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Toe wrestling


World Toe Wrestling Championships

This is the one sport that England always wins.

Toe wrestling began in Derbyshire in1976 when a group of walkers at the Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn, in Wetton set about searching for a game that only the British could win. With a lack of any talent in existing sports, the decision was made to invent a new one and the weird event has been an annual event ever since.

Toe Wrestling is a bit like arm wrestling but with your feet.

There are two people in each bout and each contest is the best of three. The toe wrestlers start by locking right toes, then left, then right again.

In this year's men’s final, current World champion Alan ‘Nasty’ Nash out toed ‘Doc Toe Scholl’ to claim his 15th World title, his 7th win in succession. He first won it back in 1994.

In the ladies competition Lisa Shenton took the women’s title.

Toe Wrestling | Inside this Bizarre Sport with Alan "Nasty" Nash

Discover more about the world of Toe Wrestling with multiple world champion, Alan Nasty Nash.

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Toe Wrestling Championships!

Toe Wrestling | T-Wrex vs. Lord Rubix

Just like arm wrestling, this is actually a real sport.

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Extreme Toe Wrestling

Toe to toe action.

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Toe wrestling is a real sport in England | New York Post

The World Toe Wrestling Championships held its 31st annual event in the small English town of Fenny Bentley. Alan Nasty Nash took home his 14th crown at the quirky sport outing. That was just a walk in the park again, the champ said. Normal day at the office.

Jerry Vallotton - Wrestling Concepts - Toe, Knee, Chest and Nuts

One of the most inspirational and wonderful men I know came in and threw out his legendary toy box of wrestling moves broken down in a way people just seem to understand and retain. Jerry Vallotton is an amazing man and future folk hero. I'll tell stories about this guy to my kids one day.

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Sparkly Purple Toe-Wrestling Action

The horror and violence of the Toe Wars. Can you handle it?

World Toe Wrestling Championships 2013

Last weekend saw the annual World Toe Wrestling Championships being held in in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

The championships began in the 1970s and have been held annually at the Bentley Brook Inn since 2003. During this time the sport's greatest competitor, Alan Nasty Nash has won a record number of bouts and was back this year to defend his title.

The sport is like arm wrestling, but you use your legs instead Nash explained.

However, it is harder than arm wrestling because you have to have strength in your whole body to be good at it.

And Nash must know what he's on about, he triumphed over 20 other pedi-pugilists to hold on to his title, winning the championships for the tenth time.

బొటన వేలుతో కుస్తీ పోటీలు... | Toe Wrestling Championship | Unknown Sports | TVNXT Telugu

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Catch Wrestling: Countering De La Riva with Leg Locks: Snake Pit U.S.A.

Snake Pit U.S.A. Catch Wrestling Association presents Coach Joel Bane demonstrating a few options to counter the De La Riva guard as it is set into motion. For more with Coach Bane and The World's Premier Catch Wrestling Organization check us out at

Drop Toehold Slingshot Off the Ropes | Wrestling Moves

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My name is Larry Sharpe. We're here at the Monster Factory. We're going to demonstrate a Drop Toehold from a Headlock position Slingshotting off the ropes.

Pushes him into the rope, shoots him across the ring, sets up, drops down, gets that Drop Toehold. And, like I said before, he'll take that from there into the hold that he desires to get into, which there'll be many of, that we'll show later on. That is the Drop Toehold.

During the course of a wrestling match, a lot of times the wrestler will find himself backed into the rope. Mike will propel him off by pushing on his waist, shooting him into the ropes. Okay, he will drop down, hitting his hip, crossing his legs, into the Drop Toehold.

That is a Drop Toehold Off of the Ropes, which is the way it's done in a professional wrestling match, in the heat of the action.

Catch as Catch Can Wrestling Toe Hold Compilation

a grouping of my favorite CACC technique: the Toe Hold - taken from various demo/sparring videos

Catch Wrestling: Achilles Lock/Toe Hold Combo vs. Turtle Position: Legit Pro Wrestling

Snake Pit U.S.A. Catch Wrestling Association presents Coach Christopher Crossan Demonstrates a turtle attack into a tight Achilles Lock and Toe hold combo. Chris is not only an International Affiliate of Snake Pit USA, but a member of our prestigious Board of Directors and founder of the U.K’s based Legit Pro Wrestling! For England check out Chris’s page at: and for Snake Pit USA home of the world’s most elite Catch Wrestling Coaches and Athletes.

orteil de fer


Terry Funk vs. Aldo Marino: Championship Wrestling, June 29, 1985

No stranger to punishing opponents, Terry Funk used the spinning toe hold to inflict insurmountable pain to anyone who crossed his path.

leg lock 5 catch wrestling brasil montada baixa com toe hold

finalização da montada - toe hold

Toe Wrestling 2010

Alan Nasty Nash World Champion 2010 test wrestle with fan after winning Toe Wrestling Champoinship 12 June 2010



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