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Touch football


2017 Touch Football Men's Open Trans Tasman Game One

Touch World Cup Final 2015 | Australia VS NZ


2017 Touch Football Women's Open Trans Tasman Game One

Men's highlights - NRL Touch Premiership rounds 3 & 4

A highlights reel of the Brisbane Broncos v North Queensland Cowboys and Newcastle Knights v Parramatta Eels #NRLTouchPremiership matches

2018 Women's Elite8 Final

Final of the 2018 Elite8 Women's Open Series played at Coffs Harbour, NSW in March 2018. Played between the NSW Scorpions and the QLD Broncos.

Most Epic Ball Controls In Football ● Amazing First Touch

Most Epic Ball Controls In Football ● Amazing First Touch

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Three Types of First Touches!

We're back! Three Types of First Touches in football and soccer!


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How to Improve your control/1st touch in football - Learn to play Soccer - STRskillSchool

In this video I give you lots of tips to help improve your control of a Football. Please feel free to ask more questions in the comments or via twitter. You control is the most important thing to learn as it allows you to do so much with the ball.

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Steve Roberts

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Learn 5 Epic 'First Touch' Football Skills

Receive a football with style using these amazing tricks!
With SSS Football

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With Edward Owusu & Conrad Halling Ibo from SSS Football.
SSS FOOTBALL is a group of talented football skillers.
Together with players from Stockholm like John Guidetti, Simon Tibbling, Toni-Prince Tvrtkovic and many more, SSS has produced beloved football content with quality that has provided tens of thousands enthusiastic followers and millions of views on social media.

SSS has worked with companies such as Nike Football, Stadium, Intersport & the Swedish Football Academy.
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Football Turns - First Touch | Tutorial

Football Turns! We're turning again, this time with our first touch!


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AllAttack is dedicated to showcasing and teaching the attacking skills utilized by the world’s best players. The world’s game has so many variations, there are so many different players with special skill sets, and that’s what makes it so great. Whether it be field intelligence, skill moves, passing, or finishing. Here we weekly break down the world class (or just things we think are cool) attacking attributes.

Juan Mata & Ronaldinho Incredible 1st Touch Tutorial - Control A Football Tutorial

How to Receive a Soccer Ball & How to Improve Your Ball Control & First Touch after a Pass, Cross or Shot. In this video I'll show you how to Improve Your Football Control Skills & Play Like Kroos, Messi, Robben & James Rodriguez. Wie kontrolliert man einen Fußball nach einem Pass oder einer Flanke richtig? In diesem Video lernt ihr sinnvolle Tricks & Übungen mit denen Ihr euer Ballgefühl, Ballannahme & Ballkontrolle verbessert! #TT Vol.49 JPFootball ► ►► Learn Soccer Skills & Tricks | Send us YOUR Tutorials!
Die besten Fußball-Tricks - Sende uns DEINE Tricks ! ⇓⇓⇓⇓


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Getting Better at Soccer: Ball Control

Soccer ball control
Ball control still remains a vital aspect of an effective soccer play. The ability to control the ball enables the player to create space and time to counter attack movements and also be able to protect the ball from being possessed by a challenging player. Every coach would recommend a player that ‘can do whatever he wants with the ball’, if i may quote this soccer trite, than a player that is fast enough and can easily make a powerful shot. The best part with ball controlling is that it can be learned and best enhanced through training and more practice. Let’s sample some of the tips on how to get better at soccer ball control.

Practice while on staying on toes
Standing on your heels while playing soccer can greatly affect your ball control ability as one is less stable and can easily stumble and fall. Practicing with your feet on toes, can assist your body to stay light and bouncy during a match and you are more apt to have power over how you control the ball. Learning on how to keep the ball in its line of flight by ensuring that the body weight is well distributed to allow for your forward,backward and sideways’ easy movements, is the integral part of this practice.
Train to handle the ball with both legs

Handling the ball with both legs is another important aspect of ball controlling. Having two magical feet to handle the ball is better than one. You can aptly play on both side of the pitch and be able to control the ball when it lands on the other leg that you rarely use to handle the ball. Focusing on the other leg that is not controlling the ball, can create a big difference in ensuring that you have the ball in control and this should not be ignored at any instance.

Practice using touches
Some touches like the sole may be difficult at first but with a constant practice you can be best assured that you will end up being perfect at them. You can try doing your warm ups with drills by trying to get 1000 touches within a training session that takes an approximately 20 minutes. You may then proceed into making as many touches as you can and working on your ball control.

It is best advised that you dedicate most of your training time to ball control to be perfect at it. The impulse of your training should entail on how you can easily handle and control the ball. With more practice on the tips on how to get better at soccer ball control, then you stand a better chance of being good at it.

How to Receive a Soccer Ball

In soccer game, you receive the ball constantly. Receiving is one of the most important skills in soccer.

The most common way to receive the ball is using the inside of your foot. This is the biggest part of your foot, so you have a large area to control the ball. You can also use the outside of the foot, or the sole. If want to immediately dribble forward upon receiving the ball, you should use the lace of your foot.


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Top 5 Useful Football Skills to learn! These skills are used by the 5 most skillful football players in the world. (Ronaldinho,Guidetti,Sanchez,Neymar & Ronaldo). In this video I show you how they work! Hope you enjoyed and if you did please give it a like and subscribe to my channel.

2018 National Touch League - Thursday Highlights

Highlights of the stadium action from the first day of play at the 2018 National Touch League, C.ex Coffs International Stadium.

IMPROVE YOUR TOUCH | Drills that will improve your football skills

Learn 5 more dribble football drills to do on your own. In today’s video JayMike will teach you 5 awesome football dribble drills that you can use to improve your mastery and control on the football. Doing these five football dribble drills on your own will improve your football skills and help you become a better dribbler like the greatest out there - as long as you put enough determination in it and do enough repetitions these drills will definitely help you get better at dribbling with the football. Using only cones to do these football dribble drills, you can improve your skills in no time with 8-10 reps per foot per drill and then do these a couple of times a week - and eventually you’ll be a true football dribble master.


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2018 Men's Elite8 Final

Final of the 2018 Elite8 Men's Open Series played at Coffs Harbour, NSW in March 2018. Played between the QLD Cowboys and the NSW Mavericks.

Women's highlights - NRL Touch Premiership rounds 3 & 4

A highlights reel of the Newcastle Knights v Parramatta Eels and Brisbane Broncos v North Queensland Cowboys #NRLTouchPremiership matches!

2015 World Cup Men's Open Grand Final - Australia v New Zealand

Highlights from the 2015 World Cup Men's Open Grand Final between Australia and New Zealand.

Basic Rules of Touch

Football Basics : How to Play Touch Football

In touch football, tackling is replaced by touching the opposing player with one or two hands. Play touch football on pavement with tips from a former college quarterback in this free video on football basics.

Expert: Ryan McCann
Bio: Ryan McCann was the starting quarterback for UCLA in 2000.
Filmmaker: Jared Drake

2018 National Touch League - Friday

Livestream of all the stadium action from the second day of play at the 2018 National Touch League, C.ex Coffs International Stadium

1991 Touch Football World Cup Mens Open Final 1st half

2nd Touch World Cup. Australian v New Zealand. Men's open Final
Australian team: 1. Bob Brindel, 2. Adrian Lam, 3. Jules Mann, 4 Scott Notley (captain), 5. Craig Pierce. 6. Darren Shelley, 7. Sam Ayoub, 8. Pat Grehan, 9. Jim Marinos, 10. Scott Mueller, 11. Shane Rigby, 12. Tim Villaba, 13. Julian Buckmaster, 14. Ray Somerville. Coach: Peter McNeven.



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