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Tetherball Playing By The Rules

Alynn and Tyler have another tetherball rematch! Who will win when the try to play by the RULES!!!

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What's inside a Tetherball?

Ever wonder what is inside a Tetherball? We decided to buy one and cut it open to see for ourselves.

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Garbrandt and Dillashaw face off in the coaches challenge | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER

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TJ Dillashaw stages a comeback to take out Cody Garbrandt in the coaches challenge.

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About The Ultimate Fighter:
The Ultimate Fighter is a reality television show and mixed martial arts competition on FS1 aimed at finding the next great UFC fighter. Each season, competitors will be separated into two teams, each coached by great UFC fighters. The winners will compete in the TUF finale for the chance to win a six-figure UFC contract and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Tether ball Championship

Rackspace Tether ball championship,
Jim vs Travis

Jackass 3 - Beehive tetherball

Dave England and Steve-O having... not so much fun. I found it more funny when they did the bee stunt in a limo.


THE CHAMPIONSHIP! Eric comes back to vs. Justin in an epic final game. Who takes it all in the tourney?
What a stupid idea..a tetherball tourney lol

Pro at tetherball

Abel showing his pro-status at Tetherball! Check out the end...

Tether ball!

A tetherball designed for all conditions!

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Tetherball Sets - Component Playgrounds

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Eastpoint Platinum Tetherball Setup And Review

Review and setup of tetherball kit. The stake into ground didn’t work well for me, so I created a concrete base the pole can slide in and out of.

Tether Ball Championship Kelowna 2010

My bro Steen takes on my bro-in-law Tony in a game of Ultimate Tether ball. Kelowna 2010.

Boxer tetherball!

Intense game of Boxer tetherball!

Tetherball Championship at Pattaya, Thailand

Tetherball Championship 2007

shoot and edit by Jirosus

Endless Tetherball Game

This game accutally went on for about ten minutes before I even turned the camara on. It really does seem like a long time though.

Extreme Tetherball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tetherball 01

June 19, 2014: Girls play tetherball during our end of season pool party.

Tetherball 02

June 19, 2014: Girls play tetherball during our end of season pool party.

Tetherball World Championship

Tetherball world championship.



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