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Three-legged race


3 Legged Race!

Shannon and Erin doing badly in the 3 Legged Race at Communities Week!

Three legged Race तीन टांग दौड़

nice game

Three Legged Race

Three-legged race's world - Koshiro Shimada's interview with Stéphane Lambiel


Dirty Weekend 2016 Three Legged Race

As is tradition, Rat Race organised a barmy world record attempt on the Friday night before Dirty Weekend. This year they attempted to get the biggest three legged race... it's unlikely that we broke any records, to be honest, but it was lots of fun all the same!

31 Legged Race-Japan

This a a video of the regional school 31 legged race competition in Nov. 2006.
Mallina's class won the finals and went on to the all Japan finals.

Julieta Three Legged Race Video

May 13, 2019.

Ashland Antlers Three Legged Race

The three legged race at the Antlers Family night.

Three-legged race

This was an event at our school... absolutely hilarious! XD

Three Legged race

Chamber Field Day 2013

Three-Legged Race @ Cal vs. Idaho State Football 2018 Memorial Stadium Berkeley California

Class Wars: Three-Legged Race during the third quarter of the college football game between the California Golden Bears and the Idaho State Bengals at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley on Saturday, September 15, 2018. Go Bears!

world record 3 legged race

Tader setting the world record for the three legged race

three legged race

laurieann laura and emma

Minarik Backyard Games '09: Three-Legged Race

The second event of the Backyard Games held at Grandma Minarik's house near Cleveland, August 2009.



3 legged race

meg emma

Three Legged Race

This is the three legged race runners were:- Amy and Jordan, Maddy and Flo, Tamsi and Izzy and Josh and Me.
Comentary:- Martin
marker of the finish post:- joe.
other random people:- charlie
The race took part on the Gannel on the way back on our 10mile charity walk!!!

Three Legged Race

Three Legged Race With Ma Friend

VTKD Picnic Three-Legged Race

VTKD Picnic Three-Legged Race

Trimedia's Other Three-Legged Race in Roundhay Park

So who wins the three-legged race between Jo + Helen vs Sally + Vicki? I'm afraid that the TV reply is inconclusive... due to the fact that neither team runs in a straight line and there was no clear finishing line!



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