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Underwater ice hockey


Extreme Underwater Ice Hockey

An all-new dangerous pastime from Austria - 'Under Ice Hockey', where you play underneath the ice instead of on top of it.

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underwater ice hockey

underwater ice hockey
Germany VS Austria

Forget ice hockey, the real action is underwater

It's a sport gaining traction around the world. Can you get into this? #LocalHeroes

Underwater Hockey - 2013 CMCs A Division - Game 33 Semi Final

The 2013 CanAm Midwestern Championships of Underwater Hockey A Division Semi-Final Play off game USA 2 vs. 209.

NHL Best of 2013 Season

Montage of the best highlights ; hit, saves, goals and moments of the 2013 season in the NHL.
Song (requested by MrNhlfreak30) : Metric - Breathing underwater.
Facebook :
2013 playoffs pump up video.
Thanks to nhlvideo, HockeyVideoHD, Fred murtz and Looler27 for the footage.

Ice hockey under ice

Extreeme under Ice hockey in LT.

Underwater hockey

В это воскресенье, когда за окном -35, успешно прошёл первый, открытый кубок Томской области по подводному хоккею с аквалангом. В трудной борьбе, порой жёсткой и бескомпромиссной были выявлены победители. В женском разряде - команда альфа-русалки! В мужском - команда барсучки!! Мои поздравления всем, кто принял участие, ждём 2й турнир!!

Hungarian ice hockey - Eye of the Tiger

Irány Moszkva és Szentpétervár! A magyar jégkorong-válogatott 2016-ban ismét az A-csoportos világbajnokságon szerepelhet majd annak köszönhetően, hogy a krakkói divízió 1/A vb utolsó mérkőzésén 2–1-re legyőzte a házigazda lengyel válogatottat, és a második helyen zárt. A mieink legutóbb 2009-ben, Svájcban találkoztak a sportági elittel

Hover-Surfing or Underwater Hockey | Which is the Next Big Thing?

The best sports videos on YouTube this week, featuring Laird Hamilton hover-surfing, ridiculous underwater ice hockey in Siberia, the best backhand ping pong shot ever, and more!

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Hardest working guy on Twitter -
Underwater ice hockey in Siberia! -
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Eric Koston's new trick -
Best backhand ping pong shot ever -

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WPT Wisconsin Life: Underwater Hockey

When this Sturgeon Bay hockey team says drop the puck, they really drop it - well below the sport's usual icy playing surface. Discover the wet and wild world of underwater hockey in today's Wisconsin Life sneak peek! Are you ready to suit up?

Watch full episodes of the all-new series, Wisconsin Life, Mondays in February on Wisconsin Public Television. Explore something new. Meet someone unexpected. Experience our state like never before. Take a look at the all-new Wisconsin Life television program coming in February. You already love the engaging audio series on Wisconsin Public Radio and now you can explore the character of Wisconsin on Wisconsin Public Television.

Learn something new, meet someone unexpected. What is your Wisconsin Life?

Underwater Hockey Freestyle 3 - Ocean Edition

Filmed in Croatia 2013

Surrender yourself to the med, and the med will surrender to you

Video editing by Elle

underwater hockey CAMO through GoPro

Underwater hockey practice at CAMO seen by Valerie Robert (GoPro).

Octopush - British Underwater Hockey

The unusual sport of Octopush - or underwater hockey - continues to thrive in the United Kingdom, its traditional home, after its creation back in the early 1950's.

Two teams of up to ten players compete, with six players on each team in play at once.

The remaining four players are continually substituted into play from a substitution area, which may be on deck or in the water outside the playing area, depending on tournament rules.

In-play members of both teams are free to swim anywhere in the play area and try to score by manoeuvring the puck into the opponents goal.

Games consist of two halves, typically ten to fifteen minutes.

In these championships at Ponds Forge in Sheffield 10 teams from across the country battled it out for the national championships. In the end, it was Southsea who took top honours with West London and Yorkshire coming second and third respectively.

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Game 147 (GBR vs RSA U19M) - 5th CMAS Underwater Hockey Age Group Worlds - Sheffield, UK (Court A)

Multistreaming with

Metric "Breathing Underwater" Habs vs Rangers Game 5 Hockey Night In Canada Opening

Breathing Underwater by Metric opens game 5 of the Montreal Canadiens and the New York Rangers on Hockey Night in Canada on May 27th, 2014.

Underwater Hockey Sebastopol

Playing underwater hockey with the guys at Ives Pool in Sebastopol, CA on one of the Thursday night trainings.

Underwater Hockey Experience

The best sport I've ever tried.
It isn't well known and I wanted to present it.

Playable in 3 dimension and snorkeling!
The thrills and adrenaline are waiting for you.

Directed by RobOne and I.M.A.O. production.
Video : RobOne.
Playlist : Arkasia and Excession ft. Messinian.

For BUWH and UWH - EPO clubs.

No for commercial use.
Promotion Only.
Creative commons.



Unterwasser Hockey Underwater Hockey Sheffield 2010

ZDF TV underwater Hockey

Underwater HockeyTV 101 Curling

This is a 101 series this volume includes how to curl and some of the key things to remeber, always like comment and subscribe, YOUR AWESOME!




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