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Taekkyeon - A Traditional Korean Martial Art

Taekkyeon - A Traditional Korean Martial Art

Taekkyeon is a traditional martial art that was even used in creation of Taekwondo back in 1950s. This video is a motivation to all Taekkyeon practitioners.

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Capoeira vs Taekkyeon

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Arte Marcial antecesor del Taekwondo "El Taekkyeon(택견)"

El arte marcial tradicional coreano antecesor del Taekwondo El Taekkyeon(택견), es el arte marcial del pueblo coreano. Sus técnicas similares al taekwondo itf vs taekwondo wtf. el arte marcial coreano taekkyon tiene técnicas de pateo como el kung fu y el karate pero es un sistema marcial mezclado con baile al formato de la copoeira. El taekkyon arte marcial coreano del taekwondo.

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elfarraon - elfarraon - elfarraon

[2018 Editor's Choice] Experience taekkyeon(UNESCO Heritage), a traditional Korean martial art

Learn and experience Korean culture through taekkyeon, a traditional Korean martial art designated as an intangible cultural heritage of Korea!
Taekkyeon is a representative traditional martial art of Korea, listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

You can learn taekkyeon, the traditional martial art out of which taekwondo started. If you attend the class with your friends, you can also try out a taekkyeon battle and find out who comes out on top. (Individual participation is possible.)

As the place is located in Insadong, a popular tourist destination in Seoul, you will be able to experience both taekkyeon and other tourist attractions in one go.

Learn more about this experience :

Taekkyeon, a traditional Korean martial art.

Combates de Taekkyeon

Combates en una de las artes marciales coreanas ancestrales: el Taekkyeon


Capoeira vs Taekkyeon- Real Fight - part 1

luta aconteceu na coreia do sul em uma competiçao que havia uma serie de regras que prejudicou bastante o lutador de capoeira uma delas proibia o uso da ginga.
ENGLISH: fight happened in south korea in a competition that had a series of rules that hurt quite a capoeira fighter of them forbade the use of ginga.
태권도/택견 vs capoeira

Taekkyun #26

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UNESCO Heritage in Korea Taekkyeon


Taekkyon Advanced Form Yondan Shippal Soo

Instructors from the Korea Taekkyon Association demonstrate an advanced taekkyon form, Yondan Shippal Soo, at the historical Korean Folk Village in Yongin, South Korea. This instructional segment is taken from the Taekkyon video available at

Taekkyeon Training: Learning Throwdown techniques using Korean Wrestling Form

continue my Taekyeon training by focusing on Takedowns in a wrestling form. Here Yong U and I train together.

In the first parts of the video, I was shown by Yong U various techniques. The we had a match.

What I know now, I didn't know at the time: My back was not straight and my center of gravity was too high in the moments it mattered. Yong U stayed low and kept his back strength. As a result, Yong U used me like a toy as he demonstrated superior technique. Such is learning by falling down.

We finished with practicing kicking. Look at Yong U's good technique.

택견의 테이크다운 기술 / Takedown(triping) skills of Taekkyeon

택견에서 사용되는 여러가지 유술기들을 정리해 보았습니다:)
궁금하신 점은 댓글 남겨주세요

Takedown(triping) skills that have used in Taekkyeon.
Please write a comment if have any question about video.

UC Martial Arts Taekwondo and Taekkyeon Demo @ Haas Pavilion for the 44th UC Open - 05/04/2013

This demo features sparring and breaking techniques by some of Korea's renowned competitors and the Cal Taekwondo Demo Team led by Professor Jeong Kook-Kyung, followed by a Taekkyeon demo by Deputy Secretary General Jung Yeop Chun of the World Martial Arts Union

Taekkyun #1

Korean traditional martial arts.

Power of Taekyun.wmv

The Power of Taekyun!!

More information CLICK below link.


택견 홍보 영상 2012

나 발차기 잘하는데?ㅎ

Taekkyun #6

Korean traditional martial arts.

BGM : She is too much pretty to me(-_-)) (by WAX)

insadong taekkyeon

Practicing Throwdowns in Taekkyeon



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