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Running a 50 Mile Ultramarathon Alone - 2020 Style

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That's right, I ran a 50 mile ultra alone! Planned out the course, took all my own nutrition and hydration, no pacers, no crew, just me against the miles. Here I'll show you the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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Table of Contents:
0:00 - Good Morning
1:28 - Getting to Prophetstown
2:58 - Starting the watch!
10:58 - Lap 1 done
14:06 - 20 miles in
17:35 - 3 laps and 30 miles done
20:05 - Hard going alone
22:05 - 8 miles to go
24:54 - Finishing strong!
27:25 - Recap

Running the Triple Crown Documentary Series

If you are working from home like me, here are a couple tips, tricks, and tools to become a better runner while you work!
* Balance Board:
* Stability Disc:
* Wooden Slant Board:

610 W. Navajo #3888
West Lafayette, IN, 47906

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#50miler #ultrarunning #trailrunning

UltraMarathon Man: 50 Marathons • 50 States • 50 Days

2006 - The inspirational film, UltraMarathon Man: 50 Marathons • 50 States • 50 Days, features renowned endurance athlete and best selling author Dean Karnazes in his attempt to run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days to raise awareness for youth obesity and to get America active. A beautiful and epic journey across the United States, during which Dean pushes the limits of human endurance, inspiring thousands across the country to join him along the path while uniting people of all ages and abilities to take “the next step.”

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Running 100km Ultramarathon through the Blue Mountains - 100 Reasons - (Full Movie)

100 reasons. Running the North Face 100km.
The Blue mountains in Australia are host every year to The North Face 100km ultra marathon. It's an incredible site to see over 1200 odd runners facing such a grueling event in this ever-growing extreme sport.
Adventure Types and Lisa Tamati had the privilege of making a documentary on this race the journey of six ordinary people doing this extraordinarily difficult race. Its an emotional journey and an insight into just how far the human spirit can go.
Ultramarathon running as a sport has boomed in the past decade and now thousands of everyday people are challenging themselves in extreme events all over the earth. It reflects on our basic human need to push ourselves in nature, to find out what we are made of when faced with tough physical and mental challenges. Our pioneering spirit comes to the fore and our ability to overcome huge obstacles to endure and succeed powers these runners to greatness.
Running Hot - By Lisa Tamati & Neil Wagstaff

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When extreme endurance athlete, Lisa Tamati, was confronted with the hardest challenge of her life, she fought with everything she had. Her beloved mother, Isobel, had suffered a huge aneurysm and stroke and was left with massive brain damage; she was like a baby in a woman's body. The prognosis was dire. There was very little hope that she would ever have any quality of life again. But Lisa is a fighter and stubborn.

She absolutely refused to accept the words of the medical fraternity and instead decided that she was going to get her mother back or die trying.

This book tells of the horrors, despair, hope, love, and incredible experiences and insights of that journey. It shares the difficulties of going against a medical system that has major problems and limitations. Amongst the darkest times were moments of great laughter and joy.

Relentless will not only take the reader on a journey from despair to hope and joy, but it also provides information on the treatments used, expert advice and key principles to overcoming obstacles and winning in all of life's challenges.

Running For Freedom: My Journey as an Ultra Marathon Runner

Running For Freedom is now available on Amazon Prime Video:

Gerald Tabios, Filipino Ultra Runner, runs his 5th Badwater 135, considered as the world's toughest footrace. Together with his crew, Gerald has to run 2 deserts, climb 3 mountains, run 135 miles during record-breaking heat across Death Valley within 48 hrs.


Transvulcania Ultra Marathon 2019

2007 Badwater: David Goggins finishes: AdventureCORPS Badwater Ultramarathon

David Goggins finishes third in the 2007 Badwater Ultramarathon in 25 hours and 49 minutes. Goggins shares his experience in the race and receives his award.

Badwater Ultramarathon™ is the world's toughest foot race. This legendary, epic, 135 mile running race travels non-stop in the heat of Summer from Badwater in Death Valley (elev. 282 feet below sea level) to Whitney Portal on Mt. Whitney (elev. 8360 feet). Field size is limited to up to 90 runners. Visit the race's dedicated website at

BORN TO RUN | Ultramarathon 2018

On May 19, 2018 I finally got the opportunity to participate in the annual running of the Born to Run ultramarathon organized by race director Luis Escobar. Filled with organized events like the beer mile, talent shows, live music and more - it was a beautiful coming together of dirtbags and families alike along with some notables in our sport like Scott Jurek, Jenn Shelton and others.

And oh yes, there was some running involved.

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Ultrarunning Tips for Newbies

Coach Alex Ho - recent Western States 100 Mile finisher - is back sharing his best ultrarunning tips for newbies.

Alex digs into everything you need to know about racing beyond 26.2 miles, including the following:

- How do you know when you're (really) ready to start?

- Hong long does it take to prepare for an ultra?

- What's a typical week of ultra training look like?

- What Alex eats weekly.

- What gear he uses, and that you should consider.

- Shoes, shoes, and more on shoes!

- Problems to expect (and hopefully avoid) over months of heavy training and in the long runs themselves.

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UNBREAKABLE: The Western States 100 - Feature Film - Limited Release

Unbreakable: The Western States 100 follows the four lead men on this amazing journey. Hal Koerner, two time defending Western States champion, and running store entrepreneur from Ashland, Oregon. Geoff Roes, undefeated at the 100-mile distance, an organic chef from Juneau, Alaska. Anton Krupicka, undefeated in every ultramarathon he has ever started, a graduate student living in Boulder, Colorado. Kilian Jornet, the young mountain runner and two time Ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc champion, from Spain.

While their lives may be quite different, the goal is the same: win the Western States 100-mile run. A win will require breaking the course record and running the fastest time in the history of the race. An epic showdown ensues, from Squaw Valley, CA in Lake Tahoe, up though the high snow covered Sierra Nevada Mountains, down through the extreme heat of the American River Canyons and finishing in Auburn, CA.

Though all four are undefeated, three must break and only one can remain Unbreakable.

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Cliff Young Shuffle - Ultramarathon Runner - Never Give Up!

Cliff Young participated in the 1983 Sydney to Melbourne race at the age of 61.

He is a farmer and when he strolled up to the starting line, in his gumboots and jacket, everyone looked at him and laughed. They thought he was a silly old man with no idea what he was getting in to. Little did they know...

While everyone else ran for about 18 hours and then slept for 6, Cliff never stopped running.

He ended up running for 5 and a half days straight. Smashing his competition and breaking the course record by more than 12 hours.

Never give up. Cliff, you're an inspiration to us all.

Courtney Dauwalter | Ultra running documentary film exploring Courtney's source of will | The Source

The Source is a documentary film that explores elite ultra runner Courtney Dauwalter's source of will. How does the candy-loving, beer drinking athlete crush 200+ mile races, in some cases, beating all the men and the women?

The film gives viewers a front row seat as Courtney races the Tahoe 200 and lends insight.

Podcast credit:
Joe Rogan Experience

Candice Burt

You can follow Courtney at

Big thank you to our sponsors
Squirrel's Nut Butter
Honey Stinger

Produced and Directed by Dream Lens Media

Directors Carrie & Tim Highman
Follow along

Worlds Toughest Ultra Marathon - 250km Atacama Crossing - Ben Seymour X Under Armour AU

Instagram: @seemorebenny
The Atacama Crossing (Chile) is part of the 4 Deserts Race Series, named by TIME magazine as one of the Top 10 Endurance Competitions in the world.
The Atacama Desert is recognized as the driest place on earth. The entire Atacama Crossing is held at least 2.3 kilometers / 1.4 miles above sea level and covers the distance required to make a horizontal crossing of the country of Chile (250 kilometers / 155 miles).
Daytime temperatures in October average 35°C / 95°F, while night time temperatures average 5°C / 41°F. Temperatures, however, range widely and the desert climate can be extremely hot during the day and cold at night.

I would like to thank Alec Baker (@alecbakerfilms) for following my journey and putting this together. Also my sponsors - Under Armour Australia.

Race - Atacama Crossing by Racing The Planet
Race Gear and Equipment - Under Armour AU, Sea To Summit AU, TacSource AU
Training - BeFit Training Sydney
Nutrition - Alicia Edge - Compete Nutrition
Supplements - Mr Vitamins Australia
Coffee - Before You Speak Coffee


I got to follow my fiancé Elin when she attempted to run her first Ultra Marathon: a 50k race in Norway called Romeriksåsen på langs. It was such a cool expereince to see her fighting hard to finish her first ultra, hope you like this documentary I created about how Elin bacame an Ultra Marathon Runner. Do you like my videos and want to support me so I can create more? Check out my patreon page:

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New Zealand Alps 2 Ocean 323km Ultra Marathon

Alps 2 Ocean takes endurance athletes from the Base of Mount Cook to the ocean town of Oamaru.
2019 edition of the race.
Jacqui Heads back to New Zealand in 2020 to have another crack.
Filming and edition by Colin Clarke Media.

Joe's Rocky Raccoon 100 Ultramarathon - Sub 24 or Bust - 2019

So many great stories at the RR100 this past weekend. Check out Joes.

Joe heads over to Huntsville State Park to Run the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler. This is his first time running the distance and his goal is to go sub 24. Will he do it? Check out the video to find out.

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* My Podcast!

In August of 2018, I headed to Colorado and paced the last 50 miles of the incredible Leadville 100 Ultramarathon. Coming from Indiana and spending a week at elevation for this race was not easy! Enjoy this long form video where I share all the ins and outs of what it takes!

#leadville #leadville100 #colorado


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How To Fuel For An Ultramarathon?

Today we show you how to fuel for an ultramarathon with special guest, and UCAN expert Coach Mario Fraioli. We talk about the differences between fueling for an ultramarathon and road races, how to plan your nutrition around the course, how to carry your food and fluids, and how often you should be eating and drinking during your race.

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Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2019 - Tarawera Ultramarathon

Relive the second race of The Ultra Trail World® Tour 2019 in New Zealand.

The Comrades Marathon | The World's Greatest Ultra Marathon

This is the 2018 Comrades Marathon, a ‘Down Run’ from Pietermaritzburg to Durban in South Africa run over 90km. This is the first year that the World’s Greatest Ultra Marathon will finish at the iconic Moses Mabhida stadium in the Durban CBD. One year’s training, one goal, Asijiki, there’s no turning back.

Deux by dyalla
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Wanderlust by Scandinavianz
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Lovely Swindler by Amarià
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