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Roller Coaster Road Street Luge

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A run down a high 60 mph road with multiple uphill sections near Cincinnati Ohio while a motorcycle cop watched.

WRG2019 - Street Luge

Streetluge’s name is composed by mixing the english term “street” and the French – speaking word “sled” (the luge in fact is the name of the winter olympic discipline). The main identifying component of a #streetluge is it’s frame that allows the pilot (rider) to lay in a stretched out position with the legs in the front, allowing it to be driven by the body movement of the pilot. As the streetluge does not have a mechanical braking system connected to the board, the rider uses the the friction of his/her shoes dragging on the ground to brake ????

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Street Luge 1999: X GAMES THROWBACK | World of X Games

Before the dawn of the new millennium, X Games was the premier destination for the up and coming Street Luge scene. Athletes such as Rat Sult and Biker Sherlock did battle on the steepest hills around X Games, including Seal Rock Run in San Francisco in 1999. Take a walk down memory lane as we witness another X Games classic.


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Street Luge (round of 24) - Episode 10 - Maryhill Windwalk 2017

Street Luge

viajando sobre 4 baleros Street luge ARTESANAL EL SALVADOR Youtubero Salvadoreño

viajando sobre 4 valeros Street luge ARTESANAL EL SALVADOR Ingenio Salvadoreñoys svl

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Los Salvadoreños.... Si no hay, se lo inventan
Una forma mas ecologicas para viajar sin uso de combustibles fosiles street luge

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Street Luge (semis and finals) - Episode 13 - Maryhill Windwalk 2017

Amidst the wildfires that ravaged the Pacific Northwestern United States last year, Maryhill Windwalk persevered through the adverse conditions. Though the biggest adversary for the STREET LUGE racers was the expected Mikel Echegaray Diez.

Former world champion and current all-time and all-class track record holder would push his friend and competitor, Ryan Farmer to the limit. A veteran racer and the first to bring slalom style, ultra agile luge setups to Maryhill Loops Road; or the California Kid?

Soldiers of Downhill 2013 Streetluge Run

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A raw race run with Rob and Boomer down the infamous Jester Hill Rd in Bainbridge, Ohio.

swisschampionship streetluge #Flintstonestrucks

My first race with the Flintstonestrucks/Microluge

St Aubin 2009 [1.0] - Run streetluge

Run complet en streetluge lors du freeride de St Aubin Epinay (76) organisé par les Riders en Bray les 20 et 21 Juin 2009

CRAZY fast and dangerous first try full send close call streetluge / longboard downhill

extreme crazy and dangerous fullsend downhill run in the city on my selfmade streetluge

Serra Do Tucano - Street Luge 2020

Alexandre Cerri
Walter Baresi

Carlos Spengler

Precioso Día para practicar Streetluge

El pasado 29 Diciembre de 2013, hizo un excelente día con un sol resplandeciente, perfecto para practicar mi deporte favorito de Streetluge.

Streetluge en Allemagne | Longboard & Streetluge Downhill

Un run dans les vignes en Allemagne, du point de vue du fiston.

Maryhill Festival of Speed - 2013 - Street Luge Race

The Street Luge Semi finals, Consolation Final and Grand Final from the 2013 Maryhill festival of speed

Cristal Meathod - Vapour Trail. The Winner

Streetluge passes under a tractor.


Streetluge Jochpass 2011

7km - 104 corners - 8 runs - WHAT A FUN!
Thanks to the ALBV for organising it!!!

Street Luge Racing in San Francisco

Get down low as these board riders bomb down the hills of San Francisco. The athletes go upwards of 50 MPH all while catching air and battling each other.

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First try micro #streetluge #Downhill @ #Switzerland

First time going on this open road

Streetluge practice run in AK ストリートリュージュ

Practice video No,1
ストリートリュージュ 練習動画No.1
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Streetluge in France

Streetluge à vendre



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