grand Final - 2018 Australian Unicycle Hockey League - Unicycle Hockey/Einradhockey

SWS Vikings vs SWS Cavalry
2018 AUHL Final

The Amazing Sport of Unicycle Hockey

Unicycle hockey in London. A short tongue in cheek film showing the high levels of skill and fitness required to play unicycle hockey at a high level.

Unicycle Hockey-The Amazing Sport

Unicycle hockey is one funny, silly yet entertaining and amazing team sport, similar to roller or inline hockey, except that each player must be mounted on a unicycle to play the ball.

A team is composed of five players (plus substitutes), but there is no dedicated goalkeeper role (although one player usually stays back in that position).

This game gives a new spice to the game of hockey. Enjoy this amazing yet funny sport.

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