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Strength athletics


3 Best Olympic Lifts for Football Players

Dane covers the 3 Best Olympic Lift variations for football players and how they can be used to become stronger on the field.

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Garage Strength Sports Performance is the premier gym in the United States for Olympic Weightlifting, Track and Field Throws, and Athlete Development, where 100s of the nations best collegiate, post-collegiate, and high school athletes choose to train.


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These video clips are from a seminar I did at Evolution Strength and Fitness in the UK December 6th 2017.

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Try This Intense MMA Workout [Full Routine] | Overtime Athletes

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My passion is Speed and Power and I want to devote myself to helping you guys out to become a complete dominant athlete. I work with a wide variety of athletes here in South Florida but want to help anyone and everyone improve in any sport or physical goal they might have.

Try This Intense MMA Workout [Full Routine] | Overtime Athletes

Overtime Athletes

Worlds Strongest Man .VS. Worlds Strongest Women!

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Untamed Strength Crew @ Santa Cruz Strongman Compeition

Santa Cruz Strength Strongman Challenge Oct. 25th, 2014

Power Vs Strength in Athletics

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Do you know the difference between power and strength in athletics. Ever competed against someone that looks like they shouldn't be that powerful due to their size. But can end up being very powerful? Chances are they are a power athlete versus a strength athlete

Sport psychology - inside the mind of champion athletes: Martin Hagger at TEDxPerth

Martin Hagger is Professor of Psychology at Curtin University. His areas of expertise are social, health, sport and exercise psychology. He is involved in numerous research projects nationally and internationally with a focus on motivation and behaviour change. He is currently leading projects in drugs in sport, promoting physical activity and healthy diet, understanding the mechanisms of willpower and self-control, and reducing binge drinking and the prevalence of smoking.

At the highest level, athletes are well-matched in terms of their physical abilities, conditioning, and skill level. But often that is not enough to win and perform on the biggest of stages like the Olympic games. Developing strategies and techniques to get athletes minds in the best possible condition for optimal performance is increasingly important for sports teams and coaches.

Martin will provide an overview of the kinds of techniques that elite athletes use to prepare psychologically for their sport, give details of the scientific research into these techniques and how they work, and how the techniques might be used by competitive athetes and coaches to maximise performance.


TEDxPerth 2012 took place on Saturday 8 December 2012 at the Octagon Theatre at the University of Western Australia. Over 500 people attended in person and listeners all over the country enjoyed the day by tuning in to the live broadcast on digital radio.

About TEDx, x = independently organised event
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organised events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organised TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organised.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Top Strength Training Mistakes & How To Fix Them | The Battle Ep. 9

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It's about to be peak week baby! In this video we talk to you about peaking for your final weak of powerlifting and how to get ready for your meet. On top of that we show you our top lifts, and go over the top 3 strength training mistakes & how to fix them. Next episode will be our full competition, so get ready!

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The Strength Athlete - Deadlift Cues!

As you will only really be able to focus on so many different things at the same time WHILE lifting, try to use one of these at a time for 1-3 weeks before testing out the other ideas. Remember too that these are things that I THINK have worked for me and that I've consciously thought about while lifting, but may not ultimately be the reason for my performance. Maybe its that I can brace with my midsection better, or have a stronger PC, or lumbar, or cue explosiveness better, or other factors I'm unaware of. The best I can do is throw out cues I think can aid other lifters in achieving better positioning, in what I think are examples to benefit lifters. Ideas of doubt of expertise come from sections in Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell in which professional tennis players all think they roll the wrist as the #1 cue to a good forearm, when actually there is no wrist bend whatsoever. Without heavy analysis or hard science, the best we can do at cueing and coaching is simply suggestion.

Bryce Lewis

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STRONGEST Soldier in Army Gym - Diamond Ott | Muscle Madness

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5 Strength & Conditioning Exercises For Runners | Simple S&C Exercises For Beginner Athletes

Heather explains 5 strength and conditioning exercises that every runner should do. These simple S&C exercises will complement your run training and are perfect for the beginner runner!

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To get better at something you need practice. The rate at which you improve is usually directly related to the amount you practise it. However, in running, this only happens only to a certain extent. If you increase your training load too much injuries are likely to occur. ON way that you can aid your running development is by adding in some strength and conditioning exercises.

Heather explains five strength and conditioning exercises that will complement your running training to make you a more efficient and resilient runner.

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Cardio for Strength Athletes



Gym Info

To continue the talk on optimizing health in strength athletics, I discuss the benefits of cardio for not only health but for performance. I go over the ins and outs of when is the best time to do it, when not to do it, and who should do it. Cardio can be done without losing strength and should be done.

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OLYMPIC STRENGTH TRAINING | Brett Morse Olympic Athletics

Train with an Olympian?

British Olympic discus athlete Brett Morse visited PROMiXX HQ.

Watch Brett take you through his training preparation for the Athletics World Cup next weekend!

What questions have you got for Brett?

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Top 5 Exercises That Increase Athletic Performance

Last week we visited the MP headquarters in Denver, CO to get some exclusive content with their knowledgeable athletes and coaches. In this video we asked Strength and Conditioning Coach Loren Landow what he felt were the top 5 exercises to increase athletic performance.

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How to Grow Massive Forearms | 5 Exercises for a Huge Pump

Are you looking to build massive forearms and develop powerful grip strength? From wrestling to football to bodybuilding, forearms can be one of the most undertrained muscles in the body. We have 5 of the best exercises have you grow massive forearms and get a huge pump!

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Garage Strength Sports Performance is the premier gym in the United States for Olympic Weightlifting, Track and Field Throws, and Athlete Development, where hundreds of the nation's best collegiate, post-collegiate, and high school athletes choose to train.

Remedy Strength Athletics

Remedy Strength Athletics mission is to help everyone get 1% better everyday. We keep our attendance low but standards high. Meaning you get the best coaching in the valley and there is average 1 coach per 3-5 lifters. We believe in hard work leads to success but everyone is a individual and moves at their own pace. That is exactly why we don't cram the gym full of clients. we want you to get the best coaching possible for you, cannot be done with 15 to 1 coach to lifter ratio.

Crossfit |2019| Strength in Depth | Event 2 | Sigmundsdottir Simmonds

10 Rounds for time:

4 bar muscle ups
8 metre unbroken handstand walk
12 hang dumbbell snatch 30kg/22.5kg

Training With The World's Strongest Man | Strongman Vs Athlete

I've left that gym 32% stronger....

I'm 181cm by the way.

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Testing Events for a Strongman Competition + Untamed Strength Deadlift Competition

Caffeine & Kilos Deadlift Event hosted by Untamed Strength:
Location = Elk Grove, CA
-Oct. 6th, 2018
-No Singlet required
-Powerlifting Rules
-3 attempts for best deadlift
-Deadlift bar
-Non sanctioned event/no membership required
-OPEN FOR ANYONE: no experience required
-$500 AWARD for Best Deadlift off WILKS (male and female)


Winter Warrior Competition:
-Tire Squat
-OH Press Medley
-Stone for height
-Arm over arm pull/tire flip
-Static farmers hold


Winter Warrior FB page:

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Untamed Strength is a Powerlifting/Strongman gym in Sacramento, CA:

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