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Tug of War Men & Women,

Tug of War is a global, team, power sport.
Tug of War International Federation is an officially recognized by IOC body that governs this sport.
The official web site:

This film was made out of the material taken @ The World Indoor Championships, The Netherlands 2017

TUG OF WAR Bodybuilders vs Football Players Inner Armour

NFL Veteran Bart Scott and Inner Armour Athlete Terron Beckham join the Bodybuilders to face off against NFL Prospects Joe Bolden, Kwame Bell, Anthony Kelly and Sebastian Johansson in a best out of three Tug of War competition. Purchase here:

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UK (Hollands / Hall) Vs USA (Shaw / Ostlund) In the final of the tug of war event, at ULTIMATE STRONGMAN - MAY 2014. Refereed by legendary Geoff Capes!

Terry Hollands retirement (of British events) is announced at the end of the event.

I am the creator and owner of the footage that was filmed and edited by myself at Ultimate Strongman.

Tug-o-war Championship - 8th grade - LCMS Field Day 2013

Tug-o-war Championship - 8th grade - LCMS Field Day 2013

Ms. Hodge's class wins!

LCMS Tug-o-war Champions History:
2013 Hodge
2012 Ashley
2011 Graham
2010 Easterly

Quaid-e-Azam Day Celebration Boyscand Girls Tug of War Match at NCC

Quaid-e-Azam Day Celebration Boyscand Girls Tug of War Match at NCC. Mr Rafique Pirzada Director Sports Pakistan Sports Board Karachi Center was the Chief Guest organize by Karachi Tug of War Association Mr Azmat Pasha was the Organizing Secretary.

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The Tug of War World Indoor Championships 2020 (Day3)

The Tug of War World Indoor Championships will be held for the very first time in Donegal . Teams from Donegal, all over Ireland and the rest of the world will be competing at the Aura Centre in Letterkenny from the 20th – 23rd February. Over 500 competitors will be pulling for club and country.

Truck Tug O War

A couple of guys decided to have a truck tug o war on the dirt track after a show. This was unplanned, so I shot a little video with my cell phone of some of the action. Looked like fun

Kentucky Football: Tug-O-War

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Goliath Grouper Underwater Fight Footage - Giant Fish Tug-o-War!

Goliath Grouper fishing 105ft of water on the Gulf of Mexico off of Boca Grande Florida with Another Keeper Charters and Captain Tom McLaughlin aboard the fishing vessel Redemption Song in March 2012. Underwater footage courtesy of the Captain himself! For more information on trips and most recent videos visit
All Goliath were released well and unharmed. Another Keeper Charters will be participating in the Goliath Grouper Research Project starting in May 2012, come aboard and be part of the research crew for a day!

Plank Tug-O-War Combo


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These exercises were so much fun to train and the time flew for everyone! Have them partner up with someone of their strength and get after these drills together for 3 rounds. You could add in your own twist maybe some partner ab drills or band stuff to create a longer phase. Have fun with it. Let me know if you have nay questions.

30 sec Left Plank Tug-o-war
30 sec Right Plank Tug-o-war
30 sec 4 point hops
30 sec pushups
30 sec ladders

3 rounds through then go hit your main workout phase!

GT FB: Tug Of War /// Spring 2018

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DMA: Belt Wars(Tug-o-War)

Tied the ends of belts to each other and pulled.


TUG of WAR – international competition.

Composition of the team – 10 people: 9 athletes, 1 coach.

Athletes older than 18 are allowed to take part in the competitions. Competitions are held among men from all weight categories. Only athletes from the other kinds of sports can take part in these competitions. The competitions are held in 2 disciplines:
– head-to-head 1х1;
– team-to-team 8х8.

A rope 33,9 m long and 10-12,5 cm in diameter is tied with a red ribbon in the middle; 4 and 5 m from the red ribbon the rope must be thwarted by white and blue ribbons correspondingly.

In the places of Tug-of-War competition, there shall be a control line for determination of a winner. Upon the referee’s signal, each team begins to pull the rope simultaneously until the winner is determined. Team-to-team competition consists of a maximum of three tries. If a team wins in two sets then the third one is not held. After each try the teams have a rest for no longer than 2 minutes.

Competitions are held under the current rules of the International Tug of War Federation.

Dragon Boat Racing Teams Compete In Epic Tug Of War (Storyful, Sports)

Dragon boat racing is a sport that’s popular worldwide and this Polish club is testing their players’ stamina with a demanding tug of war challenge! PG Smoki Północy, based in north Poland, is one of the youngest dragon boat clubs in the country but make up for their youth in raw determination.
This video shows spectators cheering on members of the club as they compete against an opposing team in the National Dragon Boat Competition to be ranked first in the Sport Open category!

Credit: YouTube/SmokiPolnocy
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Tug O War - Mitsubishi L200 vs Toyota HiLux

Tug O War - Mitsubishi L200 vs Toyota HiLux

Experience the Grittier Side of Tug of War

Tug of war is a real sport. And it’s hard. Once upon of time it was an official Olympic event, before it got cut for budget reasons. Today, a dedicated group of athletes still train and compete in the gritty sport on a global level. This isn’t the tug of war of your summer camp days.

#TugOfWar #Competition #Sports


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Never Give Up ! | Kazakhstan Tug of War Competition

High winning spirit from tug of war contestant in Kazakhstan.

Pelajaran dari seorang anak di Kazakhstan. Tidak pernah menyerah dalam perlombaan tarik tambang yang akhirnya membuat timnya menang. Lihat aksi heroiknya !

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2014 World Indoor Championships - Men 560 Kilos Final - First End

2014 World Indoor Tug of War Championships -- Men 560 Kilos Final - First End -- Chinese Taipei (blue and red shirts) vs England (white shirts)

Breaffy House Resort, Castlebar, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland

2015 UK Tug of War Championships – Men 600kg Final First End

2015 UK Outdoor Tug of War Championships – Men 600kg Final First End – England A (white shirts and black shorts (left) represented by Norton Tug of War Club, Staffordshire) vs Northern Ireland A (white shirts and blue shorts (right))

2015 UK Outdoor Tug of War Championships held at Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire on Saturday 1st August 2015.



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