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2018 Male Tumbling World Championships Finals

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Tumbling world championships womens final 2015

The Tumbling Womens individual finals at the World Championships in Odense, Denmark 2015

Girls: Power Tumbling

Aurora GAMES 2019

2018 Female Tumbling World Championships Finals

*Please note: This event was originally posted as the entire event by FIG, They should be given credit for this media and this is just a highlight reel/compilation.*

Extreme Freerunning & Tumbling | People Are Awesome

Farid Zitoun's extreme tumbling, parkour and freerunning skills are incredible! Check out his epic trick and flips performed on the streets of Paris.

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특공무술 연합수련!! 체조 수련중~ ^^Tumbling of Korean martial arts

All about Tumbling - We are Gymnastics!

Get to know Tumbling! With The World Games in view, the FIG is pleased to present an introduction to this fast-paced Gymnastics discipline. Find out how competition works, what the judges expect to see and who the champions to beat are.

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How To Whip | Tumbling Tutorial

In this Fast-Track Guide we show a few progressions that you can try to obtain the whip.

Timestamps For Easy Reference:

Progression #1: 1:19

Progression #2: 2:28

Progression #3: 3:36

Progression #4: 4:38

Progression #5: 5:13

Doing The Whip: 6:16

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Acrosports Adult Tumbling Class / Gymnastics

Join me on my lunch break at Acrosports in San Francisco, California. Acrosports is a Non-Profit community playground that host the best in gymnastics, tumbling, aerials, and parkour for all age groups. Check out their website for more details:

Pearman Fitness
San Francisco's #1 Celebrity Trainer


Brandon McCuien - Tumbling KING of the WORLD!

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Video made especially for Brandon McCuien! My motivator!
Всегда удивлялся ТАЛАНТУ Брэндена! Он просто УНИЧТОЖАЕТ ГРАВИТАЦИЮ СВОИМИ ПРЫЖКАМИ и именно по-этому сделал для него и для вас это видео!
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2018 Trampoline Gymnastics | Tumbling | Moments | ᴴᴰ

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Vadim AFANASYEV (RUS) - 2018 Tumbling European bronze medallist

26th European Championships in Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling, 12 - 15 April 2018, Baku (AZE)

Vadim AFANASYEV (RUS) competes in the tumbling final:

1° 37.700 (10.70)
2° 38.600 (11.50)

76.300 ... third place and European bronze medallist!

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Whitney Loves tumbling highlights....

Check out more cheer and tumbling videos at Romans channel

Gymnastics Tumbling | Whitney Bjerken

Whitney is in the gym! She is working hard to get better every day. In this video Whitney is working on her tumbling skills. Getting ready for the level 9 competition season includes perfecting double backs, fulls, whips, and layouts. Using the tumble track and the trampoline help to reduce the strain on feet and ankles while letting the gymnasts spend time up in the air.

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Trampoline Worlds 2011 Birmingham - Tumbling & Double Mini, Women & Men - We are Gymnastics!

17-20 November 2011
00:00 FIG logo
00:06 Views of Birmingham
00:31 Title
Tumbling Women
00:39 Intro
00:56 Start list
01:09 Anzhelika SOLDATKINA RUS 34.700 1st pass
02:02 Anna KOROBEYNIKOVA RUS 35.400 1st pass
02:57 JIA Fangfang CHN 35.600 1st pass
04:07 Standings
04:19 Anzhelika SOLDATKINA RUS 33.700 68.400 bronze medalist
05:18 Anna KOROBEYNIKOVA RUS 35.500 70.900 silver medalist
06:22 JIA Fangfang CHN 36.100 71.700 world champion
07:38 Final result
07:52 Podium
Tumbling Men
08:19 Start list
08:31 Tagir MURTAZAEV RUS 38.600 1st pass
09:38 ZHANG Luo CHN 38.900 1st pass
10:48 YANG Song CHN 40.100 1st pass
11:57 Standings
12:10 Andrey KRYLOV RUS 37.900 75.800 bronze medalist
13:10 ZHANG Luo CHN 37.600 76.500 silver medalist
14:20 YANG Song CHN 39.000 79.100 world champion
15:19 Final result
15:32 Podium
Double Mini-Trampoline Women
15:48 Introduction
15:57 Start list
16:09 Svetlana BALANDINA RUS 34.700 1st pass
16:52 Victoria VORONINA RUS 35.200 1st pass
17:31 Bianca ZOONEKYND RSA 34.400 1st pass
18:14 Standings
18:27 Svetlana BALANDINA RUS 35.500 70.200 world champion
19:12 Victoria VORONINA RUS 33.500 68.700 bronze medalist
19:51 Bianca ZOONEKYND RSA 35.300 69.700 silver medalist
20:35 Final ranking
20:48 Podium
Double Mini-Trampoline Men
21:01 Introduction
21:10 Start list
21:22 Alexander ZEBROV RUS 37.300 1st pass
22:04 Bruno MARTINI BRA 37.000 1st pass
22:50 Standings
23:02 Austin WHITE USA 37.000 72.800 Silver medalist
23:46 Evgeny CHERNOIVANOV RUS 36.800 71.800 bronze medalist
24:48 Bruno MARTINI BRA 36.300 73.300 world champion
25:30 Final result
25:42 Podium
26:07 End

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Tumbling Is Going Crazy

The difficulty of skills in Tumbling is skyrocketing! This video shows some skills of the new generation of tumbling.

A huge shoutout to a similar video about DMT.
Go check it out:

Also go support @tumbling_olympics for trying to get tumbling into the olympics:

Credits to:
Rasmus Steffensen
Anders Wesch
Vadim Afanasev
Adam Scharf
Alexander Lisitsyn
Austin Nacey
Kristof Willerton
Elliot Browne
Ethan McGuinnes

World Record Tumbling!

The Current World Record for Tumbling!

2015 Male Tumbling World Championships Finals

2015 Male Tumbling World Championships Finals
*Please note: This video was originally posted as the entire event by FIG,They should be given credit for this media.*

Russia - 2018 Tumbling European Champions, men's team

26th European Championships in Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling, 12 - 15 April 2018, Baku (AZE)

Russia tumbles to gold in the men's team final in Tumbling!

The lowest score was dropped, combining the top three scores for the team total.



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