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Target archery


How to setup a Target Archery Recurve Bow

In this video we take an in depth look at the set up of an olympic style recurve.
We look at all the steps for getting it out of the box to setting up the clicker (and everything else in between)

*Bow assembly
*ILF Limb fitting
*Checking Brace height
*Setting the tiller
*Limb alignment
*Fitting the arrow rest
*Fitting the pressure button
*Setting the centershot
*Fitting nocking points
*Fitting the sight
*Fitting the stabilisers
*Checking the balance of the bow
*Fitting the clicker

please see the website for any of the equipment used in this video

2019 U.S. National Indoor Championships Final: Men's Compound

Men's Compound gold medal match at the 2019 U.S. Archery Indoor National Championships in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare For Indoor Archery

Professional archer John Dudley goes in depth on how to prepare yourself for indoor archery. Many important subjects are covered including expectations, equipment setup, shooting form, shot execution and arrow tuning, all while taking questions from the audience. 
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How to score an archery target | Archery 360

Top archers explain how to score a modern archery target – and where the five-colour, 10-ring face originates from.

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Athletes: Lexi Keller; Naomi Folkard; Mike Schloesser; Crispin Duenas
Tags: Archery 101
Commentary: English

Axcel Achieve target Archery sight

We look at the top of the range target sight for compound archers.

Target Archery Scope Set Up

Historically I have not loved using pins on my target scopes. I know they work great for a lot of people, but it's just not been a success for me.

Fortunately after watching a video from John Dudley, I found a way to use dots on the lenses of my Specialty Archery Versa scopes without running into trouble the colors blending into the paper or 3D targets.

Archery Target Software - MyTargets

We look at MyTargets software in google play. The software is tracks each arrow, tracks scores, and shows where the arrows are landing on the target.

The software also has timing software so you can track how long it is taking to shoot your arrows.

Rio Replay: Women's Individual Archery Final

Hyejin Chang wins gold for Korea in Women's Individual Archery in Rio 2016.

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7 Archery Tuning Tips | Archery Lessons

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We can't even start to discuss tuning until we know that the archer and the bow are consistent. There's no sense of even trying to tune your bow unless you are performing perfectly.

Once you feel that you're performing perfectly then what we do is we take note of how the arrows are flying. If they are tuned, like if they are center shot, if knocking point is in the right position the arrow will come out of the bow perfectly straight, perfectly straight. If it doesn't come out of the bow perfectly straight the bow is not tuned. Or the archer and the bow aren't tuned together.

So one of the ways that you determine whether the bow is tuned or not is to shoot up close to your target. When you shoot the arrow up close to your target, if the arrow doesn't come out perfectly straight it will enter the target at an angle. The angle that it enters the target at will determine what you have to do in order to tune the bow.

For instance, if you take a shot and the arrow comes out of the bow, and when it hits the target it turns this way, that tells me that the arrow is too weak for the bow. That tells me that as the arrow comes out it's bending too much and moving to the right of the target.

If the arrow comes out of the bow and it bends this way and enters the target at this angle, that tells me that the arrow is too stiff for the bow. So therefore, you have to find the proper spined arrow for the bow. Going back to your chart, your arrow chart, you find out where this arrow was on the chart, and you move back towards a lighter or forward towards a heavier spined arrow. Until you find the proper arrow that comes out at the proper spine and enters into the target perfectly straight. If it enters perfectly straight your arrow and your bow are tuned. That's tuning the arrow.

Now, how can we do it in other ways besides just changing your arrows? You can do it by changing the weight of the points. The heavier the point the more the arrow will bend. Therefore, if you have an arrow that's too stiff, by putting a heavier weight in the front it will cause the arrow to straighten out. Another way you can do it is by putting heavier veins on the back, heavier fletching on the back, that stiffens the arrow. So if an arrow is too weak you can stiffen the arrow by putting weight on the back.

Olympic Archery Explained

With the drama and excitement of millions of people watching archers trying to hit a yellow dot, there are many questions that arise. What's that weird thing that sticks out from the bow? How far are they shooting? And what exactly is the Road to Rio about? We go through these common questions, and some more.

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2019 U.S. Archery Indoor National Championships Final: Barebow

Barebow gold medal match at the 2019 U.S. Archery Indoor National Championships in Cincinnati, Ohio.

How to aim a recurve bow

Australian archer Ryan Tyack explains the differences between active and passive aiming, the types of aiming point and how the aim relates to shot sequence with a recurve bow. Filmed during the second stage of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Shanghai, China. More archery at and

Archery | Dealing With Target Panic

We look at the causes of target panic and methods to restore a confident shot process.

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Steve Anderson v Jesse Broadwater – Compound Men's Gold Final | Las Vegas 2017

Full match from the fourth stage of the 2016/17 Indoor Archery World Cup in Las Vegas, USA.

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Athletes: Steve Anderson; Jesse Broadwater
Event: Las Vegas 2017 (15912)
Competition: Compound Men
Phase: Gold Final
Tags: Live Session


This week we're back with our final segment in our target panic series, this time sharing three drills to implement during your practice sessions to help eliminate target panic.

Archery Challenge: 30 metres without sights and stabilisers! | Win&Win AFR

Brady Ellison, Jean-Charles Valladont and Juan Rene Serrano strip their bows of sights and stabilisers and see who can shoot the most arrows into the gold at 30 metres in 20 seconds. (With no practice!)

Who wins? Watch and find out!

WIN&WIN Archery Fan Reporter feature:
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Athletes: Brady Ellison, Juan Rene Serrano, Jean-Charles Valladont
Event: 14102
Tags: Features; Win&Win Fan Reporter

What you see when you’re aiming a compound bow

Compound bows make use magnified sights to allow archers to be more precise. Steve Anderson shows what he sees when he’s sighting in on target. More archery at and

2018 Lancaster Archery Classic: Women's Open Finals

Resa Combs, Jamilee Moore, Ashley Ensley and Katie Roth compete in the finals of the Women's Open Division at the 2018 Lancaster Archery Classic.

Incredible 3 arrows shot at 70 metres by Olympic Champion Chang Hye Jin 장혜진

Chang Hye Jin shoots an incredible three-arrow group in the X10-ring at 70 metres during the recurve women’s gold medal match at the first stage of the 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Shanghai, China. More archery at and

Live: Compound finals | Bangkok 2019 Asian Archery Championships

Live from the 2019 Asian Archery Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. More archery at and



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