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Telemark skiing


Freeheel Starters Lesson - Introduction to Telemark Skiing

How to learn freeheel skiing. A way for beginners by Telemark-Pfalz (Palatinate ski association, Germany). We are using these 8 steps with great success since 2002 in our freeheel courses for starters.

(english version)

Telemark Movie- Future Freeheel 2017

Check out the most progressive telemark skiing captured to date. Follow long time telemark pro, Ty Dayberry as he shows why he freeheel skis, what his inspirations are, and why tele is relevant in 2017. Athletes: Ty Dayberry, Erik Nordin, Andreas Sjobeck, Colby Albino. Edited: Daniel Vega

Telemark Movie - A Telemark Tale 2018

Follow Ty Dayberry and Bevan Waite through this multifaceted tale of two tele skiers. The winter starts slow in North America, but a couple of quick ski trips unravels a series of pow filled events that pull at your heart strings while keeping you holding your breath for more.

Produced By: Bevan Waite,
Mountain Grown Media, LLC

Starring: Ty Dayberry & Bevan Waite

Telemark Skiing 101: A Few Things You Should Know About Tele Skis

Our long time owner and resident tele-skier Mike Donohue drops not only knees, but knowledge about the wide selection of telemark gear we carry at Outdoor Gear Exchange.

Interested in learning a bit more about 22 Designs Lynx NTN Tech binding? Resident DI(WHY) ski tech and telemark nerd Aaron August gives his thoughts on the new binding.

Check out our full selection of tele gear below!

Telemark Boots:
Telemark Bindings:


Telemark skiing at MIA SKI RESORT!


LIVE: Telemark-Weltcup Oberjoch 2018


Expert Telemark Turns

Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors

Telemark Lessons- the seven flaws part 1

Get all the FLAWS. Subscribe at
You will have a three part video where I present all the Flaws.
This is the best way to learn telemark.
I have always love to teach how to telemark in an unorderly fashion. There is so many ways to telemark. This is why telemark skiing is so unique. The 7 Flaws respect that identity and brings every telemark skier on the good path by solving their main Flaw.

TELEMARK SKIING - (Be water my friend)


Our Family - TRAILER - 2019 Telemark Movie


Just beneath the northern Sierra crest lies Lake Tahoe, a place that embodies the heart and sole of the mountain community in California. This year, our film delves into the close ties that make up that community and preaches why many of us live they way we do. Come see what draws us to the mountains and how we are able to share that with our friends and family. Additionally, with the absence of a big mountain Telemark comp this year, our Telemark family has lost a significant proving ground for youngsters growing up in this ultra niche sport. Without some sort of big mountain gathering, the sport loses direction, inspiration and is prone to stagnation. Stay tuned to hear what we propose.

Mountain Grown Media
Copyright 2019

Supported by
22 Designs Telemark
Telemark Colorado

Screening Nov. 16th & 17th in Lake Tahoe
Full Movie on Youtube Dec. 15th, 2019

Telemark Gear 2019

Here is my choice of gear for the 2018-19 season.
To learn more:

Move your feet, free your heel: Telemark!

last weekend (2012-02-18) in the Zillertal - freeriding and and riding switch telemark in powder ;-)
Thx to Chris Finnsome for filming!

Cheers Bernd Hassmann

Telemark on BBC Ski Sunday | Jasmin Taylor

Jasmin Taylor featured on 'BBC Ski Sunday' during the FIS Telemark World Cup 2019 season. This programmed aired on BBC 2, on Sunday 27th January and was produced by BBC Sport.

Film credits: BBC Sport, Tele-Ho Productions, Sarah Richardson

For more information, check out

Telemark Skiing - Utah

Utah segment from Let's Go! produced by Telemark Skier magazine. Shot, edited and directed by Josh Madsen

Telemark Freestyle

Telemarkskiing in a new generation!

steve crazy Total Telemark 4

my friend Steve Crazy's (steve leeder) part for Total Telemark 4 from ToughGuyproductions that i shot and edited. Music by dj Czech. Additional footage Paul Cotton.

"EPIC FLAVOUR" Telemark movie

« EPIC FLAVOUR » our latest film summarizing our
2018-2019 season.

A taste of adventure as a form of motivation,
through images punctuated by music on the same
level. Re-live the moments that count; on the
slopes, in the tight, tight forest , and on top of the
mountains, all for a taste of adrenaline. And dont
forget the unbelievable views.

This 5th edition marks a first for 75mm Production.
Part of the film shot in Japans Hakuba Valley;
a well known spot for its ever abundant snowfall,
with forests as far as the eye can see. Kodama
Lodge, managed by their Swiss friends, was the
crash spot for 8 days of powder.

The return to europe was equally interesting with
so many nice sunny days, and tons of powder that
allowed us to exploit these memorable conditions.

In short, a great adventure that recaps a wonderful
season with lots of laughter, and a couple of


2019 Inter-ski Telemark Tech#6-10

The Telemark Movie (1987)

The Telemark Movie is a step by step user-friendly instructional progression for learning downhill skiing techniques on cross-country skis, especially the Telemark turn. THe video makes use of stop-motion to present a simple, effective visual guide to Telemark skiing that will aid skiers of all abilities from beginners to experts.

The Telemark Movie was filmed over a four year period in some of the most exciting ski locations in North America: the radical slopes of Tuckerman Ravine and Mt. Washington in New Hampshire; the steep forests of Mad River Glenn, Vermont; the glaciers of Mt. Hood in Oregon; knee deep powder in Sun Valley, Idaho; above tree line in the North Cascades of Washington, and the majestic valleys of the Canadian Rockies.

Dick Hall is the founder and director of NATO, The North American Telemark Organization, and has, for the past 15 years, taught thousands of people the joys of Telemark skiing.

John Fuller, a former ski instructor and world's leading telemark cinematographer, made his first Telemark film on Mt. Rainier in 1980. Since then he has edited and produced eductational films in Washington, D.C. and worked for National Geographic and Warren Miller Ski Films.

Dick Hall and John Fuller have combined unique skiing and cinematic skills to create clear, entertaining, and inspiring film of lasting value to skiers of all levels.

Running Time: 70min

Learn to make telemark turns-Part 1

Learning to make smooth telemark turns is a worthy goal and for beginners it is important to learn the basics. For more information see: This short video with help you develop a feel for the telemark stance and how to do a basic telemark turn. As well check out this blog for more info on making beginner turns- Thanks to Rossignol and Genuine Guide Gear for the their assistance with telemark education.



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