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Underwater orienteering


Underwater Orienteering in Germany

Underwater Orienteering in Germany

Underwater orienteering - World Cup Modena 2016

1. round World Cup in Modena (Italy)
disciplines: 5 points, team event

European championship StoritzSee

ME StoritzSee

Underwater Orienteering 2015

UO/ germany in summer 2015

Underwater Orienteering - Orientierungstauchen - World Championchips 1985

The fascinating and dynamic sport Underwater Orienteering is a mixture of finswimming and orienteering race. It is recognised by the IOC in the categorie of Underwater Sports.

This movie was recorded at the World Championchips 1985 in Neuglobsow/ Germany.
Enjoy watching these breathtaking pictures!
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P.S. The Torpedo is the bottle with compressed air...

Underwater Orienteering 2015

underwater orienteering in germany 2015

Training camp 2017

Training camp of czech team in Liberec 2017

Start of season

Start of seson 2016 in Liberec

World Cup-Final in Underwater Orienteering

Награждение Эстонских спортсменов

Junior camp Liberec 2016

Junior camp in Liberec

2. World Cup 2016 - Jesenice (Czech)

2. round of World Cup 2016 in Jesenice.

European Championship Germany 2016

European Championship Germany 2016

JEC ´05 (Junior European Cup Orienteering)

From the 6th to the 9th Oktober 2005 the Junior European Cup was held in the surroundings of Graz, Austria.

More than 200 competitors from 17 nations were fighting against the rough terrain.

Forest Jump (A Short Freerunning/Orienteering Film)

A short film filmed to promote Orienteering and to make it more widely known, 'cooler' if you may by adding a twist of freerunning and parkour to it! The idea behind the video is where one competitor is dreaming about the race the next day and fantasizing about what it'll be like, doing flips through the forest and moving really efficiently, then suddenly at the end his opponent is beating him and so the only thing left to do is to throw he brikke at the control, and then he awakes from his dream, confident and motivated about the race. We shot this video for Moravian Orienteers which both Harry and I belong to and compete regularly! (well mainly me!)

I hope this video appealed to you and gave you the urge to try it out! To contact Moravian Orienteers for more information go to their website!

Find them on facebook!

SONG : My Span - Dj R Daddy

i hope you enjoy it! like, subscribe, favorite, share! :D

World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships 2014 - Official Trailer


Underwater orienteering in Kharkiv region

Finswimming in Germany

Underwater Orienteering - La Gravière du Fort, Holtzeim, juin 2015

best of - european championship underwater orienteering Spain 2012

best of - european championship underwater orienteering Spain 2012
Team Germany
Europameisterschaften im Orientierungstauchen Spanien 2012
Deutsche Nationalmannschaft

Amfiprion Olecko - Podwodna Orientacja / Underwater Orienteering

Materiał filmowy z II Ogólnopolskich Mistrzostw Płetwonurków w Orientacji Podwodnej Olecko 2012

Produkcja WhiYou [ Youdzin,Whiskas ]



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