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Roller Coaster Road Street Luge

A run down a high 60 mph road with multiple uphill sections near Cincinnati Ohio while a motorcycle cop watched.

Epic Street Luge POV [Adrenaline Channel]

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Street Luge in San Francisco

Street Luge scene on San Francisco steep hill streets. From the movie Rollerball.

75mph Street Luge Crash

Street luge racers wreck at highway speeds. During a two-man race heat between Darius Escandar and Bob Swartz, defecation met oscillation. Swartz caught minor air at 70+ mph after drafting Escandar into a 70mph+ chicane. Upon losing control, he flies into the guardrail going 75 to 0mph in a few feet. In an effort to dodge Bob's presumed location, Darius pulls hard right off his racing line to avoid where luge pilots ricochet in an effort to save Swartz from a deadly luge impact. With zero visibility through the debris and unable to brake while steering, he came out on the other side traveling toward the natural embankment at nearly top speed. Both riders survived with minimal injury despite the severity of the crash.

Extreme Downhill Street Luge

It's leg 5 of the World Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge Championships.

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Maryhill Festival Of Speed Street Luge Highlights

Highlights from 5 years of Street Luge racing at the Maryhilll Festival
Of speed

This is Street Luge.

Tim flies down Jester Hill Road on his Noreaster Street Luge during the Soldiers of Downhill gravity sport event in Bainbridge, Ohio.

Right This Minute - Street Luge Crash

Unofficial upload of a segment I was featured in.

Street Luge Crash 80 Team Brutality

Getting in some practice for an upcoming competition. After some wild weather there was a lot of debris on the road. I went a little wild into one of the corners and the back end slid out. Just before i lost it i was sliding all over the place. Moist bark is very slippery.

1998 - X-Games - Street Luge - Super Mass

Blast from the past with coverage of the X-Games Super Mass Street Luge Event

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GoPro HD: Greatest street luge run for Team Brutality

This is Mt Donna Buang. Section 1 fast and cruisy, section 2 at 9.20 is more twisty and turny. Rolling to Devin Townsend the god of modern metal/rock.... DEVIN RULES!!! \m/

2017 Street Luge Season Review - IDF

its finally here!! the 2017 International Downhill Federation Street Luge Season Review is here!!!!

Street Luge - Downhill Skateboarding

And now we come to some of the craziest men and women in downhill skateboarding -- the Street Luge gang!
In the last six years this competition has been held at Skjervet at a truly beautiful location in the middle of nature, with tall mountains towering overhead. But for those who want the facts: a tight kick off, technical chicanes, sweeping S turns and those straights that you know picking the correct line will make their day.

2018 Newtons Nation Street Luge Race Review

Street Luge Networks review of the 2018 Newtons Nation Street Luge Race from Bathurst Australia.

Abdil Mahdzan looks to defend his title with a strong field of internationals vying for his top spot!

Street Luge - Hold On Tight


Street Luge X GAMES VII

Street Luge X GAMES VII Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Classic Street Luge vs Longboard - Passing longboarders at 60mph/100kmh+

Taking the Bombora Super-B Butt Board down Terra Nova in Ontario Canada. This is 2 raw runs edited into one.

street luge wreck crash jumonville hill..GPS 68mph

A victim of speed wobble on the new sled. be back at it for part 2 when im all healed up.

Kozakov Challenge 2015 - Street Luge Race

The 4th round of the IDF Street Luge World Cup Series from Kozakov Czech Republic

Street Luge Racing in San Francisco

Get down low as these board riders bomb down the hills of San Francisco. The athletes go upwards of 50 MPH all while catching air and battling each other.

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