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Extreme Toboggan run Turracherhohe

2 and a half minutes of sheer pleasure

Atlantic toboggan (85)


Как сделать тобогган на BMX (How to Toboggan BMX)

RIDERS в твоем телефоне:

Тобогган — красивый и стильный трюк на BMX, его можно использовать в различных линиях, как в стриту, так и в парке. На вид он очень простой, но чтобы делать его круто нужно постараться. Артем Протасов один из немногих райдеров, кто умеет делать Toboggan хорошо.

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Eddie "The Eagle" Sets Toboggan Jumping World Record!

►CLICK for the full story on Eddie's epic feat:
What happens when an Olympic skier takes up the sport of tobogganing? World records, that’s what. If you didn’t know who Eddie the Eagle Edwards was before, you most certainly should now – the Hollywood biopic about his life, starring Hugh Jackman, has now been released worldwide. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, we’ll give you the basics: a construction worker from England realizes his only chance at the Olympics is by entering as Britain’s only ski jumper, a sport he’s never done before – and a dangerous one at that.

But this video isn’t about the Hugh Jackman, the movie, or even about ski-jumping. It’s about tobaggan-jumping – and Eddie the Eagle is the new (and only) world record-holder.


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Pfingstegg Toboggan Run In Switzerland

This is a short video taken on my way down the toboggan run at Pfingstegg, Grindelwald, Switzerland.

Downhill Riding down a Toboggan Run - Fabio Wibmer

Mountainbiking on Snow. Check out Downhill riding on a toboggan run!
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Dance Yourself Clean - LCD Soundsystem

Inspired by Meli

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Eurocéane: La seule piscine de l'agglomération équipée d'un toboggan géant!

Nous avons eu le plaisir de travailler sur la communication de la piscine Eurocéane de Mont Saint Aignan dans l'agglomération rouennaise.
Voici la publicité consacrée au toboggan géant

James Blunt - Toboggan Crash!

This is the toboggan run down from the Great Wall of China....

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WINTERACTIVITY ep32 - RIDE THE TOBOGGAN - extreme freeride

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Cadre/camera, Ulysse Tassion. Merci beaucoup

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The BIGGEST toboggan GAP JUMP on youtube. Period.

Just one of the many things we do for fun in Wyoming. The jump is over a cross country ski trail (gap). The only injuries were the kind that you can shake off.

How to toboggan bmx (Как сделать тобогган на BMX, MTB) | Школа BMX Online #22

Toboggan - один из базовых трюков с радиуса на BMX или MTB. Если вы уже умеете бар тёрн и сит греб, то вы без проблем сможете научиться тобоггану.

Спасибо всем за лайки и репосты!)

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Snow Pro Tips: Running a Loaded Toboggan in the Handles

Snow Pro Tips from the Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrols Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET), running a loaded toboggan

Keltenblitz Toboggan Austria

Located just a few kilometres from the city of Salzburg, the Celtic Lightning is the longest summer toboggan run in the Province of Salzburg. Ride 2200m from the mountain station of the cable car to the valley. The Zinkenkogel Mountain in Hallein – Bad Duerrnberg offers visitors great 360º views from the Untersberg to the Dachstein Mountains.

SnowDome: Toboggan Run - GoPro Hero3 Black

SnowDome (Tamworth), Toboggan Run - Short music video. Filmed with a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. Check out my Scuba Diving channel for more GoPro videos.
Other Channel:
Instagram: tom_phillips_

Mounts Used: GoPro Head Mount
Editing Software: iMovie
Music: Jerk It Out - Caesers
Available in 720p

*Disclamier - I do not own the music rights to the song featured within this video.

The longest toboggan run in Europe (or the world?) Faulhorn-Bussalp-Grindelwald. Switzerland

We took the gondola up the mountain and then there is a long walk to the starting point of the toboggan run. It took us 2h to walk up and 1h to slide down! I wish my camera had not died right in the first 5 min going down...

The run is 15 kilometers long with a vertical drop of 1,600 meters. With the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau for a backdrop, the setting is spectacular, too!

My legs were soooo bruised after the bumpy run!

I have to keep watching my video on repeat.. it was so awesome and scary! It was the first day feeling better after being so sick in bed I could barely walk the days before..I had been sick for 2 weeks.. but I wanted to go soooooo badly before I went home (the next day) that I think the excitement sped up my recovery. I've been wanting to go here on this run for over 10 years now.. this was finally my chance and I was not going to let being sick get in my way!
I could barely sleep the night before because of the excitement.. the guys did not even want to go when we got up that morning..they said the weather looks like crap... but I was not going to take no for an answer.. I said the weather willlll get better! And it did a few hours later! I'm so happy we went!

Tyler Bates & Tree Adams- Hank's Theme

How to Toboggan BMX (EASIEST WAY)!

The MOST IN DEPTH how to toboggan video, that will show you the fastest and easiest way to get BMX toboggans down! T-bogs are a very simple beginner trick that gets you comfortable with beginning to take your hands off of your bars. This is a good step to learning how to barspin or suicide no hander. T-bogs are a very easy trick once you learn the few tricks there are to mastering them.
Toboggans are a great trick to throw almost anywhere from street, to park, to trails there are endless possibilities with this trick!

Go check out some of my other videos for beginner bmx tricks!

Tuto VTT | Apprenez à Faire un Toboggan / One Hand en DH | DROP

Instagram : siimon_sc
Le T-bog est une figure assez simple et super stylé à placer un peu partout en descente, freeride, enduro, dirt... C'est aussi un premier pas vers le suicide. Je vous présente un tuto simple pour apprendre cette figure rapidement

Forêt Noire - le super toboggan de Baumwipfelpfad !

Lors de notre road-trip en Forêt Noire avec Corinne (du blog Vie Nomade), j'ai eu un coup de cœur pour Baumwipfelpfad.
En son centre se trouve un grand tobbogan ! À tester absolument !

Plus d'info :

GoPro Awards: Toboggan BASE Jump

Treehouse Mike takes us on a fun little surprise sled ride in his backyard of Squamish, BC.

See more Treehouse videos here:

Shot 100% on GoPro –

Mounts used in this video –

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Music Courtesy of Jingle Punks

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Szkółka Bmx Online - Toboggan (

- Profesjonalny sklep Bmx.
- Obóz Bmx.
- Stacjonarna szkółka Bmx w Warszawie

prezentują kolejny odcinek szkoleniowej serii filmów Szkółka Bmx online prowadzonej przez wieloletniego zawodnika i instruktora Bmx Piotra Dzięcioła Gajdę.

Film ten został stworzony by ułatwić naukę Bmx'owych trików.

Toboggan to jeden z bardziej zaawansowanych trików wykonywanych na rowerze typu Bmx polegający na wybiciu się, wypuszczeniu roweru przed siebie, złapaniu siodełka z jednoczesnym skręceniem kierownicy o 90 stopni i skierowaniem jej maksymalnie ku dołowi.

Triki, które mogą ułatwić naukę :
- Bunny Hop
- x-up
- air



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