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Three sided football


three sided footbal 2013 colombia2

Partido futbol3 (three sided Football) del 14 septiembre de 2013 en Bogotá-Colombia

Reportaje del partido de Three sided football para TV Italiana jugado en Bilbao, Internacional FC.

Reportaje del partido de Three sided football jugado en Bilbao, Internacional FC.

(three sided) WORLD CUP WINNER!! | Keeping Goals - Episode 13

In this episode of Keeping Goals we're in Madrid for the Champions League Final, I take part in a slightly unorthodox international tournament, and the season is finally finished.

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'Keeping Goals' is a vlog designed to help me document my journey to becoming a professional footballer. I'm giving it everything I have, and I want to show you all the real, honest version. The grit and not the glamour. Thanks for joining me. Let's see where this takes us.

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Three sided Football. El Internacional FC invitado por la Fundación Athletic de Bilbao.

Partido de exhibición de Three Sided Football disputado en la plaza de Toros de Bilbao y organizado por la fundación del Athletic Club de Bilbao, una disciplina del Fútbol donde la estrategia y la colaboración priman por encima del egoismo de los jugadores.

100 kids against 3 Pro Footballers.

100 kids against three Japan internationals ... who wins?

The three professional players took on an opposition of school kids lined up in the classic 10-30-30-30 formation ...

Three sided football - Futbol 3 Colombia 2013

El vídeo muestra dos(2) partidos simultáneos de Three Sided Football (En Colombia Futbol 3) que se están realizando en Bogotá (Colombia - Sur América) para jóvenes menores de 18 años, durante los meses de Agosto a Noviembre del 2013 y organizados por la Agrupación Deportiva Futbol 3 Colombia -F3C

Lo anterior, debido a la gran acogida fue necesario crear dos (2) campos de juego (hexágono regular de 30 metros de lado) en una misma cancha o campo que se utiliza regularmente para jugar fútbol tradicional.

Para conocer más acerca del desarrollo del Three Sided Football o Fútbol 3 en Colombia puedes visitar la pagina oficial de la Agrupación Deportiva Fútbol 3 Colombia: y el facebook oficial es:

3 Sided Football - Is this the future?

Sausages and Caviar take a look at a fascinating variation of the beautiful game - 3 sided football. Is this the future?
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ANW1103_06 - Brick Lane

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How 3-sided football works

A look inside the strategies and rules of three-team soccer, which has three goals, evolving loyalties and a philosophical origin.

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3-sided Futsal (3 goal posts, 3 teams, 1 ball)

Milo Cans Next Games 2012 3-sided Futsal. Recap & details here -


PF Madrid Three-Sided Match May 2011 (rough cut)

PF Madrid Three-Sided Match May 2011

A Sport For All Three Sided and De centering competition in the Alternative Soccer - Benjin Pollock

Benjin Pollock

A Sport For All? Three Sided and De-centering competition in the Alternative Soccerscape

Football in Lockdown





A miracle in one of our darkest times! The atmosphere at Goodison Park on 7 May 1994 was electric and also a little surreal as Everton survived relegation on the final day of the season with a dramatic comeback against Wimbledon.

The Main Stand was packed, the Gwladys Street was rammed, the Bullens Road was full to the brim, but the Park Stand didn’t exist! It was a three-sided stadium that greeted Everton and Wimbledon for a contest that the Blues simply could not lose. Just one win from the previous 10 Premier League fixtures had left Everton on the cusp of relegation for only the third time in the Club’s history.

The Blues began the match in the bottom three, a single point behind Southampton, Sheffield United and Ipswich Town, and one ahead of Joe Royle’s Oldham Athletic. There were too many permutations to contemplate so Mike Walker’s team simply had to win.

Wimbledon, by contrast, were flying high in sixth position and were looking for a win to cement their highest ever Premier League finish.

And if you want to experience that rollercoaster day - or put yourself through it all over again - tune in from 7pm BST on Saturday 9 May 2020 to watch along with fellow Blues and talk it over in the live chat!

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Welcome to the Official Everton Football Club YouTube channel. We'll offer fans real insight into life at Goodison Park, USM Finch Farm and on the road with the Blues.


Following the 2-1 victory over Chelsea in the Premier League, Pep's men train at the CFA. Who will win the 7v7 match?


About the Official Man City YouTube Channel:

Here you will find all the latest videos from Manchester City, including, all Premier League goals, highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, training and much more.

Get closer to the likes of Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez, Benjamin Mendy and the rest of Pep Guardiola's team.


Beatdown isn't the word. Neither are rout or clobbering. The word to describe what Georgia Tech's football team did to Cumberland does not exist, because we've never had to invent it, because nothing like it has happened before or since. On the 100-year anniversary of this game, we proudly present this very special episode of Pretty Good, a show about stories that are pretty good.

Football/Soccer Small Sided Game: 4 vs. 4 (+3)

This is a small sided game that includes two teams of four with three jokers.

The gridlines are used as reference so offensive players don't occupy the same space.

When a team completes 20 passes, it is awarded one point.

Three minute periods were used in this game.

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AJAX 5v3 Possession vs counter attack small sided game

Improve your soccer skills

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Three Sided Crowd Celebrations with players

Filmed By James Hughes

Duel for Three Goals

This one-on-one exercise focuses on finishing skills under pressure, functional technique, agility, transition and competitiveness.

Cones, goals and sticks are placed as shown. Distances should be considered and created adequately to the given age group.

Players change their positions continuously between Positions A and B after every performed exercise. Players in Position C are marked with different colors and they change their positions and roles periodically.

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One of the most important elements of contemporary and modern soccer is 1v1 situations. Thus, they have a crucial role in winning a football match. In situations characterised by the restricted area and the speedy play the players have to make appropriate decisions quickly in both defending and attacking situations. It requires much practise of 1 v 1 soccer drills to innervate good decisions which cannot be completed without tasks focusing on personal development.


- Professional soccer exercises instead of random football drills.
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- A higher level in every training.

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Which team wins this three-side round-robin training match?

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HAFC 4 3 SF The Goals



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