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Table hockey


Singles Bubble Hockey Championship Dec 28 Buffalo - Game 1 of Finals

Tournament was held at HockeyTowne USA FanFest at the Buffalo Convention center. John Gaffney from New Jersey vs. Jeremy Davis from Connecticut

Professional Air Hockey player Cory Dzbinski VS Blade Brown - 2012 Air Hockey World Championship

Blade finished above me in the two previous Air Hockey World Championships. I was determined to lay him to waste this year. Little did I know i'd get to do it in tournament fashion!

Top Corner Table Hockey: How to be a better player

As a long time rod hockey player with years of experience I'm ready to show you some little pointers to improve your game, or at the very least show you some footage a top corner hockey table to bring back memories for you.

Pretty solid table hockey game, had it for quite a few years, couple players can't shoot anymore but other than that, it still works!

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Air Hockey Master Bedroom Match

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Max and Dan face off in an epic air hockey match to determine who gets the master bedroom.

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Table Hockey. Настольный хоккей. Moscow Open 2013. Dmitrichenko-Miloradov. Final. Game 5

Финал. Дмитриченко-Милорадов. Игра 5 (комментируют Михаил Спиваковский и Алексей Титов)

Magnetic Table Hockey

A quick game with Kometa jersey on.

NXT Superstars go puck wild in an absurd air hockey competition

Let it be known that NXT Superstars take their air hockey very, very seriously. Watch Shane Thorne, Dakota Kai, Steve Cutler and more NXT competitors go strike-for-strike on the windy table.
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LED Floor Virtual Air Hockey Face Off

A first look at the ASB LumiFlex LED sports floor working in unison with our new tracking system. Players are tracked, and given feedback in real time on the floor, an industry first. Speed of movement, direction of running and player location can all be monitored and relayed onto our LED glass sports floor.

Video shot at ISPO Munich 2019.

STIGA Table Hockey game as a mirror image

Maxim Borisov – Ahti Lampi

Part of this original video:

Magnetic Table Hockey

The first and only true slotless table hockey game!!!
The next revolution in table games!!!

Table hockey-SWE Championship 2013-Final Game5-ANDERSSON - ÖSTLUND

SWE Championship 2013. Peter Östlund vs Marcus Andersson. Final game 5.

2018 STIGA North American Championships Shabi v Carlson 1/8 Final

2018 Stiga North American Championship Round-of-16 matchup between #4 Paul Shabi (Fraser, MI) and #13 Jacob Carlson (Grand Rapids, MI).

XVI Table Hockey World Championship 2019. Team Latvia.

XVI Table Hockey World Championship 2019 @ Raubichi (Belarus).
Team Latvia.

Latvian Table Hockey Federation homepage:

XVI Table Hockey World Championship 2019. Day 1

How To: Fat Cat 3-in-1 Pockey® Table Assembly Instructions

Follow along and set up your Fat Cat 3-in-1 Pockey® Multi-Game Table.

Assembly manual can be found on our website:
Item Number: 64-1046

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Playoff Table Hockey Timer

Official 5 minute Table Hockey Timer

Featuring the Swedish band Skurklandet ( the Cantina song known from Star Wars and the infamous Czech song Jožin z bažin song

Flashback to the Golden Age of Table Hockey

flashback to the golden age of table hockey

2012 Toronto Classic.Canadian Championship Table Hockey Power Play 2 Class D

Class D Single elimination Game between Lou Piacentini and Jim Apoloantos .
Played on Power Play 2 Table Hockey Game

XVI Table Hockey World Championship 2019. Day 1. part 2

STIGA Table Hockey Countdown Timer

Countdown timer with audio music signal for table hockey matches.

How are the official rules?
Table hockey is a gentleman's sport and fair play is an important part of it. Here are some of the main rules to get you started:

1. STIGA® Games must be used, with figures from the play off version.
2. A match lasts 5 minutes. It is custom to use an audio music signal to tell when the match starts and when it is over.
3. Time runs even if the puck is out of play, so keep extra pucks close at hand in case one flies out.
4. All matches begin with the puck places at center spot.
5. After a goal or if the puck has been shot out of the game, the puck is dropped in the center, in a so called face-off.
6. Three (3) seconds must elapse after each Face-off before a valid goal can be scored.
7. Passive play is not allowed, and an action must be performed after 5 seconds.
8. A goal scored by moving the whole game is not valid.
9. If the puck is on the goal line and it will be impossible to remove it without risking to do an own goal, the player is allowed to call Block! and then pick up the puck for a Face-off. This can be a real life saver!
10. The puck must stay in the goal cage to count.

For more detailed rules, please check the website of the international table hockey federation, or your country's federation.



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