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Underwater hockey


G236 (Reload) - EW GBR vs. FRA - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships

There were some internet connectivity issues during live stream of this game. Here is the entire game from the backup recording. Please let us know if there is another game that is missing some footage due to streaming issues and we will get it re-uploaded. Thanks!

G272 - EM FRA vs. NZL - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships - English Commentary


Underwater Hockey 4x4 Men's Team Finals: Singapore vs Philippines | 2019 SEA Games

A confident win for Team Singapore as they beat Philippines 5-0 to bring back a Gold at at the Underwater Hockey 4x4 Men's Teams Finals at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

Watch and listen in to Coach David Lambert and Captain Jonathan Chan had to say about their match in our exclusive interviews!

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Philippine Men's Underwater Hockey Team 2019 SEA Games

Underwater hockey or ‘Octopush’ makes its SEA Games debut in this year’s edition of the biennial meet in the Philippines.

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SEA Games - UWH Game 2 PHI M vs INA M


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Underwater hockey 3x3 skills, fútbol subacuático

regates y fintas Colombianas en cámara lenta.

Realizado en Medellín Colombia, Complejo Acuático, piscina para actividades subacuáticas. Con la Colaboración del CLUB CARDUMEN.

Edición: Andrés García

Octopush - The British Underwater Hockey Championships

Two teams of up to ten players compete, with six players on each team in play at once.

The remaining four players are continually substituted into play from a substitution area, which may be on deck or in the water outside the playing area, depending on tournament rules.

In-play members of both teams are free to swim anywhere in the play area and try to score by manoeuvring the puck into the opponents goal.

Games consist of two halves, typically ten to fifteen minutes (depending on tournament rules; 15 minutes at world championship tournaments) and a short half-time interval.

At half time the two teams switch ends.

There are several pieces of specialist equipment that are required to be worn during matches, some for protective reasons as the sport - with most of the action taking place out of sight and underwater - having a reputation as a hard contact sport.

Ep 014 Underwater Hockey Basics

Over and underwater, GAMEPLAN lets you in on the action! Learn the basics of underwater hockey in this episode.

MI 2019 Underwater Hockey same day edit


G228 - EM AUS vs. TUR - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships

Hockey But Underwater?! | SWIM & SHARE x Darren Winata | Underwater Hockey Indonesia

SWIM SHARE Vol.3 x Darren Winata
Keseruan berenang sambil sharing tentang Underwater Hockey bersama kapten Pelatnas Underwater Hockey Indonesia: Darren Winata. Congrats untuk Tim UWH Putra Indonesia berhasil meraih 1 medali perak dan 1 medali perunggu, dan Tim UWH Putri Indonesia yang berhasil meraih 2 medali perunggu di Sea Games 2019 lalu. Semoga bermanfaat dan enjoy the video! :)

Menurut kalian, next siapa yang harus diundang berkolaborasi dengan gue di SWIM & SHARE Volume selanjutnya? Tulis di kolom komentar ya pendapat kalian! :))

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Record : GoPro Hero 6 Black
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G94 - EW USA vs. FRA - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships

Underwater Hockey (Octopush)

Queens University Underwater Hockey Club joined us for a come and try it sesson. It was a fast paced exciting and fun evening. Watch our Facebook page for more oportunities to get involved.

Underwater Hockey - Brisbane Australia

with thanks to Ch10's Totally Wild - ( ) this is a segment on underwater hockey that aired on 17th Dec 2012 in Australia. It was recorded in Brisbane but underwater hockey is played all around the world. If you would like to play, Google or Facebook underwater hockey for details of your local club.

Game 206 (TUR vs GBR U24M) TURKISH - 5th CMAS Underwater Hockey Age Group Worlds - Sheffield, UK

Multistreaming with

G236 - EW GBR vs. FRA - 20th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships

20180405 Singapore OTH Tampines Underwater Hockey

Visiting Shanghai Azures UWH team vs Stirling Underwater Hockey Club (Shanghai) in the 3 meters pool

Selected videos with me (Ricky Ng-Adam) in it. I'm the blue fins, red long swim trunks with gold star, whitecap, black stick playing (poorly) as a right wing forward.

We got completely trashed. I've got no control of the puck, just pushing it in front instead of getting it close to my body, no stamina and no breath hold.

EP 016 Underwater Hockey Training

The Philippine Underwater Hockey Confederation is sending a team to the World Championships! See the team in training, led byPUHC/ Polo Puck Pirates' Alex Colet.

Women's Underwater Hockey

Woman playing underwater hockey.
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