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Streetboarding Worlds 2008

Street Finals @ Nass 08

Streetboarding Worlds 2008

Street Finals @ Nass 08

Streetboard Tour de France 2019

Cristian Dedeu and Bernat Pomerol skating some great parks in France!


Northern Hospitality brings you Streetboarding


StreetBoarding 2

Deslizamiento con una tabla de skate en la calle

gopro Streetboarding

Rider: Tancrède Leca / Spot: Marseille
Un collègue m'a prêté sa gopro le temps d'effectuer quelques runs en rampes et en street au skatepark indoor de Marseille.

StreetBoarding at Tanjung Harapan


Streetboarding самоделкин

Streetboarding самоделкин

Sean - Nelson Streetboarding

Me skating around town.

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Streetboarding 7 Chorniy Mixa.wmv

Streetboard, streetboarding, lowboard

20 tricks first try on a Streetboard !!

Totally worth the visit, for beginners or advanced. Sant Andreu de la Barca is a small town 20km away from Barcelona. Great massive supermarket next to the park so you are all set. Great transitions, rails, ledges. Cool place.
If you want to buy a streetboard go to:

Boardfactory - Streetboarding 2010 by Powerslide

Powerslide Mobility and Anderson Streetboards USA present the future of streetboarding!
#streetboarding #skateboard #longboard


Hittin' the mean streets of Carrollton, Texas during Snowmageddon 2011.

Streetboarding in Holland 2013

Streetboarding World Championships 2005

Location is Lyon, France the even is the Streetboard World Championships.
If you snakeboard, snowboard, skateboard, wakeboard you will love this sport its it totaly insane what these guys do. The are straped to the boards and they die to skate.

ANDERSON Streetboarding - Spanish Winter Cruiser - Downhill

ANDERSON Streetboarding - Spanish Winter Cruiser - Downhill

Edit by Sentimiento Visual Photography.
#longboarding #skateboard #carveboard

Relearning Streetboarding

Relearning #streetboarding. I took a break for around 3 to 4 years. Now i try to get back on my board. I was never a good rider, but now i feel so bad like i feel the first year riding back when i was 28.

#skate #skatehall #snakeboard #snakeboarding #noskills #beginneragain #noob #streetboard #backonboard

StreetBoarding Summer Session

Rider JiRO

SONG: Aurosonic ft Ange Without You world

Streetboarding time

Tancrède Leca ride au bowl de Marseille en Streetboard.
Il ne quitte pas sa board d'une seconde.
C'est son mode de vie; se lever puis aller rider.

Streetboarding in Brooklyn, New York City!

Mi primera vez en New York City, lamentablemente solo por 48h. Que os puedo decir de esta gran ciudad?Gigante, preciosa, es una locura! Nos hemos quedado en un airbnb en la zona de Brooklyn muy acogedor, bonito y muy barato.
He ido a patinar a un skatepark cerca de la casa que se llama Macaren Park, que se encuentra en la zona de Brooklyn. Un skatepark pequeño pero con buenos módulos de street, muy buenas barandillas pero las transiciones de los extremos dejan un poco que desear.
Vais a ver una session de un poco menos de 1h a full gas, grabado por la jefa Kate.

My first time in New York City, but sadly for just 48h. What can i say about this city?Massive, beautiful is a crazy one! We stayed in a great airbnb in Brooklyn area cozy, nice and really cheap. I went to skate a skatepark in the area is called Macaren Park, small skatepark but great obstacles for street skaters, specially for rail skaters, the transitions are not so good sadly. You are gone see a non stop session about 1h, filmed by the boss Kate.

Quieres comprar un streetboard, ruedas, cojinetes, fijaciones....Aquí te dejo el link:



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