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Target archery


Everything You Need to Know to Prepare For Indoor Archery

Professional archer John Dudley goes in depth on how to prepare yourself for indoor archery. Many important subjects are covered including expectations, equipment setup, shooting form, shot execution and arrow tuning, all while taking questions from the audience. 
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How to setup a Target Archery Recurve Bow

In this video we take an in depth look at the set up of an olympic style recurve.
We look at all the steps for getting it out of the box to setting up the clicker (and everything else in between)

*Bow assembly
*ILF Limb fitting
*Checking Brace height
*Setting the tiller
*Limb alignment
*Fitting the arrow rest
*Fitting the pressure button
*Setting the centershot
*Fitting nocking points
*Fitting the sight
*Fitting the stabilisers
*Checking the balance of the bow
*Fitting the clicker

please see the website for any of the equipment used in this video

2019 U.S. Archery Indoor National Championships Final: Men's Recurve

Men's Recurve gold medal match at the 2019 U.S. Archery Indoor National Championships in Cincinnati, Ohio.

2019 U.S. Archery Indoor National Championships Final: Barebow

Barebow gold medal match at the 2019 U.S. Archery Indoor National Championships in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What you see when you’re aiming a compound bow

Compound bows make use magnified sights to allow archers to be more precise. Steve Anderson shows what he sees when he’s sighting in on target. More archery at and

Gabriel Badenhorst v Jesse Broadwater – compound men’s semifinal | Turin 2011 World Championships

Uncut Match of the 2011 Outdoor World Championships in Turin (ITA).
Compound Men Ind Semifinals / BADENHORST Gabriel (RSA) vs BROADWATER Jesse (USA)

Question about the Target ?

Best Target Bows of 2018: Mathews vs. Hoyt vs. Prime

After spending many months shooting and competing with the Mathews TRX 38, Prime Centergy X1 and Hoyt Pro Force, here are my final thoughts.

All of these bows shoot awesome and are, quite frankly, much better than I am. Picking a winner is complicated, as each bow has its own strengths and finding faults sometimes feels like a fool's errand. But after sending many thousands of arrows through each bow, I did settle on one bow that worked best for me. Your mileage may vary.

Perfecting Archery Technique with Zach Garrett | Gillette World Sport

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Zach Garrett explains the pin-point precision required within Archery, where a 1mm error at the line can result in a huge difference at the target, 70m away.

►Preparing for the Olympic Games with Zach Garrett:
►Para Archery with W1 World No.1 David Drahoninsky:

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2019 U.S. National Indoor Championships Final: Men's Compound

Men's Compound gold medal match at the 2019 U.S. Archery Indoor National Championships in Cincinnati, Ohio.

$10 Archery target

build an archery target from scrap cardboard that will stop a 30lb compound bow from approx. 20 metres for $10

Steve Anderson v Jesse Broadwater – Compound Men's Gold Final | Las Vegas 2017

Full match from the fourth stage of the 2016/17 Indoor Archery World Cup in Las Vegas, USA.

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Athletes: Steve Anderson; Jesse Broadwater
Event: Las Vegas 2017 (15912)
Competition: Compound Men
Phase: Gold Final
Tags: Live Session

The secret to beating target panic is… shooting at a target?

Braden Gellenthien explains how he uses blank boss archery, with a target, to keep target panic – the inability to aim and execute properly – in check. More archery at and

Archery Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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Archery | Target Sizes

Stay on target with this quick guide on targets.

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How to beat target panic in archery

Crispin Duenas reveals THREE easy steps that can help any archer beat target panic. Have any more advice? Let us know in the comments below!

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Athletes: Crispin Duenas
Event: 14102
Tags: Features; Win&Win Fan Reporter; Archery 101

DIY CHEAP ARCHERY TARGET - 20€ - Stops modern Compund

My archery target for about 20€. I hope you like my video and have fun to build your own carpet target.
As you can hear, english is not my native language so please be polite =)


How to score an archery target | Archery 360

Top archers explain how to score a modern archery target – and where the five-colour, 10-ring face originates from.

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Athletes: Lexi Keller; Naomi Folkard; Mike Schloesser; Crispin Duenas
Tags: Archery 101
Commentary: English

Full session: Compound Men’s Finals | Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final

Full coverage of the compound men’s finals at the 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in Samsun, Turkey. Compound archers shoot at a target 50 metres away and the central 10-ring measures just 8cm in diameter.

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Event: Samsun 2018 (19186)
Tags: Live Session
Commentary: English

Target Archery Scope Set Up

Historically I have not loved using pins on my target scopes. I know they work great for a lot of people, but it's just not been a success for me.

Fortunately after watching a video from John Dudley, I found a way to use dots on the lenses of my Specialty Archery Versa scopes without running into trouble the colors blending into the paper or 3D targets.

Braden Gellenthien v Martin Damsbo – Compound men’s gold | Roma Archery Trophy 2018

Full match from the Roma Archery Trophy, the third stage of the 2019 Indoor Archery World Series in Rome, Italy. Recurve and compound archers shoot at a target 18 metres away. The 10-ring is 4cm in diameter for recurve archers and 2cm in diameter for compound archers. See more archery at



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