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WCT 3 - Match 4 - The Boys v Ape Escape

This is definitely one of our favourite matches of the tournament - The Boys v Ape Escape. There were some crazy tags / Evasions and three of the Chases featured in the 'Best Chase Competition'. For more info on the athletes involved, check out the links below:

Ape Escape:

Valentin Dubois:

Nabil Hadim:

Leo Urban:

Caryl Cordt-Moller:

Augustin Ciavaldini:

The Boys:

Tavon McVey:

Davis Vasconcellos:

Joey Adrian:

Seth Rujiraviriyapinyo

Frank Mejia:

Damien Devaux -
Connor O'Carroll -

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WCT 3 - Final - Marrero Gang v UGen

And there we have it - the final match from WCT 3 - Marrero Gang v UGen, the two most experienced teams in the tournament. Chase 7 - David v Andy, is one of our favourite all-time Chases. The final 5 seconds are as good as it gets.

For more info on the athletes, check out the links below:

Marrero Gang:

Greg Ball:

Alex Steklyannikov:

Eric Moor:

David Nelmes:

Kieran Hawkins:


Andy Tomin:

Haroon Hanafi:

Richard Thompson:

Dayne Nembhard:

Tim Champion:

Damien Devaux -
Connor O'Carroll -
Exo Dae -

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WCT 4 - Final - GNF v United

And here it is - the WCT 4 Final - GNF v United. It's a bit of a strange one, though. For the first 14 Chases, very few of the Evaders seemed to last for more than around 12 seconds and the average chase length was almost half that of some of the previous matches. That all changed in 15th though, when Caryl Cordt-Moller scored an absolute blinder of an Evasion that will definitely be a contender in the Best Chase Competition (which starts next week!!!).

For more info on the athletes:

Loic Giorgi -
Charles Poujade -
Clement Dumais -
Caryl Cordt-Moller -
Benyamine El Ouafi -

Davis Vasconcellos -
Seth Rujiraviriyapinyo -
Jake Migliorato -
Seth Wang -
Sid Mohorovich -

Big thanks to PRO 2GO for sponsoring the event -

Commentary Team:
Connor O'Carroll -
Dan Dawson -

Chase Announcer:
Tumaini Foster -

Marcus Mead -

DJ Mattman -

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Run of tag teams selected in WWE Draft Fourth Round: SmackDown, Oct. 11, 2019

The Viking Raiders, Lucha House Party, Heavy Machinery and The Street Profits were all chosen in the WWE Draft’s Fourth Round.
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World Chase Tag - The MOST EXTREME Game of Tag!! | WCT Championship 2019

The most extreme parkour tag you'll ever see!
Watch on Channel 4 Thursday 19th September at 11.55pm!
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WCT 4 - QF3 - United v UGen

This was the toughest Quarter Final matchup at WCT 4 - United v UGen.

UGen had obviously had a lot of experience on the Quad (and were the WCT 3 + European Championship finalists), but this was United's first time at an official WCT event. However, all of their athletes (apart from Benyamine) had had experience competing with other teams or at smaller Chase Tag events.

Big thanks again to PRO 2GO for sponsoring the event and powering up the athletes.

For more info on the athletes:


Andy Tomin -
Richard Thompson -
Haroon Hanafi -
Dayne Nembhard -
Alberto Gomez Tribello -

Loic Giorgi -
Charles Poujade -
Clement Dumais -
Caryl Cordt-Moller -
Banyamine El Ouafi -

Commentary Team:
Connor O'Carroll -
Dan Dawson -

Chase Announcer:
Tumaini Foster -

Marcus Mead -

DJ Mattman -

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Best Tags by Cubs Infielder Javy Báez

Javy Báez is magical offensively and defensively around the base paths. Watch these highlights of some of his most impressive tags.

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WCT 4 - Best Chase Competition

Here are 10 of the Best Chases from WCT 4. You've got one week to vote for your favourite and the two athletes involved in the winning Chase receive $1000 each. Click here to vote:

Voting closes on 15th January at midnight.

Chase 1:

Chase 2:

Chase 3:

Chase 4:

Chase 5:

Chase 6:

Chase 7:

Chase 8:

Chase 9:

Chase 10:

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MLB Avoiding The Tag Supercut

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Tag-init, Taglamig | Kuwentong Gilas

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Javier Baez | Best Tags

Video made for entertainment purposes only
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Songs used are Javier Baez's walk-up songs:
Farruko — Visionary
Snow — Informer


Tag de los Trajes de Spider-Man by Prnze / Retado by IvanSpidey
Contesto comentarios el día que subo vídeo, y sólo saludo a miembros del canal.
#tag #trajes #spiderman

RETO A Emma Spider:
Y A Bryan Alzate:


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CONTACTO para Trabajos o Colaboraciones -

Archery Attack | The 100 Player Battle | PVP Archery | Arrow Tag

Check out our latest clip: Fail of the Month - #1 | Archery Attack

Archery Attack proudly presents our largest battle ever - featuring our latest line of customisable gear!
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After partnering with Tribe Archery we can now provide:
- Kids & Adult Bows in unlimited colours including red, blue, black, green, white etc, our bows can be seen in this clip. We have specially produced injected moulds ensuring colour will not come off during game-play.
- Coloured protective face masks
- The world's safest, fastest, arrows (can be colour customised)
- Inflatable bunkers of all shapes, colours and sizes!

Key Ingredients for this film
• 100 Battle Hungry Participants
• 100 Tag Safe Action Bows
• 100 Tag Safe Masks in Team Colours
• 400 Long or Short Range Arrows
• 40 Inflatables of All Shapes and Sizes!
• 4 Archery Attack / Bubble Sports Entertainment Officers
• 20 Inflatable Seats for the hard working spectators!
• Lots and lots of bits and bobs that just make everything work!

This video was produced by Colourblind Films, we highly recommend their services!
Check them out at

Special thanks for sponsoring our video!
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Check out our latest video! Buck Hunting | Archery Attack | The world of Arrow Tag


TAG Heuer | Mikrogirder 2000 - Reveal

Simpler, faster and more efficient than science dreamed possible, impervious to gravity and dramatically reducing isochronous error, potentially easier to manufacture and able to precisely measure time to a phenomenal 5/10,000th of a second today, and probably even more precisely tomorrow...
TAG Heuer challenges three centuries of hairspring/balance wheel mechanical regulation conventions to create a totally new mechanical regulator. The legendary Swiss brand is now unveiling a first Concept version, a 5/10,000th of a second chronograph beating at 1,000 Hz or 7,200,000 beats per hour!

MLB: Avoiding The Tag Part 2

Video made for entertainment purposes only
Clips belong to Advanced Media

TAG Heuer | TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T Tourbillon Nanograph

For the first time ever, TAG Heuer mathematicians, physicists and chemists have developed a carbon balance-spring. Produced using a natural gas, it governs the oscillations of the balance. This extremely complex part can withstand shocks, magnetic fields and extreme temperatures.

As the true heart of a mechanical watch, the carbon balance-spring requires unique know-how. Created and assembled by TAG Heuer watchmakers, its supreme quality ensures optimum precision while improving timekeeping performance.

The balance-spring’s geometry and its perfectly concentric oscillations give the watch additional precision. This is then enhanced by pairing it with a balance made from an aluminium alloy that reduces the friction between the surface of the carbon balance-spring and air flow.

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MLB Greatest Tags

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Bayern-Fans geben Supercup-Karten zurück | SPORT1 - DER TAG

Der europäische Supercup verliert für die Fans auf Grund der verschärften Corona-Lage in Budapest an Attraktivität. 800 Fans des FC Bayern geben ihre Tickets für das Spiel am Donnerstag gegen Europa-League-Sieger FC Sevilla zurück.

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TAG Heuer | Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna's return to TAG Heuer also marked the reveal of the Senna Collection comprised of four new special-edition timepieces and new dedicated advertising campaign. Each watch features the famous stylized Senna ‘S’ in red lacquer, on the dial, case back and bezel, complete with a tachymeter scale, giving the timepiece real racing spirit and Senna’s performance touch. The iconic ‘Legend’ bracelet, with its S-shaped links, also makes a return – the same style worn by Ayrton but redesigned and rounded for optimum comfort.

TAG Heuer | Chris Hemsworth - Don't Crack Under Pressure

Since the filming of Rush, which TAG Heuer partnered in 2013 and which starred Chris Hemsworth as the Formula 1 driver James Hunt, the friendship between the Australian and the Swiss watch brand has grown ever closer.

Chris was already a big fan of the brand, wearing TAG Heuer watches in his day-to-day life. The first contact he had with the brand marked the start of a warm friendship and mutual respect. He was already well-known, with a growing international profile, and demonstrating an ability not to crack under pressure as he developed his illustrious career while nurturing his home and family life.

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