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Efren Reyes vs. Torbjorn Blomdahl Rematch: 3-Cushion

Full match of this special exhibition is posted here:

From the Billiard Sages Exhibitions held at Carom Cafe on Aug 4-5th, 2012.

Efren Reyes and Torbjorn Blomdahl play an interdisciplinary billiard challenge of 10-ball and 3-cushion billiards in NYC.

Mazin Shooni and Robert Raiford provide the commentary.

This series was staged as a pool/billiards rematch between the two champions. They played a similar challenge match (in Japan) years ago:

9-ball Part 1:
9-ball Part 2:
9-ball Part 3:

3-cushion Part 1:
3-cushion Part 2:
3-cushion Part 3:

The Ball Brothers CAN'T BE STOPPED! #1 Chino Hills Brings Crazy Offense to HoopHall Classic

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The Ball brothers of USA's #1 team Chino Hills (CA) visit HoopHall Classic in Springfield, Mass to take on Kentucky commit Bam Adebayo and High Point (NC). Chino Hills won the game 100-75.

Lonzo Ball- 2016
Li'Angelo Ball- 2017
LaMelo Ball- 2019

All three brothers are committed to play for the UCLA Bruins.


Alphabet of 3 ball juggling - 43 tricks

Daniel Simu and Christopher Owston show all standard 3 ball juggling tricks in alphabetical order.
Which trick is your favorite?

Made by Banana Circus

BBB Blind Behind the Back
Boston mess
Burke's Barrage
Claw catches
Crossed-arm cascade
Eric's extension
Fake mess
Half shower
Head roll
Mike's mess

Mill's mess
Neck throws
Over the shoulder
Pendulum drop
Penguin catches
Reverse cascade
Rubenstein's revenge
Shoulder throws
Siteswaps 12345 and 441
Statue of liberty
Three in one hand
Under the arm
Under the leg

FROZEN BALL CHALLENGE ... Can You Pocket Every Combination of the Three Balls?

Dr. Dave demonstrates how to pocket every combination of three balls frozen to a cushion, as a follow-up to shot 8 of his recent proposition shots video:

Top 10 PROPOSITION SHOTS (that all pool players should know):

See also:

Cross-Side Double-Kiss Bank of a Frozen Ball:

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User-posted videos:
all ball combinations (1, 3, 9, 1&3, 1&9, 3&9, 1&3&9):
- Lil' Chris -
- Trickshot Time mit Heiko -
1 only:
- Dan Hosier - in each of six pockets -
3 only:
- Dan Hosier - timing kick shot -
9 only:
- Dan Hosier - clear the 1 to kick in the 9 -
- Dan Hosier - slight foul -
1 and 3:
- Dan Hosier - back-bank of 1 in side from the rail -

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3-Ball Pool Break Strategy and Tips - How to Make a Ball and Score Low

Dr. Dave demonstrates many different break strategies for the billiards game of 3-ball that can be used to get good shape after the break and pocket 1, 2, or 3 balls.

3-ball rules: Pocket all 3 balls with as few shots as possible, including the break. You can hit and pocket the balls in any order, and nothing needs to be called. A scratch results in an additional shot penalty, and you get ball-in-hand in the kitchen.

All of Dr. Dave's full-length instructional videos are available to stream or download here:

and in physical DVD format here:

Detailed product information and purchasing advice can be found here:

How to Play 3 Ball Pool

Lets learn how to play Three Ball Pool! For those who don't know, Three Ball is a popular game to play for gambling (legally, of course) so the sooner you master it, the sooner you'll have money for a new pool cue.

As the name implies, Three Ball is played with three balls. The goal of Three Ball is to make all three balls in as few strokes as possible as possible. Making all three balls on a break is incredibly hard to do; even getting one in can be difficult.

Your break shot counts as your first shot shot, so the lowest possible score in Three Ball is a One. A good technique for breaking Three Ball is to hit the head ball and the second ball at the same time, using Low Left English.

As you can see in the video above, I was able to successfully make two balls on my first shot. That's a pretty good break. That counts as one shot. If I make the last ball with my next shot, I'll have a Two, meaning it took me two shots to make all three balls.

A 'Two is usually a winner. When you're playing with multiple players, it's hard to make two balls in on the break. The next player will need to get at least Two, which would be a tie. If they get One (meaning they sink all three balls on the break) then they'd win.

In the event that the player gets a Two, that means it's a tie. In Three Ball, if one player ties, everybody ties. When that happens, everybody puts down a dollar (or whatever the stakes were) and the game continues until somebody wins.

Basketball na Bugbugan | Money Game | Three Ball | Trio | Rubo-rubo

Three Ball Freestyle (Shakedown)

Three ball freestyle. Freestyle Juggling. This video is a three ball juggling freestyle routine with a shakedown music. I came up with a lot of the routine but then I just went off my chart. One of my favorite juggling tricks on this video are the head orbits.
Check out my new glow juggling video Glow (Part 1 & 2):

javale Mcgee dunk contest three ball dunk

javale mcgee dunks with three balls in th 2011 dunk contest

How To Play Open Cue Ball 3 Cushion Billiards


Dirk Nowitzki Tops Deron Williams with the Thrilling Three-Ball

Visit for more highlights. Deron Williams thought he had sent the game to overtime with the clutch shot, but Dirk Nowitzki knocked down a 3-pointer with 0.9 seconds left clinching a playoff birth for the Mavs.

3 Ball Battle - Jason VS Thomas VS Falco

Jason Garfield, Thomas Dietz, and Falco Scheffler go head to head in the WJF Battle for the WJF Presidency. OK, well Falco wasn't competing, but he sure puts Jason and Thomas' 3 ball skills in perspective.

Six 3 Ball Breaks Plus 3 Consecutive Breaks

Nine 3 Ball breaks using minimum shots with three being consecutive.

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3-Ball Pool Game Tip - How to Break a Three-Ball Rack and Make a Ball

In this video, I show a break strategy that provides a high percentage of making a ball on the break. Three ball is a fun game that is often played in bars, pool halls, and at homes with pool tables. Learn how to make a ball when breaking a three ball rack.

Trae Young & Coby White Three Ball RECORDS! Heto na si Paul George.

Binasag ni Coby White ang rookie record for most threes in a quarter. Trae Young nag mala-Lebron. Paul George sasbak na para sa Clippers.

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Three Ball Break

This is a voice described animation of a three ball break used in USCA 6 Wicket Croquet. This shows how to score multiple wickets in one turn.

3 (Balls) in 1 Hand: A Tutorial Request

Title says it all. Thanks to Ivan Pecel for the Pyramid Practice strategy.

As always, I think one of the best things about YouTube is that you, the viewer, can respond! Leave comments, offer up other bits of advice, disagree with me, make a video response of your own take on this stuff-- I don't care. It's all good. The more, the merrier!

Also, other great tutorials (not just me!) can be found at

Posted March 11, 2008

#67 - Most Discussed Sports on 3-12-08 (Thanks, All!)

Ultimate Three Ball Dribbling Drills | Corey The Dribbler

Booking: Instagram: @coreythedribbler Twitter: @CTDTheDribbler

Learn how to Juggle 3 balls, easy tutorial

Croquet - Three Ball Break Animation

This animation has a voice described three ball break sequence. It's designed to help players just learning break play some of the key elements.



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