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Worlds Toughest Ultra Marathon - 250km Atacama Crossing - Ben Seymour X Under Armour AU

Instagram: @seemorebenny
The Atacama Crossing (Chile) is part of the 4 Deserts Race Series, named by TIME magazine as one of the Top 10 Endurance Competitions in the world.
The Atacama Desert is recognized as the driest place on earth. The entire Atacama Crossing is held at least 2.3 kilometers / 1.4 miles above sea level and covers the distance required to make a horizontal crossing of the country of Chile (250 kilometers / 155 miles).
Daytime temperatures in October average 35°C / 95°F, while night time temperatures average 5°C / 41°F. Temperatures, however, range widely and the desert climate can be extremely hot during the day and cold at night.

I would like to thank Alec Baker (@alecbakerfilms) for following my journey and putting this together. Also my sponsors - Under Armour Australia.

Race - Atacama Crossing by Racing The Planet
Race Gear and Equipment - Under Armour AU, Sea To Summit AU, TacSource AU
Training - BeFit Training Sydney
Nutrition - Alicia Edge - Compete Nutrition
Supplements - Mr Vitamins Australia
Coffee - Before You Speak Coffee

Gobi Desert Ultramarathon race -250km across the Gobi

The Gobi Desert ultra marathon is held every year in china. Part of the Racing the Planet desert series and each year around 200 runners from around the globe test their mettle against the elements and the landscapes.
This run takes place over 7 days and sees runners racing through a range of terrains from mountains to the feared and burning hot Turpan depression. Through villages to the energy sapping sand dunes.
Lisa Tamati has been running ultra marathons in every corner of the earth for over 20 years. This documentary follows the highs and lows of her race. The battles and obstacles, the cameraderie and the dramas when one of the runners falls victim to the conditions.
Ultra marathon racing is an extreme sport that takes runners of varying abilities to their limits and beyond.

The gruelling conditions, the temperatures the distances, the full weight of bacpacks filled with everything the runners need for an entire week make these challenges brutally hard.

But the athletes are anything but elite. People from all walks of life take on the challenge and give it their all.
The documentary is an emotional journey that gives the viewer a fly on the wall look at the world of extreme sport and what it takes to run the Gobi Desert.
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In the meantime we would like to offer our viewers a free running ebook written by Lisa and exercise physiologist Neil Wagstaff and give you access to a free marathon training plan. You can get them at this link

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2018 Badwater® 135 Race Documentary

Documentary featuring the 2018 edition of the world's toughest foot race, the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon: ©AdventureCORPS®, Inc. All rights reserved. Footage may not be used for any purpose without the express written consent of AdventureCORPS®, Inc.

Video shot and edited by Jeric Wilhelmsen - with assistance and additional camera work by Victoria Negri - and produced by AdventureCORPS, Inc.

AdventureCORPS, Inc. hosts the Badwater® 135 annually in July of each year. Recognized globally as the world's toughest foot race, this legendary event pits up to 100 of the world's toughest athletes—runners, triathletes, adventure racers, and mountaineers—against one another and the elements. Covering 135 miles (217km) non-stop over the most epic terrain imaginable, starting at Badwater Basin and finishing at the end of the road on Mt. Whitney, it is the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet. The 41st anniversary edition, featured here, took place July 23-25, 2018. More info at

My First Ultramarathon || The 2017 Oregon Coast 50k

Kim runs her first and last ultramarathon, the 2017 Oregon Coast 50k.

REI Presents: How To Run 100 Miles

In September 2017, I stepped up to the starting line of the Run Rabbit Run 100 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, alongside my friend Jayson Sime. The race is a 102.9-mile ultramarathon with 20,000 feet of elevation gain, which is no small feat for a couple of guys who don’t know what they’re doing.

Jayson had talked me into it, and if I were to be completely honest, I’d say we were there to test out his life philosophy, which is basically that you can do anything you dream up, as long as you put in the work and refuse to quit. That ethic has worked for him in almost every other area of life, despite growing up in poverty, one of six children with no father, and dyslexia.

In the six months leading up to the race, we figured since we weren’t naturally talented runners, the best thing we could do is work hard. So we ran 50- to 70-mile weeks all summer, and went through a full range of feelings: fear, regret, sadness, FOMO, hunger, thirst, exhaustion, pain, and joy. And gluttony, which is not a feeling, but what happens after you run 20 or more miles.

How did the race go? You can watch our film, How to Run 100 Miles, to find out. No spoilers here.

Directed and produced by Brendan Leonard

Co-Directors: Hilary Oliver and Aidan Haley
Editor: Aidan Haley
Cinematography: Brendan Leonard and Hilary Oliver
Animation: Brendan Leonard and Eric Bucy

Steamboat Springs Unit:
Director of Photography: Forest Woodward
Additional Cinematography:
Aidan Haley, Brody Leven, Syd Jones, Jayson Sime, and Brendan Leonard

Original Score: Cleod9 Music
Featured Performers: Ian McLeod, Peter Mulcahy, and Matt Sedivy
Audio Post Production: Scotty Beam/Cleod9 Music

Performed by Atmosphere
Written & Produced by Atmosphere
S. Daley for Upsidedown Heart Music (ASCAP) & A. Davis for Ant Turn That Snare Down (ASCAP)
Taken from the album When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold
Used Courtesy of Rhymesayers Entertainment, LLC

Run Rabbit Run
U.S. Forest Service
Meghan Hicks
Joe and Kathy Leonard
Cheryl Sime
Anders Norblom
Kate Duch
Paolo Mottola
Syd Jones and Debi Sule
Angie Lundstedt
Brody Leven
Christian Folk
Luke Nelson
Bodie Johnson
Jessica DiCarlo
Mr. Rider

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I Made An Ultra Marathon Training Plan

My vlogging kit -

This is the first of weekly vlogs. I will make a video every week on how my training for 100km ultra marathon is going on.

Ultra marathon training is tough and this video shows how I am gearing up to tackle the monster.

My Future Running Plan - UTMB 2018 -

Training Plan for Bhatti Lakes 100 km -

Training Plan For La Ultra -

Gear used for filming-

Canon 700D -

GoPro Hero 4 Silver -

Photron Stedy Pro 560 Tripod -

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Ultrarunning Tips for Newbies

Coach Alex Ho - recent Western States 100 Mile finisher - is back sharing his best ultrarunning tips for newbies.

Alex digs into everything you need to know about racing beyond 26.2 miles, including the following:

- How do you know when you're (really) ready to start?

- Hong long does it take to prepare for an ultra?

- What's a typical week of ultra training look like?

- What Alex eats weekly.

- What gear he uses, and that you should consider.

- Shoes, shoes, and more on shoes!

- Problems to expect (and hopefully avoid) over months of heavy training and in the long runs themselves.

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Training For An Ultramarathon | Use This Leg Saving Tip!

In this video we give you our best tip for saving your legs in training for an ultramarathon! We know how much impact your body takes in training for & racing an ultra, so we're here to make it a little more manageable for you!

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Transvulcania Ultra Marathon 2018

Transvulcania Ultra Marathon 2017

66386_009 Preview

How To Pace For Your Ultra Marathon

Worried about starting to fast on your next ultra? Or not fast enough? If you aren't sure what the best pace for you is, check out this video where coach Alex breaks down 3 tips for you that will help you finish your next ultra at your best.

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3 Types of Long Runs as Workouts for half marathons to ultra marathon | Sage Running Training Tips

Long Runs vary and are essential to a well-rounded distance running program!



BORN TO RUN | Ultramarathon 2018

On May 19, 2018 I finally got the opportunity to participate in the annual running of the Born to Run ultramarathon organized by race director Luis Escobar. Filled with organized events like the beer mile, talent shows, live music and more - it was a beautiful coming together of dirtbags and families alike along with some notables in our sport like Scott Jurek, Jenn Shelton and others.

And oh yes, there was some running involved.

If you would like to support my work, consider donating to my Patreon page at:


© Billy Yang Films, LLC 2018

Twitter: @BillyYang
Instagram: @BillyYangFilms
Facebook: @BillyYangFilms

Details for this and future events can be found here:

My Life As… An Ultra-Marathon Runner – Samantha Gash

Samantha is running across India to support children’s education. Challenging people to virtually run or walk alongside her journey and raise funds for the communities she engages with.

Join us as we go behind the scenes with the unstoppable Sam while she breaks down the barriers preventing children in India from accessing a quality education.

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Transvulcania 2017, Ultra Marathon 74,3 km + 4.350 hm on La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

Transvulcania 2017 Ultramarathon - 100% Trailrunning with spectacular view on La Palma, Canaries, Spain.

THE UNKNOWN | The Hardrock 100

You really have to embrace the unknown. You can try all you want to script it - how you see the day going and have these plans. But the mountains don't care. They're indifferent to whatever plans, whatever hopes you have...

The 2016 Hardrock 100 was supposed to be a redemption race. In 2014, The North Face athlete Timothy Olson hit a figurative brick wall halfway through The Hardrock and was reduced to lying on the ground, sick and unable to continue for awhile. He eventually finished but wanted to prove to himself he could do better. He got that opportunity in 2016 when he was selected to run the race again.

Unfortunately for Timothy, deja vu would rear its ugly head and a similar fate awaited him at the Hardrock...


© Billy Yang Films, 2017

Ultramarathon Mandatory Kit - Packing Race Gear

Ultramarathon Mandatory Kit - Packing Race Equipment for Ultrarunning.
As part of my ultramarathon training for Ultra Trail Snowdonia I run through my mandatory race gear and how I pack it for the race.
#ultrarunning #ultramarathon #trailrunning

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Mountain Fuel -
My shoes - S-Lab Sense Ultra here -
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Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2019 - Tarawera Ultramarathon

Relive the second race of The Ultra Trail World® Tour 2019 in New Zealand.

The Comrades Marathon | The World's Greatest Ultra Marathon

This is the 2018 Comrades Marathon, a ‘Down Run’ from Pietermaritzburg to Durban in South Africa run over 90km. This is the first year that the World’s Greatest Ultra Marathon will finish at the iconic Moses Mabhida stadium in the Durban CBD. One year’s training, one goal, Asijiki, there’s no turning back.

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Lovely Swindler by Amarià
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