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Time attack


Best Sounds of Hillclimb and Time Attack Cars!

Best Time Attack Car Sounds!

2017 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, Sydney Motorsport Park - 13-14 October, 2017

Now in it’s seventh year, the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge is the world’s biggest event for time attack racing. The sport of time attack racing originates in Japan, where tuning houses go all out in its quest for high horsepower and crazy aerodynamics, all leading to that ‘One Perfect Lap.’

The 2017 edition of World Time Attack was the most competitive we’ve seen, as well the most internationally flavoured. Entries spread across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, North America, the UK and even as far as Finland.

The event is also one of the biggest car culture gatherings in Australia, with many exhibitors and show and shine participants taking part in this two day event.


In diretta dall'autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola, il terzo round stagionale del Time Attack Italia 2020. Commento a cura di Riccardo Scarlato.

2019 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, Sydney Motorsport Park - October 18-19, 2019

The pursuit for that ‘One Perfect Lap’ resumes for 2019, as Sydney Motorsport Park plays host to the tenth anniversary edition of the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge. The best tuning houses and drivers are keen to beat Barton Mawer and the RP968 Porsche, as they attempt to make it back to back Time Attack titles.

2018 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, Sydney - October 12-13, 2018

The Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge is the ultimate in time attack competition. The world’s best drivers and tuning houses pitting against each other and against the clock for the ‘One Perfect Lap’. Originating at the now defunct Oran Park in 2008, World Time Attack celebrates its tenth anniversary at Sydney Motorsport Park this year and the level of excitement as to who can achieve the perfect lap in 2018 is very high. Can the MCA Hammerhead make it three in a row, now in the hands of Warren Luff? Or will the RP968 of Barton Mawer finally break through for a win?

EK9 Time Attack @ GIC 2016, 1:33.26 ( Stock B18C & Brake, Spoon ECU, Close ratio box )

Same section with DC2, EP3, S2000

Time Attack Crashes/Highlights, Mallory Park, 13/10/19

Time Attack's debut at Mallory Park in particularly awful but usual October conditions here. Pretty cool meeting really, could do with being at a better time of year and having more of a show around it (pair it up with Ford Fest, or have a Castle Combe style action day?), but really nice to see something new here and the machines involved are insane. Such a shame there was absolutely no spectators there whatsoever. Maybe that was weather related, or lack of promotion related, that's for you to decide.

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BYP Racing Time Attack DC2R - AUS TA 2019 Wakefield Park 57.9

Car Builder - BYP Racing and Development
Chassis - 2001 Honda Integra
Specification - Time Attack
Car Driver - Benny Tran
Event - AUS Time Attack 2019
Track - Wakefield Park
Time - 57.9
Position - 2nd Outright - 1st in Pro Class

- K24 Rotrex Supercharged - 520hp
- Advan 050 295/35/118 & 235/45/17
- 940KG Wet Weight (without driver)

Time Attack vs. Race Simulation

An in depth look at how teams set up differently when attempting a flying lap compared to a race simulation.

BYP Racing Time Attack DC2R - Wakefield Park 57.8 lap record

Car - Honda Integra 2001 Type R
Car Builder - BYP Racing and Developments
Driver - Benny Tran
Event - AUS Time Attack 2017 4.6.2017
Track - Wakefield Park

In 2015, we set a new benchmark for FWD with a time of 58.9 at NSW Time Attack 2015. 2 years on, our Time Attack DC2R has seen quite a few changes to all aspect of the car and returns to Wakefield Park once again to see what kind of lap times we can laid down

By the end of the event, in the last lap of the day in the Top 5 shootout, we managed to set a new Time Attack record and personal best of 57.8

A monumental achievement from the entire BYP Racing team. The car was sensational, the handling and grip level was the best its been to date. The K24 rotrex supercharged powerplant was strong all day with a recorded top speed of 226kph at 8600rpm in 5th gear

A small driving mistake at the top of the hill costing 0.3sec after looking over data, we have some more time in the bag for next year's competition

As many people would find it hard to believe, the car put together with all off the shelf parts which is available for purchase at BYP Racing. No fancy bespoke motorsport equipment here

The team is extremely happy with the car's performance so far in 2017. We look forward to getting the car back out at SMSP for Nulon Round 3, we have a score to settle there :)

K-Tuned Civic Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle 2017 Limited FWD

Come for a ride along in the K-Tuned Civic for Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle 2017. Unfortunately we struggled with low oil pressure and the car cutting out on this lap and didn't manage to get the issue resolved. None-the-less we still went over a second and a half faster then we did last year, exciting to think how fast we'll be able to go next year! Thank you to all our amazing sponsors that have helped make this season such a success:
NEO Motorsport
OS Giken
Honeywell Garrett
Motul Canada
Stripping Technologies Inc
G-LOC Brakes
Can-Alignment Motorsports
APR Performance
Radium Engineering
Hasport Performance
Professional Awesome

BYP Racing Project EJ63 - AUS Time Attack 1:04.9

Car - Honda Civic 1996 Coupe
Owner/Driver - Adrian Pazman
Builder - BYP Racing and Development
Event- AUS Time Attack 20.7.2019
Track - Wakefield Park
Class - Clubsprint
Tyres - Bridgestone RE71R
Time - 1.04.9
Position - 1st Clubsprint FWD P5 Overall Clubsprint Class

Adrian loves all kind of motorsport and this time of the year, he steps back into his circuit/time attack Honda Civic race car for some laps.

His Honda Civic Race car nickname Project EJ63 was originally built in the same philosophy as our budget Honda Civic Emma. Adrian wanted more power after all he owns some powerful cars in the car collection. We did a turbo upgrade which is against the norm here for circuit cars at BYP Racing, but we were up to the challenge set forth by the customer

A basic turbo kit consisted of a GTX3071R was bolted directly onto the OEM K20/K24. Nothing else was changed in the engine package. Stock Clutch and our V3 spec'd gearbox was left unchanged from the OEM NA package

With an power output of 260kw @7psi, it serves plenty of power and we were quite keen for some track testing and results

Adrian took the car down the day earlier for some practice runs and nut out any teething issue that may occur. To our surprise, the car ran well, gear ratios are ideal and the stock clutch held on. He did 35 laps in practice with a best time of 1:05.8 and was ready for AUS Time Attack the next day

Adrian got right into it at AUS Time Attack with ideal condition on session 2, putting down a best time of 1:04.9 for the event. Unfortunately a suspected bad fuel pump leaned out and cause some damage to the OEM motor which ended his day earlier. Nonethless, Adrian and car was looking great all day. For someone with limited track time, he got in the groove quite fast

A 1:04.9 lap times earnt him the Clubsprint Fastest FWD Trophy. He plans to get the car back out on August 2nd for MSWCC Open Pitlane track-day to further improve his time on the same car configuration. Is a 1:03 possible on these RE71R Street tyres? We'll find out in a few weeks time

Interested in a similar car package? Email

S13 Touge Time attack Akhun

First try, after this run my GO PRO turned off :( big lag because of a huge hole in pipe which we found later.

In car video test with Wiborg Engineering's time attack EVO.

In car video from Wiborg Engineering's time attack EVO.

We got the opportunity to test the SLC Racing in-car video streaming platform.

This is the raw footage that has been live streamed from the camera in the car to an online stream. No video is stored in the car but is instead sent to the team and followers live.

IMPACT K20A Lotus Exige GIC Time Attack

1:23.6s by Andy Yan

Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle 2014 - Honda S2000

I followed ImperiousRex Racing's S2000 and CounterSpace Garage at Super Lap Battle 2014, Buttonwillow Raceway.

Subaru Legacy EJ208 WRX OnBoard - Zmeinka Time Attack Challenge 3 этап 2017

Пилот: Тюменцев Станислав
Автомобиль: Subaru Legacy B4
Место: Картодром Змеинка, г.Владивосток
Дата: 30.07.2017 г.

2016 World Time Attack Challenge Sydeny Motorsport Park October 14-15, 2016

The 2016 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge is the biggest time attack event in the world featuring the world’s fastest drivers battling for the one perfect lap to reign track supremacy.

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Global Time Attack - The Ridge 2020 - E90 M3

Managed to place 2nd in Limited Class at GTA - The Ridge.

The video is of a few sessions in group 1 from day 2 (Day 1 only had a single dry session which got red flagged halfway through). Slow outlaps are included, sorry. The later sessions got more sloppy as the tires fell off... This was my first time running nankang AR-1, and they overheated after a couple laps for me in 65 degree weather. Possibly driving too aggressively. It seems like the second hot lap (after the outlap) is the best before they get too hot.

Ran 1:49.7 in the first and second sessions of the day and then was a bit slower in the third and fourth. I forgot to record the second session so only the first, third, and fourth sessions are in the video. The 1:49.7 of the first session was lap three of the video (outlap being the first lap).

Car: E90 M3
Weight: ~3500lbs without driver
Mods: APR splitter, GT-250 wing, KW Clubsport coilovers, PFC BBK w/ PFC11 pads, macht schnell intake, test pipes, corsa exhaust
Tires: Nankang AR-1 295/30R18 on 18x10 wheels



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