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Three sided football


How 3-sided football works

A look inside the strategies and rules of three-team soccer, which has three goals, evolving loyalties and a philosophical origin.

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3 Sided Football - Is this the future?

Sausages and Caviar take a look at a fascinating variation of the beautiful game - 3 sided football. Is this the future?
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Three sided football - Futbol 3 Colombia 2013

El vídeo muestra dos(2) partidos simultáneos de Three Sided Football (En Colombia Futbol 3) que se están realizando en Bogotá (Colombia - Sur América) para jóvenes menores de 18 años, durante los meses de Agosto a Noviembre del 2013 y organizados por la Agrupación Deportiva Futbol 3 Colombia -F3C

Lo anterior, debido a la gran acogida fue necesario crear dos (2) campos de juego (hexágono regular de 30 metros de lado) en una misma cancha o campo que se utiliza regularmente para jugar fútbol tradicional.

Para conocer más acerca del desarrollo del Three Sided Football o Fútbol 3 en Colombia puedes visitar la pagina oficial de la Agrupación Deportiva Fútbol 3 Colombia: y el facebook oficial es:

Three sided Football. El Internacional FC invitado por la Fundación Athletic de Bilbao.

Partido de exhibición de Three Sided Football disputado en la plaza de Toros de Bilbao y organizado por la fundación del Athletic Club de Bilbao, una disciplina del Fútbol donde la estrategia y la colaboración priman por encima del egoismo de los jugadores.

three sided footbal 2013 colombia2

Partido futbol3 (three sided Football) del 14 septiembre de 2013 en Bogotá-Colombia

Reportaje del partido de Three sided football para TV Italiana jugado en Bilbao, Internacional FC.

Reportaje del partido de Three sided football jugado en Bilbao, Internacional FC.

3 Games the Football World will Never Forget

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A three-sided game

Goldsmiths V/s Millwall - 1914 to 2012

Football 7-a-side highlights - Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Ukraine reclaim football 7 Paralympic crown

The Europeans defeated Iran 2-1 and reclaimed the Paralympic gold they had won at Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.

Artem Krasylnykov played the role of the hero as he scored in extra-time to give Ukraine a hard-fought and much-celebrated victory over Iran 2-1 on Friday (16 September).

Ukraine remained undefeated throughout the tournament, winning their five matches, scoring 14 goals and conceding only three.

They have also become the most decorated football 7-a-side team at Paralympic Games, with three golds and two silvers.

There were few chances during a cagey opening 10 minutes at Deodoro, until first Volodymyr Antoniuk and later Vitalii Romanchuk came close to opening the scoring for pre-match favourites Ukraine.

Their pressure finally paid off four minutes before the end of the first half when Antoniuk fired a shot with his left foot to open the scoring and give Ukraine an interval lead.

In the second 30 minutes, Ukraine had countless opportunities to put the game beyond doubt but they could not convert.

They were forced to pay for their wastefulness when Iran equalized as Mehdi Jamali, falling to the ground, pushed the ball past goalkeeper Kostiantyn Symashko.

Extra-time was then needed to determine the Paralympic gold medallist. Ukraine eventually prevailed thanks to a goal scored by Artem Krasylnykov with 15 minutes to go, to claim the coveted gold medal.

Ukraine’s route to gold included a thumping 6-0 victory over Ireland in the group stage of the competition, in which they also beat Brazil and fifth-placed Great Britain convincingly.

“I am unlimitedly happy now. Ukraine showed what we can do, said Ukraine's Taras Dutko.

“I want to thank all the Brazilian people because they are amazing and they made our competition unforgettable.”

Brazilian football legend Cafu was also at the Deodoro stadium as a Paralympic medal presenter.

“I loved all the Paralympic sports. The Paralympics are a life lesson for everyone,” he said.

“Yesterday I watched women’s sitting volleyball – Brazil against USA – and also wheelchair basketball. Today I am here for the 7-a-side football. I was always supporting the swimmers. I watch everything I can on TV or at the field.

“It is an immense honour to be a Paralympic medal presenter, and I think it is good also for athletes to have an unexpected person, maybe a hero for them, giving them their medals.”

Iran’s silver represents their best Games performance, having won bronze at both the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 editions.

Earlier, the home crowd had a reason to celebrate as Brazil took bronze following a 3-1 victory over the Netherlands. Leandro Goncalves do Amaral sealed the win with all three goals for the hosts, while Jeroen Schuitert scored for the Dutch.

Training skills – Three perfect rondos

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2 Ball Possession Game

Objective of the Practice:
To improve the speed of each players decision making when passing the ball.

Coaching Points:
Four players are positioned within a grid (3 attackers + 1 defender). The three players must try to keep possession from the defender using 2 balls. The three players in possession may move anywhere within the grid. The defenders goal is to tag (not tackle) the players in possession. The defender can be identified by using a colored vest or by having them hold a cone. Once a player is tagged by the defender they switch roles. A goal is scored for every ten passes the attackers can make. The player in possession must have the discipline to hold on to the ball and commit the defender towards them. If they release the ball too early the defender will have less ground to cover to put pressure on the receiving player.

Field Preparation:
Practice grid approximately 10 yards x 10 yards, 2 balls, 5 cones, four players.

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Small Sided Game: 4 vs. 4 +2

Small sided game: 4 vs. 4 +2

Main objectives and coaching points include:

• Using the boxes as references so players from the team in possession of the ball do not occupy the same space.

• When a team recovers the ball, they need to position themselves quickly and offer lines of passing to their teammates in order to maintain possession.

• When a team losses possession they try to regain it as quickly as possible.

• In this case there is no limits on touches, however you can decide whether to limit touches if you want.

• We typically use 3 minute blocks to maintain a relatively high intensity since we find that going more than 3 minutes tends to lead to a decrease in the players’ intensity.

Credit to Marcos Reina for implementing this drill.

This was filmed in the Estadio Universitario BUAP in Puebla, Mexico with Lobos BUAP from the Mexican 1st Division.

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3 a side football

carlos,figo and ronaldo v totti henry and nakata

Which team wins this three-side round-robin training match?

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How to perfect the possession game | Soccer passing drill | Nike Academy

Keep the ball for yourself and leave the opposition to chase their tails, courtesy of this drill from the Nike Academy


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3-sided Futsal (3 goal posts, 3 teams, 1 ball)

Milo Cans Next Games 2012 3-sided Futsal. Recap & details here -


Duel for Three Goals

This one-on-one exercise focuses on finishing skills under pressure, functional technique, agility, transition and competitiveness.

Cones, goals and sticks are placed as shown. Distances should be considered and created adequately to the given age group.

Players change their positions continuously between Positions A and B after every performed exercise. Players in Position C are marked with different colors and they change their positions and roles periodically.

You can grab your FREE copy of this Soccer Passing Drill here:

One of the most important elements of contemporary and modern soccer is 1v1 situations. Thus, they have a crucial role in winning a football match. In situations characterised by the restricted area and the speedy play the players have to make appropriate decisions quickly in both defending and attacking situations. It requires much practise of 1 v 1 soccer drills to innervate good decisions which cannot be completed without tasks focusing on personal development.


- Professional soccer exercises instead of random football drills.
- Brand new, the best methods for you to become a better coach .
- Comprehensive information with every important details.
- Precalculated, planned effective trainings.
- Inspiration for coaches to achieve their aims by the help of our exercises.
- Training without compromises.
- Guaranteed improvement independently of the player's ability and personal capability.
- Predictable, continuous development for each and every football player
- A higher level in every training.

Check out more Small Sided Soccer Games here:

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Training skills – A spectacular training match

The club cameras picked up some truly spectacular images of the FC Barcelona first team in action during a recent training session, and in the resulting video you can really appreciate the intensity that they put into their football, even when it’s just a training match.
It goes without saying that much of the magic comes from the feet of Messi, Suárez and Neymar, playing in different teams but never losing their goalscoring touch. Yep, the trident don’t only produce great goals in competitive matches, their quality also shows through on the training ground.
The video also shows some top shooting skill from Rafinha and Rakitic, beating Ter Stegen with a couple of unstoppable strikes. But we also get to see the German stopper at his best, displaying his top-notch reflexes to defy some of the finest footballers in the game.
This is a video to savour – and to be watched time and time and time again. Enjoy!

Las cámaras del Club han sido espectadoras de lujo de un partidillo de entrenamiento entre los jugadores del primer equipo. En este vídeo exclusivo de un entrenamiento de esta temporada los futbolistas del FC Barcelona evidencian su gran calidad con slaloms, goles y jugadas extraordinarias. La intensidad de los hombres de Luis Enrique es máxima, y ​​los jugadores muestran sus habilidades tanto en los entrenamientos como en los partidos. Y es que, al final, se juega como se entrena.
Como no podía ser de otro modo, las dianas en este duelo llegan, en gran parte, de los pies de Messi, Suárez y Neymar, que han jugado en equipos diferentes, aunque no por ello se han olvidado de marcar. El tridente no se reserva nada para los enfrentamientos oficiales, y también hace grandes goles en los entrenamientos.
Los jugadores que también demuestran que tienen la puntería afinada son Rafinha y Rakitic, que han superado Ter Stegen con dos gran gestos de calidad que no te puedes perder. El portero alemán también nos enseña sus grandes habilidades y sus reflejos impresionantes. ¡Disfruta de cada una de las jugadas, los goles y de las repeticiones en este vídeo extraordinario!
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AJAX 5v3 Possession vs counter attack small sided game

Small Sided Games in Football

Courtesy of Miguel Cardoso – FC Shahktar Donetsk



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