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Running 100km through the Blue Mountain - 100 Reasons - Ultramarathon Documentary

100 reasons. Running the North Face 100km.
The Blue mountains in Australia are host every year to The North Face 100km ultra marathon. Its an incredible site to see over 1200 odd runners facing such a gruelling event in this ever growing extreme sport.
Adventure Types and Lisa Tamati had the privilege of making a documentary on this race the journey of six ordinary people doing this extraordinarily difficult race. Its an emotional journey and an insight into just how far the human spirit can go.
Ultra marathon running as a sport has boomed in the past decade and now thousands of everyday people are challenging themselves in extreme events all over the earth. It reflects on our basic human need to push ourselves in nature, to find out what we are made of when faced with tough physical and mental challenges. Our pioneering spirit comes to the fore and our ability to overcome huge obstacles to endure and succeed powers these runners to greatness.
Lisa Tamati co producer of this documentary is an ultra marathon runner wither 20 years experience competing in the worlds toughest endurance events for more inspirational training, racing and health and fitness and mindset videos please subscribe to our channel and check out our coaching website or visit Lisa's website at

BORN TO RUN | Ultramarathon 2018

On May 19, 2018 I finally got the opportunity to participate in the annual running of the Born to Run ultramarathon organized by race director Luis Escobar. Filled with organized events like the beer mile, talent shows, live music and more - it was a beautiful coming together of dirtbags and families alike along with some notables in our sport like Scott Jurek, Jenn Shelton and others.

And oh yes, there was some running involved.

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The Badwater Ultramarathon - 217km through Death Valley - Running adventure

Lisa Tamati is an Adventure Athlete at The North Face, Author of two running books Running Hot and Running to Extremes and is a fitness and mindset coach @Runninghotcoaching

Here the 20/20 crew accompany her through the Badwater Ultramarathon through Death Valley in the USA. This is one of the toughest running races on earth.
This is an experpt from the documentary done by 20/20 of Lisa Tamati's race at the infamous Badwater ultra marathon.
This race is 217km non stop with over 5500m in ascent and temperatures up to 57 degrees celcius. This is what makes this challenge incredible and brutal.
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Fat Dog Ultramarathon 2016

Fat Dog 120 Ultramarathon movie in 4K
122.3 mile mountain trail race

La Ultra - The High : The cruelest & highest altitude ultra marathon out there

La Ultra - The High ( is the cruelest & highest altitude ultra marathon out there. It's held in Leh-Ladakh region in the Indian Himalayas. A total distance of 222 km have to be covered on foot in a time period of 60 hours, crossing two of the highest mountain passes at 17,700ft and 17,400ft. Oxygen content at times can be as low as 40% of sea-level. Four years ago it was said to be an impossible run when discussed with experts from the army and others. In 3 years time, 16 people have shown that it can be done. The beauty of this event is that average people team up to make this impossible event happen.

Of course it's bloody crazy. But then why do it, if was easy!

Top 5 things I wish I knew before my first Ultra Marathon

Here are tips and tricks and 5 things I wish I knew before running my first Ultra Marathon. While there are many lessons learned, these are my top 5 to help you run your first ultra marathon, gain endurance and train for your first ultramarathon. Buy my running vest on Amazon here:

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How I prepare for an ultra marathon:


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Badwater UltraMarathon documentary

Amazing complete story of the Badwater first time experience through the eyes of Akos Konya, Gary Roberts, Anissa Roberts, Karsten Solheim. top ten from this year includes includes Scott Jurek, Charlie Engle, Ferg Hawke, David Goggins, Dean Karnazes, Monique Muhlen, and Stephane Pellisier


How to work through and train for leg fatigue!
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My First Ultramarathon || The 2017 Oregon Coast 50k

Kim runs her first and last ultramarathon, the 2017 Oregon Coast 50k.

A week before I run 100k ultra marathon

What i did and my thoughts leading up to running a 100k ultra marathon

3 Types of Long Runs as Workouts for half marathons to ultra marathon | Sage Running Training Tips

Long Runs vary and are essential to a well-rounded distance running program!

Training For An Ultramarathon | Use This Leg Saving Tip!

In this video we give you our best tip for saving your legs in training for an ultramarathon! We know how much impact your body takes in training for & racing an ultra, so we're here to make it a little more manageable for you!

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I Made An Ultra Marathon Training Plan

My vlogging kit -

This is the first of weekly vlogs. I will make a video every week on how my training for 100km ultra marathon is going on.

Ultra marathon training is tough and this video shows how I am gearing up to tackle the monster.

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Training Plan for Bhatti Lakes 100 km -

Training Plan For La Ultra -

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Ultramarathon Training [6x10km]

Ultra marathon training with Elov olsson.

Train for an Ultra.

6x10km 4min/km

Resumen Ultramaratón Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2016

Pequeño resumen de la Ultramaratón Transvulcania Naviera Armas que tuvo lugar el 7 de mayo de 2016 en la isla de La Palma (Islas Canarias).

La Ultramaratón Transvulcania es la prueba que abre el Circuito Mundial de Skyrunning.

En esta edición resultaron ser los vencedores Luis Alberto Hernando en categoría masculina e Idda Nilsson en categoría femenina.

The World's Greatest Ultramarathon - The Comrades Marathon 2017

The World's Greatest Ultramarathon, The Comrades, is run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, or vice versa, every year. 20 000 people annually attempt the challenge.

How To Pack For An Ultramarathon

Running an ultramarathon can be hard enough. Packing your gear can be even harder. Our video producer breaks down what he carries with him to stay on his feet for a day. (Or longer!)

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In this video:
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Join me as I race one of the best Ultras in the midwest, the Jackson County 50 Mile Ultramarathon. Over 9000ft of elevation gain over 50 miles in the rugged forests of Southern Indiana.

Hopefully my efforts to document this race will encourage you to go run, push up against your limitations, and attempt something bigger than you think you can do!

All music that accompanies this film was written by Ryan Clayton.

Thanks for watching my race documentary!

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Moab 240 UltraMarathon Longest Trail Race in the USA Full Race Report

The Moab 240 (or 200) is a massive remote loop on trails around Moab Utah. Destination Trail put on an ambitious inaugural year for this event. 134 people entered. 129 Started. 98 finished. Temperatures dropped into the single digits and went up to the high 80's during the day. Altitude roamed up to 10,500 ft. And the terrain was varied and bold.

S01E03 | Running For Life | Badwater UltraMarathon Race 2014 - Documentary | Carlos Sá Ultra Runner

S01E03 | Running For Life | Badwater UltraMarathon Race 2014 - Race Documentary | Carlos Sá Ultra Runner

Las Vegas Timelases: Philip Bloom:

Carlos Sá participa pela segunda vez na Badwater, após ter vencido a prova em 2013 regressa para viver as mesmas emoções.

Carlos Sá and the The world's Toughest foot race

The Badwater 135 is the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet. It covers 135 miles (217km) non-stop from Lone Pine, CA to the summit of Horseshoe Meadow (elev. 10,000 feet / 3048m), then across the Owens Valley to a 5,500 foot dirt road ascent to the ghost town of Cerro Gordo, followed by a trek to the entrance to Darwin, and then a final dramatic ascent to the highest paved point on Mt. Whitney, CA, The start line is at Lone Pine, CA, and the race finishes at Mt. Whitney Portal at 8,360’ (2530m). The Badwater course covers three mountain pass ascents for a total of over 17,000’ (5,800m) of cumulative vertical ascent and 12,700’ (4450m) of cumulative descent. Whitney Portal is the trailhead to the Mt. Whitney summit, the highest point in the contiguous United States.



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