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Paul Karchut's Extreme Canada - street luge

The first in my CBC series, Extreme Canada. Each week, I'll introduce you to a different obscure, extreme sport and give it a try. For episode one, I go street luging in the Canadian Rockies.

Newton's Nation 2013 Team Brutality Street Luge

This is the race footage of Team Brutality Street Luge with rider Julio Brutalio Slaney (Julian Slaney) at Newton's Nation 2013.
This year i finished 6th at this world championship event. A bit better than 27th last year.

Will Stephenson Streetluge Crash and jump!

came into the corner a little hot and the board slid out.

Streetluge Big Black 105kM

I break 105kM on Big Black, A cheetah can run at a top speed of 114km. almost there. Go escarpment surfers and longboard Ontario its yours to discover.

piea 2009 streetluge

Streetluge Darnetal 2008

Championnat de France 2008 de descente.
Camera embarquée en streetluge.

Street Luge Philippines


How to Streetluge Uphill & Downhill

Here is a quick vid of me streetluging in front of my house, practicing for the IGSA Nat'l Championships. My favorite part is getting towed uphill! (Caution: No make up, just threw on my leathers and rode. ack!)

Street Luge (semis and finals) - Episode 13 - Maryhill Windwalk 2017

Amidst the wildfires that ravaged the Pacific Northwestern United States last year, Maryhill Windwalk persevered through the adverse conditions. Though the biggest adversary for the STREET LUGE racers was the expected Mikel Echegaray Diez.

Former world champion and current all-time and all-class track record holder would push his friend and competitor, Ryan Farmer to the limit. A veteran racer and the first to bring slalom style, ultra agile luge setups to Maryhill Loops Road; or the California Kid?

Street Luge Malaysia - GoPro 2 Test

Testing my new GoPro 2 camera. 1080p, wide angle setting. Enjoy.

Streetluge vs Ranger

Tom ALLEMOZ se fait courser par le nouveau Ranger en Streetluge. Extrait de The Dream Machine produit par Madlight et Mozbros pour Ford et Head.
Musique : kabanamusic

Streetluge and Nissan

here's an Ad i did with Nissan for the Nissan 370Z, all the riding is me.

Streetluge gets air @ over 100kph

here we are in a secret location bombing the camels back, you hit this hill at over 100kph if you time it right and get air, launching you over 15 to 20mtrs.

169.46mph Harley Powered Streetluge pass #5

169.46mph Harley Powered Streetluge pass #5 made at the Loring Timing Association event on July 14, 2012.



Street Luge Racing in San Francisco

Get down low as these board riders bomb down the hills of San Francisco. The athletes go upwards of 50 MPH all while catching air and battling each other.

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CRAZY fast and dangerous first try full send close call streetluge / longboard downhill

extreme crazy and dangerous fullsend downhill run in the city on my selfmade streetluge

Streetluge in France

Streetluge à vendre

WRG2019 - Street Luge

Streetluge’s name is composed by mixing the english term “street” and the French – speaking word “sled” (the luge in fact is the name of the winter olympic discipline). The main identifying component of a #streetluge is it’s frame that allows the pilot (rider) to lay in a stretched out position with the legs in the front, allowing it to be driven by the body movement of the pilot. As the streetluge does not have a mechanical braking system connected to the board, the rider uses the the friction of his/her shoes dragging on the ground to brake ????

Watch and share the #WRG2019 Street Luge highlights!

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Roller Coaster Road Street Luge

Check out my punk band Lustkill on Spotify ❤️

A run down a high 60 mph road with multiple uphill sections near Cincinnati Ohio while a motorcycle cop watched.



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