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Tower running


Killer tower running workout

Using an incline trainer to prepare for a 30 floor sprint stair climb competition

Towerrunning: Millennium Tower Run Up 2015

Towerrunning World Cup 2015: Millennium Tower Run Up 2015 (Wien, Austria). Light: 48 poschodí, 843 schodov. Extreme: 144 poschodí, 2 529 schodov.

Tower-Run in Frankfurt: Weltrekord nach zehneinhalb Stunden

Christian Riedl läuft 71 Mal die Treppen des Tower 185 in Frankfurt hinauf. Das bedeutet Weltrekord für den promovierten Physiker mit den flinken Beinen.

Avaz Tower Running 2015 - Utrka za muškarce

Dnevna informativna novina

Tunnel to Towers from RUNNING Broadcast Series

London Marathon: Time called on Big Ben costume - BBC News

Lukas Bates had already given away his London Marathon costume, but now the Elizabeth Tower model has gone missing.

Mr Bates had run the marathon dressed as the famous clock tower to try to get into the Guinness World Records Book for fastest marathon time dressed as a landmark.

He didn't quite pull it off, though his delay crossing the finish line wasn't to blame.

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Extreme skyscraper stair race!

Piotr Lobodzinski of Poland and Suzy Walsham from Australia won the men's and women's races at the annual Vertical World Circuit climb in Hong Kong on Sunday.

All in the name of a good cause - and definitely not for those that like to take the elevator!
Klaxons marked the start of the Race to Hong Kong finale - the steps give you a big clue - competitors run up several flights of stairs in a race to the top
The finale was held at the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong - 1600 competitors in total and 2,120 stairs to ascend.
Men, women and children compete.. and there's even a section for the seniors - just don't ask how their knees held up after crossing the finish line!
There was an elite aspect too - 22 world-class athletes from 12 countries have battled each other in the Vertical World Circuit.
Darren Wilson finished first in Hong Kong in 11 minutes and 52 seconds.
Suzy Walsham won the women's category in 14 minutes and 14 seconds. Walsham was also crowned women's series champion with Piotr Lobodzinski coming first for the men.


Intense 400m Vertical Running Race - Red Bull 400

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400 meters...not too bad, right? We'll when you're running up a agonizing vertical ski slope, it's not's grueling. Really grueling. And the famous Planicaski jump in Slovenia is far from forgiving with it's insanely steep grade. Take a look at what just might be one of the toughest 400m race ever run.

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Red Bull 400: The hardest 400m Run in Europe

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On a beautiful and sunny Saturday, 164 runners from 9 countries competed against each other trying to conquer the famous ski jump in Planica. The hardest 400 m run was won by the Turk Arslan Ahmet in the men category (5:02:53), and by the Austrian Teresa Stadlober in the women category (6:46:44). The best Slovene runners were Petra Mikloša and her brother Matjaž, both placed second.

V lepem vremenu, sprva tudi na toplem soncu, se je v Planici 156 tekačev in tekačič iz 9 držav pomerilo v osvajanju velikanke. Najtežji tek na 400 metrov je med moškimi dobil Turek Arslan Ahmet, pri ženskah pa Avstrijka Teresa Stadlober. Najboljša Slovenca sta bila Petra Mikloša pri dekletih in njen brat Matjaž pri fantih, oba na drugem mestu. Tek je potekal po slavni smučarski letalnici navkreber, od dna doskočišča, pa vse do vrha zaleta.


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Stadium Stair Running Workout

There are so many different ways to get those miles in. Try switching up your usual run course with this stadium stair workout!

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KL Tower International Towerthon Challenge 2019

KL Tower International Towerthon Challenge 2019 official video.

An introduction to Tower Running - Total Motion Events - London, UK

Looking for a new challenge? Tower Running will challenge all!

NEXT TOWER RUNNING EVENT - NOV 24 2018, Broadgate Tower, London, UK

Enter - - PROMO CODE - EMZFIT20 (for 20% off all individual and family climbs)

Filmed/Edited - Rose Mac - - @Emzfitofficial

Tower Running na Uniwersytecie Opolskim

Tower Running na Uniwersytecie Opolskim

Basic Stair Running Technique

Basic Stair Running Technique

Tower (Stair) Running Training Tip

Lonnie Sommers explains tower (stairs) running, how to train for it and why it's different from other forms of running/exercise.

Willis (Sears) Tower Stair Climb Race

The toughest race in America - running 103 stories straight up! Running up the Sears Tower (Willis Tower) in Chicago.
The Sears Tower may no longer exist in name, but it's structure still stands 1,454 feet above the streets of Chicago. In 2009 this building saw a new name, The Willis Tower, and a new race SkyRise Chicago. The best stair climb athletes from the US, Canada, Mexico and Germany were on hand in the most competitive battle this stairwell has ever seen.
Special thank you to Mark Trahanovsky and West Coast Labels for helping to make this video possible and for promoting this amazing sport.
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Video Shot by: Tim VanOrden
Edited by: Tim VanOrden
Music by: Tim VanOrden (Garageband)
Titles by: Tim VanOrden
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Broadgate Tower Run Up 2019

If you’re thinking about this event don’t hesitate to ask any questions, fantastic opportunity to raise money to your chosen charity. You can set your challenge as hard as you want! If I get the chance to run again next year then I definitely would be honoured, Thank you to Matt and his team of amazing volunteers.

✨Elite climb - 5min 42sec
✨Single Climb - 5min 39sec
✨1/4 Vertical Mile - 5min 38sec, 5min 38sec, 5min 39sec (total 16:56)
✨Vertical Mile - 1hr 20min 13sec, only one lap above 7min

????Finished exactly the same position as 2018 elite climb 24/34
????last year was only the elite and vertical mile, my time together 2018 1:22:13 - this year faster 1:21:15
????877 step - this year total 14,909 step going up
????only 3 of us did all 17 laps, Felix Allen, Marc Toda Vericat and myself
????position: Elite 24/34, Single Climb 6/105, 1/4 Mile 3/48, Ultimate 3/8



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Entrenamiento #TowerRunning con la Maestra/Atleta Melisa López en el WTC CDMX 31-Marzo-2019. Saludos a todo el grupo!!

2018 Empire State Building Run Up from RUNNING Broadcast Series

1,576 Steps to the 86th Floor in the Empire State Building Run Up



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