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Underwater hockey


G236 (Reload) - EW GBR vs. FRA - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships

There were some internet connectivity issues during live stream of this game. Here is the entire game from the backup recording. Please let us know if there is another game that is missing some footage due to streaming issues and we will get it re-uploaded. Thanks!

Underwater Hockey - 2013 CMCs A Division - Game 33 Semi Final

The 2013 CanAm Midwestern Championships of Underwater Hockey A Division Semi-Final Play off game USA 2 vs. 209.

G271 - EW NZL vs. GBR - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships

Scott Rogowsky Shows You Weird Sports | Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey, also known as Octopush, is an intense, high-speed game that is not for the faint of heart. Think you can handle it?

Would you EVER play underwater hockey?

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Underwater hockey 3x3 skills, fútbol subacuático

regates y fintas Colombianas en cámara lenta.

Realizado en Medellín Colombia, Complejo Acuático, piscina para actividades subacuáticas. Con la Colaboración del CLUB CARDUMEN.

Edición: Andrés García

G272 - EM FRA vs. NZL - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships - English Commentary


18th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championship, 23-31 August, 2013; EGER, HUNGARY

In the history of underwater hockey, it was the largest World Championship: 5 continents, 17 countries, 68 teams, more than 900 athletes in four age and gender groups; both men and women were represented at this World Championship, held in Eger, Hungary. Matches were played in an open air and an indoor swimming pool. Finals were a parade of victory for the New Zealanders. They achieved a tremendous record with their six teams. All of their squads had reached the finals and four of them had won the world championship. Results, opinions, background of the event can be see here.

WPT Wisconsin Life: Underwater Hockey

When this Sturgeon Bay hockey team says drop the puck, they really drop it - well below the sport's usual icy playing surface. Discover the wet and wild world of underwater hockey in today's Wisconsin Life sneak peek! Are you ready to suit up?

Watch full episodes of the all-new series, Wisconsin Life, Mondays in February on Wisconsin Public Television. Explore something new. Meet someone unexpected. Experience our state like never before. Take a look at the all-new Wisconsin Life television program coming in February. You already love the engaging audio series on Wisconsin Public Radio and now you can explore the character of Wisconsin on Wisconsin Public Television.

Learn something new, meet someone unexpected. What is your Wisconsin Life?

Underwater Hockey

The Denver Area Underwater Hockey Club is hosting the 2016 UWH National Championships from June 10-12 at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center in Thornton, Colorado. Dozens of UWH teams from across the country will travel to Colorado to compete. (Video by Katie Wood & Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post)

Learn more at:

JSNS #3 2014 - Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club (Short Version)

Jakarta Spat and Splash, 3 - 4 May 2014 (JSNS 3)

Team Participants :
- Stirling Underwater Hockey Club (SUHC) - SINGAPORE
- Underwater Boot Camp (UBC) - PHILIPPINES
- Shanghai Azures China - CHINA
- Yogyakarta Underwater Hockey Club (YUHC) - Indonesia

Crew :
Cameraman : Arnatt // Subahagia Rendy
Underwater Cameraman : Jason Hakim // Michael // Pandu
Editor : Fuad Pa'e Akbar

For More Information :
Twitter : @jkt_UWH
Facebook : Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club
Email :

Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club - INDONESIA

Wollongong Underwater Hockey 4s Comp 2012

Wollongong Underwater Hockey 4s Comp
20th Anniversary

17th March 2012

Extreme Underwater Ice Hockey

An all-new dangerous pastime from Austria - 'Under Ice Hockey', where you play underneath the ice instead of on top of it.

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Underwater Hockey Freestyle 3 - Ocean Edition

Filmed in Croatia 2013

Surrender yourself to the med, and the med will surrender to you

Video editing by Elle

THIS is underwater hockey...

Two teams, with six players on each team in play at once, freediving only. 24 fins, 12 masks, 12 snorkels, 12 sticks, 2 goals...

ONE puck.

Underwater Hockey...

Newcomers all welcome :

G44 - EM TUR vs. USA - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships


Underwater Hockey UWH Just SKills

Some game footage of two practice at CAMO. Basically, it's all some nice moves or skills some people have pulled off during practive.
First part is from tuesday 17th of august 2010, where we played 3 on 3 with one person on the side that changes with the team that got scored on (so teams were never the same).
The second part is from friday 13th of august and it was a 5 on 4.
***We only use stick as color, caps color do not match teams***

The vid's a bit long but it's worth watching either for the hockey, the music, or the fact the editing took my night away from me and you will feel bad for not watching it entirely ;)

If anyone wondered, and didnt watch till the end, here are the songs used:

1) Bond - Ride
2) Prince of Persia : Warrior within - Conflict at the entrance
3) Apocalyptica - Path
4) Call of Duty Modern Warfare OST - Cobra Down
5) Pirates of the Caribbean : At Worlds End - Up is down
6) How to tame your dragon - Test Drive

No copyrights infrigement intended. The music is owned by their respective owners.

Have fun!

Octopush Underwater Hockey Nation Finals 2014

© Surridge films 2014

G10 - EM TUR vs. GBR - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships

Underwater Hockey - Brisbane Australia

with thanks to Ch10's Totally Wild - ( ) this is a segment on underwater hockey that aired on 17th Dec 2012 in Australia. It was recorded in Brisbane but underwater hockey is played all around the world. If you would like to play, Google or Facebook underwater hockey for details of your local club.

G34 - EW ZAF vs. COL - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships



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