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Underwater photography


See Through the Lens of the World's Best Underwater Surf Photographer | Ben Thouard in “Surface

SURFACE, a ROAM Original, is the story of how award-winning photographer Ben Thouard invented a new perspective of our world—shot underwater from inside a wave looking back at the landscape as never seen before. His love of the ocean, surfing, and windsurfing brought him to the small village of Teahupoo, Tahiti, where he can see the legendary surf break from his backyard. From the crystal clear waters of French Polynesia, his creative vision and desire to do something original took hold. After 15 years of trial and error, failure and success, he persevered to discover his own signature photographic style, as seen in his stunning new book, SURFACE. He hopes this new vision of our oceans, in their most pristine form, will inspire others to protect them. “Through this work, I hope people can realize that we need to take care of our garbage and recycle all of the plastic,” says Ben.

Learn more about his story and see his gear kit and photography:

3 Underwater Photography Tips | Make Better Underwater Photos

As a newbie to photography your probably gonna have a hard time. As a newbie to underwater photography your chance of getting some great photos right from the get go are very slim. To kickstart your underwater photography skills we have compiled a list with three underwater photography tips!
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Underwater Photography 3 - Extracts from the Lecture

Underwater photography is my greatest passion... but closely following that comes the pleasure from showing people photographs of the fantastic creatures I see.

My third underwater lecture will be available from April '21 & here's some of the clips & a few of the images it features.


Underwater Photography 1 - Extracts from the Lecture

Underwater photography is my greatest passion... but closely following that comes the pleasure from showing people photographs of the fantastic creatures I see. I have a 90 minute lecture that covers the first 2 years of my underwater adventures - here's a few of the images it features.
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Advanced Underwater Photography Course - Utila Dive Center - Nicole Webster

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OrcaTorch D950V 10,500 Lumens Video Light Review for Underwater Photography/Videography

Many thanks to Baron Abas form WolFang Digital for sharing the OrcaTorch D950V review.

Learn more D950V:

This is a purpose-built light for underwater videos and capable of brightening larger scenes and marine life. Here’s some of the features:
1) This is a video light in beast mode with a brightness level of 10,500 lumens
2) Battery life up to 1 hour 12 minutes at 10,500 lumens
3) It has a spherical toughened glass for a more consistent beam spread
4) Waterproof to 150 meters with aircraft grade aluminium body
5) 4 brightness levels: (i) 1,100 lumens, (II) 3,000 lumens, (iii) 6,000 lumens, (IV) 10,500 lumens

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BEST CAMERA FOR SCUBA DIVING | Video and Underwater Photography | GOPRO vs COMPACT / SYSTEM | EP11

What you need to know when choosing an underwater camera for Scuba Diving underwater video or photography. In this episode Andy discusses Underwater Video and Photography Camera equipment used by Scuba Divers and the Lighting systems attached. From GoPro style action Cameras, to Compact and System Cameras, Underwater Hosings and Handles, Video Lights, Strobes and Lenses.

Make sure you get spare batteries and the largest memory card you can so not to miss out any of the action. Practice using it a home so the different settings come as second nature when you're underwater. How to guide for the new or inexperienced diver.

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✅ In these videos I'm going to show viewers how to choose and use the right kind of Scuba Diving Kit for the type of Suba Diving they want to do. How to be more efficient and proficient with it to make them a more confident and safer Scuba Diver.

✅ I’ll draw on the experiences with and training gained from some of the world class Scuba Diving Instructors such as Steve Kirkman (SDI/TDI), Garry Dallas (RAID), Dominic Robinson (BSAC), Ginge Crook (BSAC), Maria Harwood (BSAC), Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown (FrogFish Photography) and Mark Paisey (BSAC).

✅ In my first year of diving I’d wasted a lot of money on kit and equipment that didn't really work for me and the type of diving I wanted to do. It is my hope that these videos will help you spend your money more wisely on kit that will work well for you and your dive buddy and also be future proof for bigger, deeper and longer dives.

✅ Looking the part is often half the battle to feeling confident, if your gear is configured right then you can access it easily and you will also be more efficient at moving under water. I’ll show viewers what I have learned since I started diving and been fortunate to have some fantastic world class instruction.

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Learn Underwater Photography -

Aloha, I'm teaching my underwater photography class again at the University of Hawaii next month. It's a 2 day workshop, 1st day is in class learning safety, techniques, camera settings. The 2nd day we are in the water half the day and finally post production back in class. This short video describes why I'm teaching this class.

Here's the link to the course

The Art of Shooting Underwater Portraits

Photographer Jean Luis De Heeckeren visits Austria for a unique underwater photo shoot with Red Bull kayaker Viktoria Wolffhardt.

Take a look behind the lense at the setup, planning, and execution it takes to produce underwater imagery


Photographer: Jean Luis De Heeckeren

Jonathon Williams,
Leo Rosas Morin,
Marc Schwarz

“Void” by Wide Sky Composer (Affiliation) Benjamin James Fowler
(PRS), Publisher (Affiliation) Red Bull Media House
GmbH (AKM)


Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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Introducing OrcaTorch D950V 10500 Lumens LED Video Light for Underwater Photography

OrcaTorch D950V is a 10500 lumen LED video light specially designed for underwater photography. It features a CREE chip-on-board (COB) high power LED. The spherical toughened glass optical lens design can create even illumination with 120°wide angle beam.

Many thanks to Tom Park who offered us the D950V underwater test video.

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The Blue Room | Ben Thouard Photography


All this footage was shot in one morning at Teahupoo while i was shooting stills underwater.
I stuck a go pro on top of my AQUATECH waterhousing to show people what is happening under this famous wave.
I decided to cruise underwater to get a different vision of the action and i ended up finding a whole new world !
Stay tuned for more clips or check my website at for the photos.




Will It Float?? Underwater Photography

Tessa and I are at it again! Trying our hand at a new photography technique that I learned from THE Peter McKinnon. It was less about copying him for copying sake, and more about trying out new things as a photographer as I teach my daughter more about cameras. Plus, I get this sweet final image for our music space at home as a result!

Make sure to check out our previous 'Pizza Project' video here:

Also check out Peter's original tutorial video here:

Tzonot underwater photography

Dive photography in caverns is exciting and also difficult
get youjr underwater photographies taken in your cenotes dives. visit and let us know your ideas if you want to visit the cavern diving from cancun or the Riviera Maya.

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Underwater Photography / Marjan Radovic

Underwater Photography / Marjan Radovic
Short clip for instagram

York Sub Aqua Club Underwater Photography Competition 2012 - 2013

View all of the entries for the YSAC underwater photography competition

Cyprus Underwater Photography - Fashion - Backstage

Fashion - Back Stage
Model: Kristy Marie Agapiou
Photographer: Epaminondas Pouris

#underwater #photography #fashion #cyprus

Feel free to share your comments with us!

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Underwater Photography with SEABOB as a Diving Scooter

Tim McKenna explains the usage of a SEABOB F5 SR as an underwater scooter for professional filming.


Who is Tim McKenna?

Tim McKenna, born in Sydney in 1968, is a leading figure in action sport photography. He has inspired his generation by revealing the sheer beauty of the elements through some of the most spectacular scenes and performances.


How does a SEABOB work?

A SEABOB offers all-round high-performance. Its hydrodynamic shape provides for an astounding degree of agility in the water. The worldwide patented E-Jet Power System works according to
the principle of water displacement. The water is sucked in by the
powerfully rotating impeller and forced out in the jet channel under high pressure. The thrust developed in this way propels the SEABOB forward.

Maximum thrust requiring little energy makes the E-Jet Power System a unique drive mechanism for powerful watercraft. Thanks to its electro-technology, the system is absolutely environmentally friendly and offers extremely low operating costs.

The watercraft can be steered down into the depths simply by applying light pressure. Diving depths of up to 40 metres can be programmed to suit individual requirements via the on-board electronics. A safety cut-off feature reliably ensures that the selected diving depth is not exceeded. Dive into the fascinating underwater world with SEABOB!

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Scuba Tech Tips: Let's Ban Underwater Photography - S07E08

Have you every been watching an underwater critter and were suddenly pushed aside by a photographer? Alec shares his advise to divers and photographers on how to enjoy diving together.

Check out my Alec Peirce at the Ranch channel for ranching and home ideas.

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Underwater Photography Using a DPV - Cayman Jason

PADI AmbassaDiver Jason Washington shares his experience making Cayman Island his home in the Caribbean as an underwater photographer and how his Diver Propulsion Vehicle plays a critical role.

Jason has been a leader in the Cayman Islands water sports community. A 2017 International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame honoree, Washington’s focus both locally and abroad has been on protecting the delicate marine life found in the waters of the Cayman Islands.

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