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My Tetrathlon Journey

Representing a day in the life of Tetrathlon and what a typical athlete's journey might be like!

Hall of Fame by The Script featuring

Pony Club Open Tetrathlon Championships 2014, Bishop Burton College

Alfie was awesome and flew around this very demanding course clear and within the time!

Four Burrow Tetrathlon 2019 Carn Brea Leisure Centre

This is a short video of the 1000m run event at the Four Burrow Tetrathlon 2019

USPC West Coast Championships 2012 - Tetrathlon Highlights

Video clips from the Tetrathlon Rally from the 2012 USPC West Coast Championships in Cle Elum, WA set to music. Video by MovingImagesNW. Music featured is not owned by MINW.

Tetrathlon 2018

Soustředění Poniklá

British Tetrathlon Championships 2012

Some images from the British Tetrathlon Championships held at Solihull on 21st and 22nd April 2012

Quorn Hunt Tetrathlon - Templedruid Antimony

This weekend we went up to Leicestershire for the Area 6 and Area 8 tetrathlon. It was run (very well!!) by the Quorn Hunt pony club who made it very enjoyable and I think its fair to say everyone had fun!! On Friday night we got up there and settle Biscuit into her stable, which she like very much and then headed back to the xc course to camp. We had dinner at about midnight because it was so hot and then everyone went to bed.
Saturday was triathlon day with much success. I had my new gun, so wasn't expecting wonders in the shooting, but came out with a good 860, placing me fifth after the first phase. Swimming was next, and it was so hot in there no one was ready for it, but I got a PB of 173m which I was happy with, this also put me in a good place before the run. No one was looking forward to running in 30 degrees, and I barely had any warm up. I was disappointed with the conditions because I have been training and wanted to have a good run, but it would be harder in the heat. However despite my hip playing and the heat I still had a 6m 57s run, being another PB!!! so a good Saturday!! Then in the evening we all had a bbq and went out into a field and stargazed?!?!? because that how we do it at pony club!!! then on sunday, xc day, I got so nervous, because the course was so big, but nevertheless we flew round it picking up few faults and because of my good scores we finished 6th!!! an amazing end to an amazing weekend, and it was nice to go out of juniors with success!

If anyone is interested in doing tetrathlon, which I highly recommend as it is fantastic!! you should take a look at the pony club website and start training!!

Thank you for watching

Amy and Biscuit

Ickworth Park Tetrathlon - Templedruid Antimony

Great weekend, triathlon on Sunday, where I had a decent shoot, ok run and swimming was... swimming. BUT then on Sunday we had an amazing clear round on the tet cross country!! she absolutely flew and I was a very proud rider, even our DC said she looked great!! XD Our team finished 2nd overall in the area competition!!
Show Jumping we had a stop, but it was entirely my fault!! I just didn't let go haha oops!!

Thank you

Amy and the Ninja xxx

USPC Tetrathlon Champsionships 1998

USPC Tetrathlon Champsionships 1998

Tetrathlon Ardingly

Sarah Findlay doing show jumping section of the competition, only 2 went clear because of scary (?) filler!

Essex and Suffolk Tetrathlon - Templedruid Antimony

Such an amazing tet to finish the season on!!

I won my shoot, with 960, had a decent swim, a clear ride and after those three phases I was in the lead!! but then my run let me down ( my hip started hurting again ) so I finished fourth. However I was very happy with my new gun as it is the second time I've used it in a competition and I was also very pleased with my biscuit pony!!

Sam (10) doing tetrathlon on Royal

Royal stands quietly while Sam clambers on after slip rail. June 2007, Sam 10 years 5 months

Bremian Tetrathlon

The modern Bremian Tetrathlon : swimming, karting, basketball and running

Tetrathlon 200 m GR

St Andrew college

2010年現代四項國際公開賽2010 Tetrathlon (4 events) International Competition

2010年現代四項國際公開賽2010 Tetrathlon (4 events) International Competition

USPC Tetrathlon Champs 1999

Tetrathlon 1999

UK Regional Tetrathlon 2007

Compilation of a view riding videos of the the cross country at Necarne Castle on Saturday 11th August 2007.

Circuit 2 Zone Sud Pentathlon et Tetrathlon AIX EN PROVENCE - EPREUVE CHEVAL CHAUVET ROMAIN

Pour vous faire partager les valeurs du Pentathlon moderne !


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USPC Tetrathlon Champs 2004

USPC Tetrathlon Champs 2004



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