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Table Sports


Paralympic Sports A-Z: Table Tennis

Find out all you need to know about the Paralympic sport of table tennis, including the history, rules, classification and equipment.

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Table tennis was included in the first Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960 and is now practiced by athletes in more than 100 different countries.

Athletes from all physical impairment groups, aside from the visually impaired, are allowed to compete in standing or sitting classes. Intellectually impaired athletes can also compete.

Men and women can participate in individual, doubles or team events, and matches consist of five sets of 11 points each, and are played in a best-of-five format.

How To Assemble Competition Table Tennis Tables From Franklin Sports

Franklin’s Competition table tennis table is the perfect combination of playability and visual appeal. The 15mm play surface assures tournament like bounce and feel, while the 1.25in curved leg design creates a unique table like elegance. The folding frame helps maximize space after game play to keep the entertainment rooms clean and spacious.

Understanding that setting up some of these larger table games can sometimes be a bit confusing; we’d like to take some time to help you understand the process. For any additional questions, please help to call Franklin’s customer support team.

Table Thai Sports Therapy

Thai Table Massage Sports Therapy. This is were the East meets the West in a perfect combination that you can learn to do on a table. Great for massage therapist, personal trainers & fitness instructors.

Zoran Primorac vs TableTennisDaily’s Dan!

Hey guys, we're back with another 1 set challenge and this time it's with table tennis legend Zoran Primorac! The Croatian player has been world ranked at number 2 and played in 7 Olympics Games, and won 2 World Cups! Zoran is still actively involved in table tennis, hes the Chair of the ITTF Athletes Commission and coach for UMMC Ekaterinburg in Russia. Enjoy!

Watch our full video with Zoran Primorac here:

MD Sports - 48 Inch Air Powered Hockey Table Setup and Review.

This video gives you a little tutorial on how to set up your Hockey Table and also a quick review of how the table performs. Check out the table here:

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Table tennis table size | table tennis | sports information

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Table Tennis Moments That Shocked The World [HD]

Welcome to the Table Tennis Central Youtube Channel! Here you will find the latest table tennis action, from the best players around the world. Hours are put in every video in an attempt to make each video unique; we hope you enjoy!
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MD Sports Titan Collection 7.5 Ft. Air Hockey Table


Zhan Jian Vs Wang Hao China Open 2011 Table Tennis

TTCrawsaive Is Back in the Game !
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HIGH DRAMA! Jean-Philippe Gatien vs Jean-Michel Saive | 1993 World Table Tennis Championships Final

France vs Belgium! Jean-Philippe Gatien vs Jean-Michel Saive! Re-live this classic final from 23 May 1993 at the World Table Tennis Championships!

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All content is the copyright of the International Table Tennis Federation. Images may not be reproduced without prior approval from the ITTF.

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MD Sports Titan Collection 7.5 Ft. Pool Table


Spectacular Table Tennis Shots from Dimitrij Ovtcharov ????????

Enjoy the best shots of Dimitrij Ovtcharov ????????!

What is the 1 skill that you would like to pick up from Dima?

???? More #TableTennis action ????

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All content is the copyright of the International Table Tennis Federation. Images may not be reproduced without prior approval from the ITTF.

PingPong, Tischtennis, Bordtennis, tenisdemesa, tennisdetable, 乒乓球, 桌球, 卓球, 탁구, настольныйтеннис

EastPoint Sports Fold 'N Store Table Tennis Table 12mm

The EastPoint® Fold ‘N Store™ Table Tennis Table is the perfect addition to your household! Already pre-assembled in the box, this table is ready for play in just minutes! Take it out of the box, unfold it, open the legs, lock the safety locks in place, flip each half over, clamp on the net and you are ready to play! Find it at

EastPoint Sports Fold 'N Store 15mm Table Tennis Table

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SPL 2019 | Points table after Round 6 | The Sports Room TV


We haven’t had a look at the Shillong Premier League points table in a while and there’s no better time to do it than right now, which is just after the end of the first leg.

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MD Sports 75 Ultimate 4000 4in1 Multi Game Table

Model: DH57500

Table Tennis vs Hockey | Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

Can field hockey player Blair Tarrant return the table tennis serve of the female Dutch champion Brit Eerland? And can she hit a hockey goal like him?

Check out the Sports Swap series where Olympians try each others sport:

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Sports 48 Inch 13-In-1 Multi-Game Combo Table

Sports 48 Inch 13-In-1 Multi-Game Combo Table

The MD Sports 48-inch 13-in-1 multi-game table offers a wide variety of game options in a single compact footprint. The games included are air hockey, basketball, bean bag toss, darts, archery, chess, checkers, backgammon, target shooting, plink shot, mini-golf, bowling, and finger football. Easily keep track of the score for all games by using the manual scorers on each side of the table. Includes all of the accessories needed to play each game, no additional purchases needed! Changing from one game to the next with only a few steps so everyone can continue having fun all day. Accessories included: 2 pushers, 2 pucks, 3 bean bags, 1 basketball, 1 pump, 1 checkers set, 1 chess set, 1 backgammon set, 6 darts, 1 archery set, 4 pinballs, 1 bowling set, 1 finger foosball set, 1 blaster, 5 bullets, 1 dice set and 1 golf set.

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Table Tennis - Sports Science

The facts around table tennis.


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