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Underwater rugby


Underwater Rugby Promo [HD]


Promo video by the Underwater Rugby Club of the University of New South Wales.

Interested? New players always welcome.

For more information and contact details, please see the end of the video clip.

What is underwater rugby? - Promotional video

The aim of this clip is to give a complete introduction of underwater rugby. Explaining the sport to a non-player is difficult without any visual support. It should cover all frequently asked questions from a non-player that has just heard of the sport. When someone asks What is underwater rugby?, show them this video. Any suggestions for improvement is appreciated.

If anyone featured in this video, or original owners of the footage wants it removed, please let me know.

Most footage is taken from UWR-channel, the producers of the European Underwater Rugby League.

First person footage is from this video:

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Underwater Rugby WC03 - Sweden vs Norway - mens final pt1

2003 World Championships of Underwater Rugby in Fredericia, Denmark.

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

What is underwater rugby? BBC News

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In the game of rugby, a water-logged pitch isn't ideal but in this case, it's essential. We're talking about the game of 'underwater rugby'. Peter Okwoche has been finding out though things didn't go so swimmingly for his debut.
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Australian Women's Underwater Rugby (1)

SM final RiUrSuk-HäSu 4/8/2017, Underwater Rugby

Underwater rugby RiUrSuk (Riihimäki) - HäSu (Hämeenlinna) 4/8/2017, Finnish Championship Series, final 2016-2017, Pirkkola, Finland

EUWRL 4: Molde vs Polisen 11-4 Highlights

GAME 11 : Molde UVK versus Polisen DK (11-4)
Team bright : Polisen DK
Team dark : Molde UVK
Place : Hämeenlinna, Finland
Date : 01.11.2015
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This is underwater rugby!

Underwater rugby (UWR) is an underwater team sport. During a match two teams try to score a negatively buoyant ball (filled with saltwater) into the opponents’ goal at the bottom of a swimming pool.

It is played under water in a pool with a depth of 3.5m to 5m and goals (heavy metal buckets with a diameter of about 40 cm) at the bottom of the pool. Two teams (blue and white), each with six players (plus six substitutes), try to score a goal by sending the slightly negatively buoyant ball (filled with saltwater) into the opponents’ goal. It is a fast and exhausting game; therefore, the subs replace their players on the fly.

The ball may be passed in any direction but must not leave the water. It flies about 2m or 3m before water resistance stops it. This makes good tactics and good (three-dimensional) positioning essential. The players need all sorts of different abilities: Strength, speed, agility or good teamplay are all similarly important. (Source:

Video contains footage from the Melbourne (Australia) underwater rugby team; the Victoria Seadragons. Visit their Facebook page to join: or find a club near you on:

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EUROLEAGUE 4th season UWRC Wien - EGE UWR 0-10 (0-4)

2nd Round 07.02.2016 Molde (Norway)

Underwater Rugby Trailer STC Graz

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a film by:

Leo Maurer and
Patrick Pleschberger

Japan's water rock rugby builds strength and trust

Under the clear waters of Okinawa, a different kind of rugby is happening with a 35 kg stone. Water rock rugby originated from a lifeguard training exercise and developed into a game played by hundreds, promoting the necessity of co-operation among teammates. #RugbyBuildsCharacter
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Final | GERMANY - NORWAY (WOMAN) | Underwater Rugby World Championship

10th CMAS Underwater Rugby World Championship

All Informations to the World Championships

Game Shedule (MESZ):


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Australia vs Singapore underwater rugby (mens) Pan Pacific Cup, Brisbane Australia, April 2015

For first time in 2015, the Australian and Singaporean mens underwater rugby teams played in the Pan Pacific Cup championships held in Brisbane, Australia in April. Watch the first half here, where Australia defeated Singapore 6 - 2. Thanks to videographers Robert Cook and Stacey Davies. Visit for more info.

History of European Underwater Rugby League

Creating the European Underwater Rugby League was a breakthrough in the development of underwater rugby. The Euroleague has become the media product, which combines great teams with a rich history, approved and time-tested rules, effective system of refereeing, a complex system of underwater videoing. At the new level Euroleague should become the first professional tournament in underwater rugby and compete with other popular sports.

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Director of the movie - Artem Prohorov
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EC2017 Game28 NOR-SWE women

10th CMAS Underwater Rugby European Championships

Underwater Rugby Wales V England

The inaugural Underwater Rugby Match in the British Isles 2014
Wales v England

How to fill an underwater rugby ball

Bobby from the Canberra Underdogs UWR club shows us how to fill an underwater rugby ball, the proper way!

Water Rugby

Talk about diving to score a try! PSA: we do NOT recommend this at the original rugby on the water event, the Lakefront 7s

Underwater rugby EUWRL (RS II)

Promo for III season of European Underwater rugby League 2014\2015
Starring: Team Betta Moscow
Director: Victor Krylov

Euroleague 6th season Flipper - EGE UWR 1-2 (0-0)

22.04.2018 Izmir (Turkey)

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