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Underwater ice hockey


Extreme Underwater Ice Hockey

An all-new dangerous pastime from Austria - 'Under Ice Hockey', where you play underneath the ice instead of on top of it.

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underwater ice hockey

underwater ice hockey
Germany VS Austria

Forget ice hockey, the real action is underwater

It's a sport gaining traction around the world. Can you get into this?

Ice hockey under ice

Extreeme under Ice hockey in LT.

G271 - EW NZL vs. GBR - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships

GoPro Awards : Frozen Lake Free Dive

Under the icy cloak of the Canadian winter, Matthew Villegas finds himself in an aquatic wonderland as he free dives to the depths of Morrison quarry, in Quebec, Canada.

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Meet Kenya’s Only Ice Hockey Team

Ben Azegere is the captain of the Kenyan ice hockey team. And yes, people play ice hockey 90 miles from the equator. Despite a lack of funding for ice hockey in Kenya, the 30-member team has big plans for the future, including a goal to play in the Winter Olympics.


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Hover-Surfing or Underwater Hockey | Which is the Next Big Thing?

The best sports videos on YouTube this week, featuring Laird Hamilton hover-surfing, ridiculous underwater ice hockey in Siberia, the best backhand ping pong shot ever, and more!

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GoPro: On the Ice with Patrick Kane & Jonathan Toews - Episode 4

Step ‘On the Ice’ with Patrick Kane & Jonathan Toews as they find a way to turn everything into a competition. See first hand why they are considered two of the best in the game and who comes out on top in some good, old fashion 1 on 1.

Stay tuned for more 'On the Ice' episodes featuring Patrice Bergeron, Tuukka Rask, TJ Oshie and Zach Parise.

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The Life of a Women’s Professional Hockey Player | Hilary Knight

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Hilary Knight gives us an inside perspective on what it’s like to be a professional hockey player in the inaugural season of the NWHL, the first paid women’s hockey league. Knight shoulders a stressful work load, one where she must balance between performing at the highest level on the ice with being the main marketing face for the new league. We joined Knight for two days in Boston where she lives and plays for the Boston Pride, documenting the two very different sides to her.

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Hockey Net Alternative - The SportScreen Review

If you use the SportScreen let me know what you think in the comments.
Installing the SportScreen:
Music by Joakim Karud

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NHL: Knee on Knee

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Underwater Hockey at UBC

Sometimes called octopush. Play is similar to Ice Hockey but with a solid metal puck.

Tyera Eulberg drops in to talk underwater hockey

Underwater Hockey makes another appearance on NHL Now, with special guest and participant Tyera Eulberg dropping by to spill the details

Kids HoCkeY - Game at Buffalo Sabres State of the Art Practice Facility Harbor Center- Hat Trick

Mite Minor Game at Buffalo Sabres Practice Arena Harbor Center

We take a look at the facility and play the Hamburg Hawks

Ice'N'Go Underwater Repair Tape - How-to

Works in any weather to patch holes underwater!
Included FREE in all EZRink kits, Ice'n'Go Rink kits, Ice'N'Go Pro Rink kits and liner purchases.
4 inch wide, in 50 feet rolls.
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Underwater Hockey - 2013 CMCs A Division - Game 33 Semi Final

The 2013 CanAm Midwestern Championships of Underwater Hockey A Division Semi-Final Play off game USA 2 vs. 209.

Inverted underwater ice skiing.

This is about as much fun as you can have with your drysuit on.

Best Hockey Trick Shot Compilation #1 (HD)

Enjoy this Best hockey trick shot compialtion! Amazing trick shots and dekes! Thank you so much for the 1,2k subs guys you're awesome!

Ice Hockey - Referee Fights Player (HD)

A Russian ice hockey player knocks the referee over after he called a hooking penalty. So the referee drops his helmet and whistle then jumps on the player. Then kicks him out of the game.

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A Russian ice hockey player knocks the referee over after he called a penalty, so he drops his helmet and whistle and jumps on the player, then kicks him out of the game.

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