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Tang Soo Do


EL ARTE MARCIAL del actor CHUCK NORRIS Tang Soo Do (karate Coreano)

El arte marcial coreano Tang Soo Do se muestra en las peleas de chuck norris. El actor y artistas marcial chuck norris combate a bruce lee en la película el furor del dragón de bruce lee y utiliza el tang soo do arte marcial coreano como su método de combate. Arte marcial tang soo do es de corea igual que el hapkido o el taekwondo.

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Masters Demo Tang Soo Do

Master Wallace and Master S Nar performing hyung applications

Tang Soo Do The Basics 1

Tang Soo Do Basics

Tang Soo Do Tournament Sparring - Master Nick Capuozzo

Master Nick Capuozzo fighting the New Hope Karate Championships in New Hope Pennsylvania.

Wales Tang Soo Do (WTSDA) Dan Testing (Oct 2019)

Here are highlights of our 3 students testing for their Black Belts. Hope you enjoy

Clases de Tang Soo Do en gimnasio Perales



Sensei Ichi on YouTube:

This is the first of 3 videos in which Sensei Justin Ichikawa and I share the similarities and differences between the basics of our systems. In this episode we will be comparing blocks, Sensei Ichi will show us Tang Soo Do blocks and then I will anaylze and compare them to our Kenpo blocks.

There will be two more videos in the series coming in the next few weeks, on on strikes and another on kicks. Please be sure to go to Sensei Ichi's channel and subscribe!

Location Provided by C's Kenpo Karate

Video Productions by: Fade 2 Black Productions, Inc


2016 C. S. Kim National All Martial Arts Championship - Tang Soo Do Demos

Masters and students of Grand Master C. S. Kim and the International Tang Soo Do Federation. These are the Tang Soo Do demonstrations that were held at the 42nd National All Martial Arts Championship, April 23rd, 2016. Monroeville Convention Center, Monroeville, PA USA.

What is Tang Soo Do? || KMAA Vlog #3

LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE to our Channel. We are very excited to see where this vlog goes! This vlog is focused on explaining what Tang Soo Do, or Korean Karate is. You will see basic movements, forms, sparring, throwing, self defense and knife defense in this video. Thank you!
- Kennedy’s Martial Arts Academy

Special Thanks to Grand Master C. I. Kim for the use of his personal photos of Carlos Norris. Grand Master C. I. Kim retains the copyright on the photos used in this VLOG. No other person or entity is allowed to use these photos without the express written consent of Grand Master C. I. Kim of Kennedy's Martial Arts Academy.

A huge shout-out to Sabeom Nim Patrick Kennedy, Sabeom Nim Marie Kennedy, Sabeom Nim Shaina Kennedy, and to all who helped us to create this vlog!

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1° Combate al Punto Tang Soo Do v/s Taekwondo ITF

Torneo Olmué Septiembre 2013

Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin leads 1st hyung Tang Soo Do on drum, Franeker 06.11.2010

Tang Soo Do Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin (WTSDA) leads 1st hyung on drum. Open Dutch Championships (ONK) Franeker November 6th 2010.

Tang Soo Do Kata Bunkai DVD - M° Stefano Mazza GM° Mark Kline

Promo of the Tang Soo Do Pyung-Ahn DVD

50 Techniques from the 5 Pyung Ahn Kata Forms are broken down in real time with the Pressure Points explained and demostrated in this hard hitting series!!

As you progress through these DVDs, your understanding will never br the same again! Kata is a physical language that tells a story and that story is one of self protection.
Your skills and understanding of HOW to perform these techniques will grow tremendously as will your comprehension of the language of Kata.
Your kata will improve your self defense and your self defense will improve your Kata.

Chuck Norris Actor, campeón de Karate y Tang Soo Do (enemigo de bruce lee en enter the dragon)

El actor Chuck Norris, es campeón de karate full contact y experto cinturón negro 8 dan de Tang Soo Do. Actor de artes marciales y amigo de Bruce Lee y Jean Claude Van Damme, es experto en artes marciales como el Judo, Karate, Hapkido y Tang Soo Do. Múltiple campeón de karate full contact y reconocido actor de películas como Fuerza Delta, Walker, Texas Ranger, The Expendables 2, Invasion U.S.A., The Cutter.

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Tang Soo Do Demonstration - World Championships 2009 in Rotterdam

EMTF Tang Soo Do World Championships 2009 - Demonstration performed by Sabum Nim R. Salm and Sabum Nim A. Zgaoui

CMK Vintage Tang Soo Do.mp4

Vintage Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do footage from the late 1950's or early 1960's from Korea. This film was donated to Central Michigan Karate by Marty who trained in Korea as a serviceman. This video is the combined footage of 4 reel's of film. This is a wonderful gift to all Tang Soo Do Students... to see the original black belts who trained under Grandmaster Hwang Kee demonstrating techniques, forms, breaks and fighting. (Screen titles and captions have been added to help clarify information for viewers) ENJOY!

Tang Soo Do vs Muay Thai at OC Open Martial Arts Sparring

DON'T JUST BE A 'CRITIC'. Post some helpful FEEDBACK so that EVERYONE learns. I am only listing their base training system as everyone here cross-trains. This is a friendly sparring session and folks here are not here to prove a point, but rather, to learn from each other.

If you are in the Orange County, California area, you are welcome to attend our meetups. Everyone here can show others some techniques from their style so that everyone can learn from each other. We just ask that people leave their EGO at home, come with an open mind and join in on the fun!

Find them at:

or collaborate about martial arts on their Facebook page at:

Tang Soo Do - Joe Goss Karate - O Sip Sa Bo

Master Goss Sr. and his instructor Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim performing the form O Sip Sa Bo.

TKA Winter 2019 Tang Soo Do Black Belt Exam

Footage from the Tompkins Karate Association (TKA) Winter 2019 Black Belt Exam from Feb 23rd 2019.

The Tang Soo Do exam saw Sam testing for his 1st Degree Black Belt and Ron and Theresa testing for their 2nd Degree Black Belts via examination in 4 areas - Forms/Kata, One Step-Sparing and Jiujitsu, 4-Corner and Free Sparring.

Congrats to all those who tested!

Canon 80D
24-105mm f/4L IS USM
Takstar Shotgun Mic
Sunpak Ultra 7000TM Tripod

Tang Soo Do Black Belt Test with Grandmaster Beaudoin - Karate

Karate Black Belt Test with Grandmaster Beaudoin

Tang Soo Do @ Alter Channel 9.10.2010.avi

Αυτοάμυνα και γυναίκες, παρουσίαση του Tang Soo Do στο κανάλι Alter, συνεντεύξεις από τις δασκάλες Κατερίνα Καλάβρια, Αγγελική Αγγελοπούλου και Βαρβάρα Τσουράπη



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