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Underwater rugby


Underwater Rugby Promo [HD]


Promo video by the Underwater Rugby Club of the University of New South Wales.

Interested? New players always welcome.

For more information and contact details, please see the end of the video clip.

Underwater Rugby WC03 - Sweden vs Norway - mens final pt1

2003 World Championships of Underwater Rugby in Fredericia, Denmark.

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

What is underwater rugby? - Promotional video

The aim of this clip is to give a complete introduction of underwater rugby. Explaining the sport to a non-player is difficult without any visual support. It should cover all frequently asked questions from a non-player that has just heard of the sport. When someone asks What is underwater rugby?, show them this video. Any suggestions for improvement is appreciated.

If anyone featured in this video, or original owners of the footage wants it removed, please let me know.

Most footage is taken from UWR-channel, the producers of the European Underwater Rugby League.

First person footage is from this video:

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Livestream von Underwater Rugby World Championships


UWRWC Graz 2019 - Day 5 - Games 53-64

Livestream von Underwater Rugby World Championships


Underwater rugby POV

Take water polo, add a little more intensity and one more dimension, what do you get? Underwater rugby!
Footages from :

Barcelona Cup 2015 / BCN Rugby Subaquàtic

Firenze Cup 2014 - XIII Edition | Underwater Rugby [HD+] / waidiland

Livestream von Underwater Rugby World Championships

Livestream von Underwater Rugby World Championships

Australian Women's Underwater Rugby (1)


Underwater Rugby "Events of the Round" - 7th season

Please DONATE for the 4th episode of the YouTube Show Events of the Round

We made this for your donations, therefore you can check the budget and donations report

European Underwater Rugby League presents 1st ever YouTube show about underwater rugby. Episode 3 Host of the show - Maria Rybakova

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EUWRL 4: Molde vs Polisen 11-4 Highlights

GAME 11 : Molde UVK versus Polisen DK (11-4)
Team bright : Polisen DK
Team dark : Molde UVK
Place : Hämeenlinna, Finland
Date : 01.11.2015
For more information go to

Underwater rugby EUWRL (RS II)

Promo for III season of European Underwater rugby League 2014\2015
Starring: Team Betta Moscow
Director: Victor Krylov

Game96W Final GER NOR

UWRWC Graz 2019 - Final M COL-NOR

11th CMAS Underwater Rugby World Championships Graz 2019
Day 8, Game 97: Men's final, Colombia M - Norway M


Livestream von Underwater Rugby World Championships

UWRWC Graz 2019 - Day 1 - Games 4-13

11th CMAS Underwater Rugby World Championships Graz 2019
Day 1, Games 4-13

0:00 Game 4: Germany M - Czech Republic M (group M-B) (2nd half-time)
24:35 Game 5: Norway W - Italy W (group W-C)
1:26:56 Game 6: Colombia M - Canada M (group M-C)
2:25:03 Game 7: Sweden W - Canada W (group W-D)
3:33:20 Game 8: Spain M - Slovakia M (group M-C)
4:32:33 Game 9: Australia W - Great Britain W (group W-C)
5:31:02: Game 10: Denmark M - Great Britain M (group M-B)
6:38:21 Game 11: Austria M - Luxembourg M (group M-A)
7:40:58 Game 12: USA W - Turkey W (group W-A)
8:30:54 Game 13: Sweden M - Hungary M (goup M-A)

UWRWC Graz 2019 - Day 2 - Games 14-25

11th CMAS Underwater Rugby World Championships Graz 2019
Day 2, Sunday 28.07.2019, Games 14-25

20:00 Game 14: Norway M - Australia M (group M-D)
1:23:42 Game 15: Norway W - Great Britain W (group W-C)
2:31:16 Game 16: Finland M - Italy M (group M-D)
3:35:31 Game 17: Finland W - Canada W (group W-D)
4:38:38 Game 18: Austria M - Hungary M (group M-A)
5:36:07 Game 19: Germany W - Turkey W (group W-A)
6:29:30 Game 20: Germany M - Great Britain M (group M-B)
7:33:27 Game 21: Denmark W - Austria W (group W-B)
8:30:35 Game 22: USA M - Luxembourg M (group M-A)
9:29:40 Game 23: Australia W - Italy W (group W-C)
10:23:55 Game 24: Colombia M - Slovakia M (group M-C)
11:26:02 Game 25: USA W - Spain W (group W-A) (1st half-time)

EC2017 game 33 TUR-DEN 1.7.2017

10th CMAS Underwater Rugby European Championships

Place 3 | COLOMBIA - FINNLAND [WOMAN] | Underwater Rugby World Championship 2015

Place 3
Colombia vs Finnland
10th CMAS Underwater Rugby World Championship

All Informations to the World Championships

Game Shedule (MESZ):


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