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Roller Coaster Road Street Luge

A run down a high 60 mph road with multiple uphill sections near Cincinnati Ohio while a motorcycle cop watched.

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kozakov 2018 streetluge final

Final de street luge en KOZAKOV 2018, Mikel Echegaray gana la manga final con el Buttboard Hare Goat Longboards.
Filmado y editado por Will Stephenson de Dangerous Decks.
Riders Mikel Echegaray, Abdil Mahdzan, Will Stephenson y Kolby Parks.

Epic Street Luge POV [Adrenaline Channel]

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The Ultimate Bukolik 2018 Inline Downhill Skating, Longboard, Streetluge

Bukolik Freeride, Les Avants (Montreux), Switzerland
8th-9th Sept 2018

bobtrack downhill inline and streetluge

A race in the Altenberg Bobtrack...

Living on the Luge (Streetluge, Skeleton Luge)

Just a typical morning before streetluging with my friends :) Streetlugers Shawn, myself, Justin, Derick, Johnny, and Ronnie. Derick is riding skeleton, which is awesome!

Street Luge Racing in San Francisco

Get down low as these board riders bomb down the hills of San Francisco. The athletes go upwards of 50 MPH all while catching air and battling each other.

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Streetluge Crashes and Drifting Across Europe in 2011

Soldiers of Downhill 2013 Streetluge Raw Run

Ever wonder what its like to go 70mph an inch off of the ground with only your feet as brakes? Take an exciting practice run down Jester Hill in Bainbridge, Ohio with pro streetlugers David Dean and Bill Smrtic at the Soldiers of Downhill event 2013.

Deepest Darkest Cymru - 80mph+ on a street luge

on the 21st July 2019 I achieved what I didn't think was possible in the UK: more than 80mph/130kph on my street luge down a busy open mountain pass in northern Wales. is this an unofficial national record? Maybe!

speeds were validated on 2 separate Gopro Hero's with GPS Telemetry, 1 Garmin GPS activity watch and a follow car speedometer.

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Streetluge practice run in AK ストリートリュージュ

Practice video No,1
ストリートリュージュ 練習動画No.1
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Maryhill Festival Of Speed Street Luge Highlights

Highlights from 5 years of Street Luge racing at the Maryhilll Festival
Of speed

75mph Street Luge Crash

Street luge racers wreck at highway speeds. During a two-man race heat between Darius Escandar and Bob Swartz, defecation met oscillation. Swartz caught minor air at 70+ mph after drafting Escandar into a 70mph+ chicane. Upon losing control, he flies into the guardrail going 75 to 0mph in a few feet. In an effort to dodge Bob's presumed location, Darius pulls hard right off his racing line to avoid where luge pilots ricochet in an effort to save Swartz from a deadly luge impact. With zero visibility through the debris and unable to brake while steering, he came out on the other side traveling toward the natural embankment at nearly top speed. Both riders survived with minimal injury despite the severity of the crash.

Street Luge (round of 24) - Episode 10 - Maryhill Windwalk 2017

Street Luge

Extreme Downhill Street Luge

It's leg 5 of the World Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge Championships.

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Reportaje Streetluge Canal Chilevisión-Programa Tigritos

Reportaje al streetluge chileno con los mejores riders

St Aubin 2009 [1.0] - Run streetluge

Run complet en streetluge lors du freeride de St Aubin Epinay (76) organisé par les Riders en Bray les 20 et 21 Juin 2009

Streetluge in France

Streetluge à vendre

Altenberg Bobtrack in Streetluge

Streetluge crash and more...

Sometimes in downhill sports not everything goes right... Sometimes... neither left! Here we go with the second funny video by SKULLMANATI STREETLUGE TEAM.



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